Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I wonder how he felt. . . .

Hey readers! Sorry about last night, and the fact of no post! I was just busy reading, so it isn't like I was doing nothing Harry Potter last night. It is just I am so addicted to reading Order of the Phoenix, so I thought I would just do a couple today! Sorry, though because I did say I was going to do a Blog Post, but I never ended up doing one. I will be doing a couple today hopefully, but I just do not know for 100% sure. I have been down in page views in these past day, but I am thanking all of you who have remained loyal to Potter's Army! Thanks for continuing to read Potter's Army Blog Post's, and being loyal to the blog! :D Well, lets get to this Blog Post shall we?

Remus Lupin, one of the creators of the Marauder's Map. His nickname is, Moony, as his friends would have called him when they were all younger. What really do I want to talk about with him? Well I don't really want to talk about him directly (well not yet anyway). I want to talk about the fact that he lost all of his friends, but yet he was still alive (for a little while). Know what I mean though? I mean, I wonder how he felt about all of this. His friend, James Potter, had died, then they found out Peter Pettigrew was in fact on Voldemort's side, and then Sirius Black had died at the end of Order of the Phoenix. I wonder how he felt about all of this. Like he was the last one of his friends to yet be alive fighting against Lord Voldemort. Well, I wonder if he was at any point like going insane because he was the last one of his friends that was alive! Did he ever say anything in the Harry Potter books that might have lead us to think this? The only thing I could really think is that he, Lupin (like Sirius), thought Harry to be James, and wanted to go with him in Deathly Hallows. I know he also wanted to get away from Tonks because he felt guilty for marring her because he felt like he embarrassed or disgraced her. You get what I am trying to say? Can you think of anything else in the books that might lead him to be upset or anything? Email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com if you can please, then I will put it up on here for everyone to read. If I find anything of course I will put it up on here for all of you!

Well I hope you enjoyed that bad and short Blog Post! I know it wasn't very good, but I will do another one tonight, that is a whole lot longer and a whole lot better! Thanks again for all of the views you all have given me! :)


Sorry again :(

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hey hey hey readers! Thanks again for all the views you loyal fans of Potter's Army have given me. I know I say this a lot on here, but I mean it everytime I say it! It really makes me happy to see people have viewed the Blog I have created! Thank you, it just keeps me blogging for all of you! So, here is tonight's first post. I might do a Book Excerpt later (and I mean later) tonight, but like I say every night and don't end up doing it. So don't count on it, just check back in here to see if I have because I am not 100% sure if I will get a chance tonight. One more thing before we get to tonight's post. I would like to remind you all that you only have 3 more days to enter the first-ever Potter's Army Contest, click here to see how to win and what to win! Okay, so lets get to this Blog Post shall we?

We have all seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One, am I correct in saying this? Well if you have not, you need to get to the closest theater it is playing, and go see it right this very second! I am not even kidding, it is that AMAZING! Anyway well if you have, then you all have seen the above image from Part One right? Well, if you do not remember I am going to explain, if you do please let your minds fly freely for these next few lines (maybe) while I explain. (Recognize that line from a Harry Potter book). Well in Part One, we all know that there is a wedding. The above image is from the wedding scene, when we are transported to the scene. We see Harry, Ron, and Hermione at different places. At one point we see Hermione, dressed beautifully, and then we Ron looking at her! That exact scene is the above image! Okay, got it? Now, funny story while seeing Part One (one of the six times seeing it) someone in the theater yelled out during this scene, "JUST KISS HER!" I totally agree with this! I love love love the Hermione and Ron relationship, they are just the perfect couple don't you agree? There is another part in the movie where you just wanna yell it too. Remember when they are at Grimmauld Place, right before Dobby, Kreacher, and Mundungus show up. They are playing on the Piano (well Hermione is"trying" to teach Ron, who just fails at it miserably). Remember that scene (if not click here to see the scene), once I yelled out, "JUST KISS HER!" during that scene. People laughed at me, but it is so true. I knew they agreed with me. Do you? Email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com what you think about those two scene's. Now, lets talk about him (Ron) a little bit more though shall we? Ha, I think yes! Well what else can I talk about to stay on topic of this Blog Post? Well lets start with the fact that I am telling him to just kiss her already okay? Then Ron had to go and be dumb! I think you all know what I am talking about, don't you? The Ron and Harry fight scene (LOVE this scene by the way). Okay well, I mean we are practically yelling at Ron to tell him to just kiss Hermione already, but then yet he is being dumb and letting the girl he likes slip through his finger because he thinks she likes Harry! I mean, "JUST KISS HER ALREADY!!!" Know what I am saying? Ha, well I wanna know what you think? What are you saying to Ron during this movie? Email me please at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com what you think about all of this Ron and Hermione relationship stuff during Part One of Deathly Hallows. Also let me know if you think if Ron should just, "KISS HER ALREADY!"

Well I hope you all enjoyed this Blog Post! Thanks again to all of you who are loyal to Potter's Army! Remember to email me with you contest entrees, answers to the above questions (which I am going to fix so you don't have to email them to me), comments, suggestions, a PicPost, or your very own Blog Post for Potter's Army because YOU, yes YOU are apart of the Blog! Thanks again.


A Kreacher's Tale

Hey readers, sorry about last night and not getting a Blog Post up! I fell asleep earlier than I thought I was going to while I was reading last night, so yeah sorry! I am back though this afternoon, I would have blogged sooner, but I had to go help out on the farm early this morning until like 1:30. Anyways, I am here and doing a Blog Post for all you loyal fans. Thanks for all the page views since last night, it means a lot to me. It really does, but now lets get to this Blog Post shall we?

Well see the image above? We all know who that is from seeing the Harry Potter Movies am I right? Kreacher the House-Elf. Guess right? Ha, well that could I possibly talk about him in this Blog Post? Well hm, I am going to ask/answer these questions: Do you like Kreacher? Do you feel sorry for Kreacher? What do you think happens to Kreacher after the Deathly Hallows book? I am going to of course answer those questions for myself, but I want you to answer them to, and then email them to me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com please? One other question I am going to ask/answer is though: what do you think the relationship between Dobby and Kreacher was? Well I am going to start with that question actually. So what do I think the relationship between Dobby and Kreacher's was? Well I think they had a somewhat civil relationship, not a entirely friendly one, but they got along and did what they had to do to help Harry without fighting and such stuff! Get what I mean? Like Kreacher didn't try and be mean to Dobby, like he was to Hermione and the Weasley's in Order of the Phoenix. Do you all get what I am saying? Well second question to answer, Do I like Kreacher? Hm well I would probably say yes and no. Yes, because he was friendly to Harry, Ron, and Hermione in Deathly Hallows after the beginning part there. He did help them out a lot, by taking care of them, but then of course they left him on accident. He then though helped at the Battle of Hogwarts too. So, yes I like him, but there is a reason though that I still do not like him too much yet. Order of the Phoenix is the real reason to why I do not like him, and there is still a little hate against him, why? Well if it wasn't for him, Sirius would probably still be alive right now. Harry would not have had to deal with all that if it wasn't for what Kreacher did in OOTP. Now another question I had was, do I feel sorry for Kreacher? Hmmmmm, I am going to have to say yes! I feel bad for all House-Elf because they are like slaves, but yes I still feel sorry for Kreacher. He had no real friends or what ever you say. Like no one who really was actually nice to him (like Dobby had). He did though have Regulas, but Regulas ended up dying and Kreacher had to watch him die. His best friend, his real companion, and then he had to watch him die. It is really sad, I think I remember crying while reading that part in the book, but I am not 100% sure what I did though. Did you cry when we found out his true story? Now what do I think happened at the end of Deathly Hallows, what do I think happened with Kreacher's future? Hm, well I actually think he went of to live the rest of his life serving Harry. I don't think he live much longer, he was quite old, but I think he served Harry until the end of his time. I think Harry would have allowed it too, since they had really bonded in the early part of Deathly Hallows. Of course I am not sure what happened to him, that is just a guess, but that is what I would like to think had happened to him in the end.

Well thanks for reading to all of you. I hope you enjoyed this Blog Post as much as I enjoyed writing it for all of you to read. I know it might not be my best post, I don't think it is all to great. Remember though to email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com with answers to the above questions, questions you have for me, comments, suggestions, a PicPost, contest entry form, or your very own Potter's Army PicPost! Thanks again for reading Potter's Army, and remaining loyal to the blog!


I will be doing another post tonight, probably a Book Excerpt! So, make sure you tune back in tonight! :D Maybe two post though ;)

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Did he really die?

Hey readers, again thanks for all the views you all have been giving me! It just makes me so extremely happy to see that people actually read and enjoy these views. So here is a Blog Post, for the night, but I will be doing one more later on tonight! Before I get to this Blog Post though, I would like to remind you to sign up for Potter's Army first-ever Contest. Click Here for all of the details, and how to sign up to win along with what you win. So, lets get to this Post shall we?

Look to the right of this post! See the poll in the entertainment section of this blog? Before you read any further please cast your vote, because this the poll on the right hand side is what this Blog Post tonight is about. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vote yet? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alright, well I am hoping that you have put your vote on that poll, so now we can continue. Do not continue reading unless you have put your vote in the Poll on the right-hand side of this blog. Now, what am I talking about in this post? Well just what the question asks, "Do you think Dumbledore truly died?" This is what I thought I should talk about. Now before I answer this question for myself, I want you (as usual) to answer it for yourself, but email it to me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com and I might put it up here on Potter's Army too. Now what do I think? Do I think Dumbledore really died after Half-Blood Prince? Do I think Snape actually killed him? No to the both of those questions. After finishing Half-Blood Prince there were numerous of reasons to which I though Dumbledore was actually still alive. I did not believe him to be dead. Reason number one, well the way the killing curse was described in Half-Blood Prince, when Snape killed him, didn't do the same thing it usually does. It suspended him in mid-air, and then he fell. That never happened in any of the other books. When someone got hit by the killing curse they just dropped dead, so I thought that maybe he wasn't killed. I thought maybe him and Snape had a plan, since Dumbledore trusted him so much (which we find out they do have a plan but different than the one I thought). I thought that Snape and Dumbledore faked Dumbledore's death, so that Snape was truly trusted among Voldemort so that he, and Dumbledore could find out Voldemort's secrets about the Horcruxes! Of course I was way WAY of with my predictions, but we all are of course. No one knew what was going to happen in Deathly Hallows except Joanne Rowling, the great creator. Now, reason number two to why I thought he was still alive, was that he was supposed to be this great wizard. So how could he just up and die? I mean there had to be away around him just dying. He had to have been in tighter spots than that, but yet he died? He was weak though, that is true! Well really though those are my main reasons to why I though he was still alive. Of course I just thought him to be alive because he was my absolute favorite character in the Harry Potter series. I didn't want to believe he was actually dead, but as we all know now that he is truly dead. He had it planned with Snape for over a year to when he would die, and he did in fact have to die. A question I have though is, did Jo always know that Professor Dumbledore was going to have to die? Did she always have it planned for him to be killed? Anyone know the answer to that question? Email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com if you know please? Yeah so all-in-all I thought after HBP that Dumbledore was alive still, that he truly didn't die on us.

Well thanks for reading this Post all you loyal readers! I hope you all enjoyed this Blog Post! Remember though to email me with the above questions, your own questions, comments, suggestions, your own PicPost, or your own Potter's Army Blog Post! Remember also though that you, all of you readers (even if you are knew to this blog) YOU are apart of this blog! So if you wanted to write something for it? DO IT, and email it to me and I will put it up and on here for all of the Harry Potter fans that read this to see! Thanks again for reading Potter's Army!


Make sure you tune back in tonight here for another Blog Post! :D

Read a Potter Book

Hey readers, thanks for all the views last night! Sorry about not getting another Blog Post out there for all of you last night. I was just way to tired to do another one, so I thought I would do one this morning since it has actually been awhile since I have done a post this early in the morning. Before I get to this Blog Post though I wanted to remind you that Potter's Army is having a contest to win a unique Harry Potter Picture (on tag board but a picture none the less). Just click here, to see how to win and what you win. So lets get to this post shall we?

Well hm, it has been actually a long time since I have read a Harry Potter book, what about you? Has it been awhile? I think for me it has been about maybe a little less than a year if not more than a year! :( I know sad right? On Thursday though, when I did that No electronic thing, I was thinking of a way to relax and just escape everything that has been going on in my life. Well, I came to the conclusion that reading Harry Potter would do that! That it could take me places that not even my wildest dreams could take me. It can take me into the mind of a completely different world, a completely different person's world. I remember why I loved the Potter series so much, was because it did that to me when a time in my life I didn't see what life was worth living for. Harry Potter saved me, and that is why I love the series so much. It took me to a place where I could never imagine in my own head. Joanne Rowling brought me to the wizarding world of Harry Potter. I thank her greatly for it. I remembered all of that on Thursday, so I decide to walk in my room after work on Thursday and the first Harry Potter book I saw, that would be the book I was going to read that night. It was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (OOTP). So at 6:45 that night, I opened the book, and began to read my second favorite Harry Potter book, which I hadn't read in over a year. I was completely blown out of my chair again by beginning to read it (I haven't gotten very far). So I thought, I should do a Blog Post on this for Potter's Army. Now what I am saying is, to all Harry Potter fans out there, if it had been awhile since you have read any of the Harry Potter book (over 3-5 months), I am telling you now to read a Potter Book! I am about only 72 pages in (I fell asleep at 7:00 that night) Order of the Phoenix, but once I am done I am going to just skip around the series and read them all again. I have realized how much I really do love these books, and how much I really miss reading them. If your friends at school or your parents (like mine) say, "your reading them again?" Just ignore them. They are the books, we Harry Potter fans, love dearly and will always love. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING could stop me from reading these books. I love them so much, they saved me. So Read a Potter Book every fan of Harry Potter book, you know what, I said earlier if it has been awhile read a Potter Book? Well, even if you just re-read the series last night (well finished the re-read) go and pick them up again, because they are just that good aren't they? I need an escape again now, so what you think I am going to go do? Read. . . . read. . . . . and read to escape this world. If you follow me on twitter you'll know what that is all about. So, remember though to pick up a Harry Potter book and read it, but especially if you need to escape the world you are in and jump into a new world.

Well I am hoping that you all enjoyed this Post! Thanks again for all the views you all have given me, it just lightens my day to see that people do actually read this Blog Posts, and people from around the world! :D Remember to email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com with questions, comments, suggestions, a PicPost, Contest entrance, and your very own Potter's Army Blog Post, because YOU are apart of the blog!


I will be doing another Blog Post later, but for now I need to go read some Harry Potter again! :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Goosebumps Scene: Two-Faced Quirrell

Hey readers! Thanks for all the views today, and remaining loyal to Potter's Army! Here is a new Blog Post for all of you. It is not the new type of Blog Post like I said I was going to do! I just do not have the time to do it tonight, maybe I will do it tomorrow night, BUT I am going to do another Post tonight, it just won't be until later. So, I am hoping that you all will enjoy this Blog Post, as it is another Goosebumps Blog Post!

Well, well, well as you can see tonight's Goosebumps Blog Post is going to be from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone movie! What part? Well I am guessing that all of you Harry Potter fans out there can guess what scene in SS this is from, right? Well I am going to explain anyway. Ha, so this is from the scene in SS, when Harry goes through the trapdoor and finally reaches the final task to get past, to get the Stone. He meets up with Professor Quirrell though, who we all know has Lord Voldemort at the back of his head, sharing a body together. We do not find this out until a little bit later. Now what exact part is the goosebumps come from for tonight's post? Hm. . . well roughly when we hear Lord Voldemort raspy voice, but we do not have any idea where it is coming from. I also get goosebumps from when Quirrell starts to unravel the turban around his head to reveal Voldemort. I just get goosebumps during those scene almost all the time when I watch it. I usually don't get them lately, but if I have not seen the movie in a long time I start to gets some goosebumps going on. Why do I think I get them during the scenes? Well I will answer that, but firstly I want you to email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com if you get goosebumps during this scene, and why you think you do! What causes you to get them goosebumps? Well I think for me, once again, is the music that is playing. It just sets up the mood of the scene so well. I know I say that a lot about the music, but that is just what it does and supposed to do! That is not the only reason though I think I get them goosebumps. I also think I get them because during the whole movie we are waiting for this to happen, something to do with this evil wizard, and then we finally get to see him unraveled before us. Get what I mean by saying that? It is just the whole movie sets you up the entire time about how evil he is and everything, and then we hear this voice to with we do not know who it belongs to. Then he is revealed, face and all, right before our eyes. There is one more part in this scene that I get goosebumps though during. When Harry burns/kills Quirrell. It just gives me the bumps, do you get them during that part too? I think it the fact that Harry could overpower a powerful wizard, with 100 times more training, and he (Quirrell) couldn't stop Harry! Just shows us how much power can come from someone just as small as Harry! Get what I mean kind of? Well yeah those scenes just give me the goosebumps, what about you though? Do you get some goosebumps during these scenes? If so why do you think you do? Email it to me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com and it could go up on Potter's Army here! :D

Well thanks for reading all you loyal fans of Potter's Army! Hope you all enjoyed this Goosebumps Scene Blog Post! I know not the longest, but hope you liked it none the less! Remember that I will be doing another post later on tonight! I dunno about what yet but you could email me with some suggestions at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com, also email me with answers to above questions, questions of your own to me, suggestions for the Blog, comments about this post, your own PicPost, or even your very own Potter's Army Blog Post! Thanks again for reading Potter's Army, and remaining to be loyal to it!


Book Five, Chapter One Excerpt

Hey readers! Sorry again about last night and the fact of no blog post! I will be doing another one though tonight! It will be a different blog post though, it will be a lot a lot A LOT LONGER! I will explain it in that Blog Post! So, now I am going to get into this Blog Post right away, which is a Book Excerpt, because I was going to do one last night, but didn't because I needed a break from everything last night! So lets get to it, but before that remember that I do not own any of the rights to this excerpt. They all go to J.K. Rowling and her publishers. I hope you all enjoy today's excerpt.




DUDLEY DEMENTED (starting on page 3)

"Dudders out for tea?"
"At the Polkisses'," said Aunt Petunia fondly. "He's got so many little friends, he's so popular. . ."
Harry repressed a snort with difficulty. The Dursleys really were astonishingly stupid about their son, Dudley; they had swallowed all of his dim-witted lies about having tea with a different member of his gang every night of the summer holidays. Harry knew perfectly well that Dudley had not been to tea anywhere; he and his gang spent every evening vandalizing the play park, smoking on street corners, and throwing stones at passing cars and children. Harry had seen them at it during his evening walks around Little Whinging; he had spent most of the holidays wandering the streets, scavenging newspapers from bins along the way.
The opening notes of the music that heralded the seven o'clock new reached Harry's ears and his stomach turned over. Perhaps tonight-after a month of waiting-would be the night-
"Record numbers of stranded holidaymakers fill airports as Spanish Baggage-handlers' strike reaches its second week-"
"Give 'em a lifelong siesta, I would," snarled Uncle Vernon over the end of the newsreader's sentence, but no matter: Outside in the flower bed, Harry's stomach seemed to unclench. If anything had happened, it surely would have been the first item on the news; death and destruction were more important than stranded holidaymakers. . . .
He let out a long, slow breath and stared up at the brilliant blue sky. Every day this summer had been the same: the tension, the expectation, the temporary relief, and then the mounting tension. . . and always, growing more insistent all the time, the question of why nothing had happened yet. . . .
He kept listening, just in case there was some small clue, not recognized for what it really was by the Muggles-an unexplained disappearance, perhaps, or some strange accident. . . . but the baggage-handlers' strike was followed by the news on the drought in the Southeast ("I hope he is listening next door!" bellowed Uncle Vernon, "with his sprinklers on at three in the morning!"); then a helicopter that almost crashed in a field in Surrey, then a famous actress's divorce fromm her famous husband ("as if we're interested in their sordid affairs," sniffed Aunt Petunia, who had followed the case obsessively in every magazine she could lay her bony hands on).
Harry closed his eyes against the now blazing evening sky as the newsreader said, "And finally, Bundgy the budgie has found a novel way of keeping cool this summer. Bundgy, who lives at the Five Feathers in Barnsley, has learned to water-ski! Mary Dorkins went to find out more. . . ."
Harry opened his eyes again. If they had reached water-skiing budgerigars, there was nothing else worth hearing. He rolled cautiously onto his front and raised himself onto his knees and elbows, preparing to crawl out from underneath the window.
He had moved about two inches when several things happened in very quick succession.
. . . . . . . .

Well I am all hoping you have enjoyed today's Book Excerpt! Remember I will be doing another new thing on Potter's Army tonight (hopefully). So, make sure you tune back in tonight to see what it is! Also thanks for reading Potter's Army, and remaining to be loyal to it!


A birthday of a PicPost

Harry's first cake, and because of that cake, Dudley got his pig tail. Haha! I remembered when Harry was making a cake drawing out of sand and greet his self a happy birthday, pitied on him. OK, just want this cake to be remembered. Ha :D

P.S. Hey readers! Look for at least two more posts from me tonight, a Book Excerpt and a new type of blog post! So make sure you tune in tonight ;)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Michael or Richard as Professor Dumbledore?

Hey readers! Thanks for all the views since last night, I hope you have been enjoy Potter's Army! So here is another one of those blog posts where I am going to talk about an actors performance as their character, and what I think about them playing that part. Before I get to today's first blog post, I thought I would make it more announced about the fact that their is a actual Prize-Winning Contest out their for all of you readers of Potter's Army. Click here, to see what you will actually win. A little better description about it is that it is the Harry Potter initials painted by my sister on tag board in black and gray with a white background. All you have to do to enter to possibly win is email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com with your favorite Harry Potter Book, Movie, and character, and the winner will be chosen on Feb. 16th, 2011. The winner will be chosen randomly out of a hat actually, so it is completely random! I will then need your address later on to be able to send it to you, but I will only require that if you win! I think I will be doing some more of these later on if you all would like it, and with bigger prizes! Now, shall we get to this Blog Post finally?

Well Micheal Gambon and Richard Harris play the part of Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films. My favorite character he plays, but now what do I think about them playing the part of my favorite character in the films? Hm, well honestly I have grown to really love Micheal being the part of Dumbledore, but at first I hated him and loved Richard. Richard was the perfect Dumbledore. Older looking, kind-look upon his face always, and when he looks disappointed with someone you would just have his yell straight in your face instead of have that look on his face. You know what I mean by saying that? Micheal, though, has just begun to grow on my with his performance in OOTP and HBP! He did just a phenomenal job, I also think that Richard looked to old to be doing all the work Micheal had to do for those parts. Now, WAIT, just a minute! Ha, STOP! Before I get to far into talking about who I like better, I had better explain why (even though most of us probably already know what happened) Micheal replaced Richard as the greatest Headmaster Hogwarts has ever seen. Well we all know that Richard played Professor Dumbledore for the first two films of the Harry Potter franchise, Chamber of Secrets and Sorcerer's Stone. Well after filming Chamber of Secrets (COS), he had developed a serious disease, Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and two weeks before the premiere of COS he had died in his bed. Richard was supposed to be replaced by and old friend of Richard's, Peter O'Toole, but was taken over of course by the man we all know to be Micheal Gambon. A couple of days before Richard had died, Producer, David Heyman, had approached Richard on his death bed. Richard had said not to replace him (don't cast anyone else), that he will be coming back, that he will make it out of this disease. About (I think) a week later Richard had died. Micheal Gambon had take over the spot for Dumbledore, and he brought a whole new meaning to the character! He is witty, and just ingenious with the character! He made it his own character, but at the same time Micheal was just being himself! Now, I have always liked Richard as the true Dumbledore as the first Dumbledore. Micheal though has grown on me like I had said earlier. I don't think that Richard could have done the battle scene with Voldemort in Order of the Phoenix. I also don't think he could have done the Cave scene in Half-Blood Prince! He just seemed a tad bit old for those scenes! Micheal, though, did an amazing job with those scenes and becoming Dumbledore. Now who do I like better for Dumbledore? Well hm, I gonna have to say a combination of the two. I could see Richard playing the part Micheal is going to have to play in Deathly Hallows Part Two, but I do not see him playing the part of an action Dumbledore! Richard is the kind/calm Dumbledore, but Micheal is the action Dumbledore. BUT Micheal can play the kind/calm Dumbledore too that Richard does a good job with. Okay so my final decision would have to be Micheal Gambon. I really like him as Professor Dumbledore in fact. Do not get me wrong though, I LOVE RICHARD HARRIS! It is just Micheal can do all that the part of Dumbledore needs to do! What do you think though? Who do you like better: Richard Harris or Micheal Gambon? And why do you like better who you like better for the part of Albus Dumbledore? Email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com with your answers on what an who you think plays the part of Dumbledore better.

Well I am hoping you all enjoyed this Blog Post, and thanks for reading Potter's Army Posts still and being loyal! It all means so much to me, to see how many page views I can get in a day! It just makes me smile, THANKS! Remember though to email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com with the answers to the above questions, your own question to me (about anything Harry Potter), suggestions for the blog, comments on this post, your own PicPost, or even your very own Blog Post for Potter's Army, because YOU are apart of the blog here. You also need to remember to enter the first-ever contest on Potter's Army. Just 'Click Here' to read the details again. Thanks again though for reading Potter's Army, and remaining to be loyal to me!


I will be doing another Blog Post tonight for sure! Just one, I dunno about two for sure yet (got some stuff to do). It will be a Book Excerpt, so make sure you tune back into Potter's Army here again later tonight! I will keep you posted on Twitter! ;)

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Harry Potter eBooks?

Well hey readers! I am hoping that you have been enjoying Potter's Army! Here is a Blog Post for all of you for tonight! This is going to be the only other one I am going to do for the night by the way! Just getting tired, and I have lots of other things yet to do! So, I am hoping you all enjoy this post, and as you might have already known from my twitter account but this post I am about to do is based loosely on another post I have done way in the past! So, I am hoping that you all will enjoy this post!

Well as you can probably tell from a lot of previous posts that I do in fact own a iPad! Yes, I LOVE IT!!!! I use it to read a lot a lot of books (but I use Laptop here for the blog)! I use my iPad to read a lot. Now as I said in this previous post about this same topic, I was hoping that when I bought iPad that I could read and carry all the Harry Potter books around with me, everywhere I bring my iPad, but NOPE! J.K. Rowling, the amazing creator of the Harry Potter Book Series, does not want the books to go eBook quite yet. Maybe never in fact! Well in my mind I think she would because it would be truly amazing to be able to carry all the books, music, and Harry Potter movies around with me everywhere on one simple amazing device! I can of course buy the audio book instead of the actual book, but it would be cool to read along with the book, would it now? The other cool thing would be in fact that you know if you need to search about something Harry Potter you could just access it all on the one device. They should actually make that device! One single device that has all the Harry Potter things like: Images, Audio Books, eBooks of each book, Movies, all of the movie soundtracks, and all of the mobile games that the Harry Potter games have had to offer. Doesn't that sound like a cool idea for a Harry Potter product??? Hmmmm. . . . . . I actually really like that! It is the perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan don't you agree? Email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com if you like the idea, or have anything that we could add to this device please? I would really love to have the Harry Potter Books go eBook though! It would be really amazing, I would have all the Harry Potter books with me everywhere I go! Don't you think that would be amazing? Yes, not everyone loves to have eBook format. Not everyone like eReading. People like reading the actual book. I do too, in fact the latest books I have been reading have been actual books (buying "The Autobiography of Mark Twain tonight) , unlike reading on my iPad, but it would be nice to have the books around with me everywhere. Like if you went on a long trip and wanted to bring them all along to read, you wouldn't have to pack all of the books and waste a whole bag on them all! You could put them all on the amazing thin device! Like an iPad or a Kindle? What do you use to eRead if you do? Email me please and let me know? So, yeah what do you think if the Harry Potter Books go eBook, would you buy them all again? I know I would.

Well I am hoping you enjoyed this Blog Post! I know not one of my greatest here on Potter's Army, but I am hoping you enjoyed it! Remember to email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com with answers to above questions, your own questions for me, suggestions, comments, a PicPost,or your very own Potter's Army Blog Post! Well thanks again for being loyal to Potter's Army here, and I am hoping that you will continue to enjoy future posts.



Aren't you a tad worried?

Hey readers! Wow, thank you for all the page views last night. When I woke up this morning, and checked page views on my iPad I saw that I had 51 page views! All I wanna say is thank you, thank you, and thank you! Today/Tonight is so far the most successful day on Potter's Army. Thanks, I could not believe it when I logged on this morning, it had to sink in first! It is just amazing how many views I got. It has made me extremely happy! Now I am rewarding you all with this Blog Post! See the above image, have you seen it yet? I am guessing no, but there could be a couple of you out there who have seen it. I am guessing not though. Anyways does the image look kind of familiar. It is a NEW IMAGE FROM PART TWO!!!!! I am guessing it is either from the Gringotts scene, or otherwise it is from the it is in the Room of Requirement. I am not 100% sure what scene this could be though, but all I know is that it is an Image from Part Two (and which I think not very many people have seen[not 100% sure about all of you though]). Well I thought I would use it as the head picture for this Blog Post since I am going to be talking about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two in this post. So, I am hoping that you all will enjoy this Blog Post. I just wanna say thanks again for all the views I have gotten from all of you! ;)

Well if you do not have not yet read last night's Blog Post, A Disappointment, well you kind of will need to, to understand today's (this) post! In last nights post, I talked about how the Harry Potter film, Order of the Phoenix, was a huge HUGE disappointment, compared to the book. Now, I wanna just talk about this fact that we have not yet seen Deathly Hallows Part Two yet, and we are appraising it as, "it's going to be the best Harry Potter film EVER!" or something like, "it's going to be so EPIC!!" We have not seen it though, so how do we know how good this movie is going to be? Am I right? How in the world can we make that assumption when we do not know for 100% sure that it is all that great? I am not trying to insult the Harry Potter film franchise in anyway or anything, but I am just stating the fact that we cannot assume that it is going to be the greatest Harry Potter film of all time! Why am I saying all of this? Well just like in my last posts, I don't wanna get my hopes up again and then have them fall after seeing the film. I don't want it to disappoint me! Of course I am still going to say its going to be so epic and all of that when trailers and things come out for Part One, but I am not going to be "too" excited because I don't want to be disappointed again like I was with Order of the Phoenix. Aren't you just a bit worried that it will not live up to all of our expectations? Like we all think it is going to be this epic battle scenes and a great finale for the Harry Potter films, but what if isn't what we expect? I don't wanna burst anyone's bubble or excitement about this film. Don't get me wrong I am SUPER SUPER EXCITED FOR PART TWO! It's just I am not going to have high expectations at the moment for the film, so I am not disappointed with the end to the Harry Potter films in July. You all get what I mean by saying all of this? I just don't want to be disappointed with the ending to the Harry Potter franchise. I know that Part One lived way beyond my expectations, and that's why I am expecting Part Two to be ever more amazing, its just I wish I wasn't feeling this way so I do not have to be worried about being disappointed if we do get disappointed. I am believing though that David Heyman will not let us down, he is a good Producer and cares about the films, but it is just that he has already let us down once already, but I think he knows that too and is stepping up a bit with the final film that has yet to be released! So yes I do have expectations for Part Two (even though I know I shouldn't), but all I am is a tad bit worried.

Well I am hoping you all have enjoyed this blog post! I hope I didn't upset anyone in anyway, it is just what I think. Email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com if you feel the same way or even if you feel a bit differently about this topic. Remember to email with your own questions you have for me, suggestions for the blog, comments about this post, your PicPost, or even a Blog Post for Potter's Army of your own because remember you are apart of the blog too! Thanks again for reading, and I hope you choose to remain loyal to Potter's Army!


Thanks again for all the page views last night. I will be doing a couple more posts tonight I believe! So make sure you tune back in here tonight :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Disappointment?

Well hey readers! Wow is all I can say right now. Thank you for being loyal to Potter's Army all of you! At one point I had six page views, I come back from a phone call, and I have 28 page views! All I can really say is thank you all of you who are remaining loyal to Potter's Army! If their are new viewers of Potter's Army out their, well thanks for joining the "cause" and I hope you continue to view Potter's Army here. Well shall we get to tonight's last post?

Well on July 11th, 2007 (USA), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was released in theaters! I was looking forward to this movie greatly! This book was my favorite (this was of course before Deathly Hallows, which was released 10 days later) in the series at the time. I loved it. It just showed so much of Hogwarts that we had never seen. It was a longer book, which I love. It really got into Harry's Story. I mean like really in-depth. A lot of people don't like this book for some reason. They say this was the worst book, because it kind of just drags on, but I absolutely love this one! My second favorite Harry Potter book, because of Deathly Hallows. So, yeah needless to say I was looking forward to seeing it on the big screen. Ron paying Quidditch but nope! In my eyes the whole Order of the Phoenix film was a complete DISAPPOINTMENT!!!! I have went over the book to the film, and over half of the book was cut out! Now, I know its a long book and they have to cut out things to make it in a decent time frame. Though this I do not believe is acceptable, it is the longest book BUT the shortest movie (and still is). How in the world does that work out? You didn't need to cut over half the book. I have looked it over dozens of times, and it is true, over half of the book is missing from this film. Things like: Ron playing Quidditch, Snape/Sirius fight on Christmas break, Dobby, Kreacher Scenes, Educational Decree, Quidditch in general, Two-Way Mirror, and lots lots more! I could go on and on about what they cut out! The Two-Way Mirror was really actually important, hence they did use it (and not explain it) in Deathly Hallows Part One. Dobby really needed to be added in every film that he was in the book, but they just POPPED him in Part One. Their should have been at least a mention of him in the other movies. Oh well though. Yeah, I thought the whole film those was a huge disappointment though. I had very high expectations for it though, and I believe that could have been the problem. I have kind of learned to like it more and more every time I see it! I do love the Possession Scene though, as I have already said in a previous post! I also love the Voldemort/Dumbledore Fighting scene! Their were of course good parts, but most of it was just a disappointment to me though. What do you think though? Email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com what you think about Order of the Phoenix film? Do you like the 5th Harry Potter book, is it your favorite after the Deathly Hallows book? Or do you think it is the worst Harry Potter book like others? Just curious what other Harry Potter fans think. One more thing I do have to say on this subject though is that David Yates did a good job directing though! I really do like him as the director of the final films, he is doing an excellent job. Lets just hope he doesn't disappoint us with Part Two of Deathly Hallows now. . . . . .

Well I am hoping you all have enjoyed this blog post, and continue to enjoy Potter's Army as I continue to do Blog Post's for all of you! Thanks again for all the views! I really enjoy knowing that people do actually read this. I am asking you though for help in spreading the word about the Potter's Army blog is you can in anyway you can please? Thanks if you do! I love seeing people read Potter's Army. Remember to email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com with answers to the above questions, your own questions for me, suggestions, comments, a PicPost, or your very own Potter's Army Blog Post! Remember you can do that because YOU are apart of the blog. Thanks again though for being loyal to Potter's Army, and continuing to read the Blog Posts that I create for all of us Harry Potter fans!


This above Blog Post has got somewhat to do with another Blog Post that I will be putting up online tomorrow, so make sure that you tune back in here at Potter;s Army for the rest of the Story! :D

Book One, Chapter Fifteen Exceprt

Hey readers! Well like I said I am going to do another blog post tonight, well two posts actually. So the first of the two I am going to do is a Book Excerpt. Tonight's excerpt is coming from Sorcerer's Stone on Chapter Fifteen! Remember though that I do not own any of the rights to Harry Potter books or anything! Jo and her publisher's of course own all the rights to the book please do not forget this, as I do not want to get into trouble. I just want to put this on here for all of you Harry Potter fans to enjoy a little excerpt from the books we all love. Enjoy!





Things couldn't have been worse.
Filch took them to Professor McGonagall's study on the first floor, where they sat and waited without saying a word to each other. Hermione was trembling. Excuses, alibis, and wild-cover-up stories chased each other around Harry's brain, each more feeble than the last. He couldn't see how they were going to get out of trouble this time. They were cornered. How could they have been so stupid as to forget the Cloak? There was no reason on earth that Professor McGonnagall would accept for their being out of bed and creeping around the school in the dead of night, let alone being up the tallest Astronomy Tower, which was out-of-bounds except for classes. Add Norbert and the Invisibility Cloak, and they might as well be packing their bags already.
Had Harry thought that things couldn't have been worse? He was wrong? He was wrong. When Professor McGonagall appeared, she was leading Neville.
"Harry!" Neville burst out, the moment he saw the other two. "I was trying to find you to warn you, I heard Malfoy saying he was going to catch you, he said you had a drag-"
Harry shook his head violently to shut Neville up, but Professor McGonagall had seen. She looked more likely to breathe fire than Norbert as she towered over the three of them.
"I would never have believed it of any of you. Mr. Filch says you were up in the Astronomy Tower. It's one o'clock in the morning. Explain yourselves."
It was the first time Hermione had ever failed to answer a teacher's question. She was staring at her slippers, as still as a statue.
"I think I've got a good idea of what's been going on," said Professor McGonagall. "It doesn't take a genius to work it out. You fed Draco Malfoy some cock-and-bull story about a dragon, trying to get him out of bed and into trouble. I've already caught him. I suppose you think it's funny that Longbottom here heard the story and believed it, too?"
Harry caught Neville's eye and tired to tell him without words that this wasn't true, because Neville was looking stunned and hurt. Poor, blundering Neville-Harry knew what it must have cost him to try and find them in the dark, to warn them.
"I'm disgusted," said Professor McGonagall. "Four students out of bed in one night! I've never heard of such a thing before! You, Miss Granger, I thought you had more sense. As for you, Mr. Potter, I thought Gryffindor meant more to you than this. All three of you will receive detentions-yes, you too, Mr. Longbottom, nothing gives you the right to walk around school at night, especially these days, it's very dangerous- and fifty points will be taken from Gryffindor."
"Fifty?" Harry gasped-they would lose the lead, the lead he's won in the last Quidditch match.
"Fifty points each," said Professor McGonagall, breathing heavily through her long, pointed nose.
"You can't-"
"Don't tell me what I can and can't do, Potter. Now get back to bed, all of you. I've never been more ashamed of Gryffindor students."
A hundred and fifty points lost. That put Gryffindor in last place. In one night, they'd ruined any chance Gryffindor had for the House Cup. Harry felt as though the bottom had dropped out of his stomach. How could they ever make up for this?

Well I am hoping you all enjoyed that Book Excerpt that I have chosen for today! Thanks again for remaining to be loyal to Potter's Army! I will do another random Harry Potter post later on tonight! Again I am hoping that you enjoyed this post, and will continue to enjoy Potter's Army in the future!


April 15th, 2011, IT'S COMING!!!

Hey loyal readers. Thanks again for continuing to remain loyal here to Potter's Army, and I am so sorry about the lack of Posts last night. I got busy again and didn't have the time to do a couple of Blog Posts. I am hoping to at least get another one in today after this post, maybe two if possible! I just wanna say sorry here for not being as loyal as I have been to the blog, it is just having a hard time here, but I am trying to get at least one post out a day, like I said I would! I do keep updating the features in the right-side bar though. So, again sorry about lack of the posts last night, but I am here now to talk about something so lets get to it shall we?

Well Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One has been in theaters for 80 days. I have seen it six times in theaters (once was in IMAX). How many times have you seen it? I have officially announced that this film is my favorite in the Harry Potter franchise to date. We have yet to wait for Part Two, but to date Part One is my favorite by far! I wanted to talk a little bit about Part One since it has been awhile, but I along want to talk about Part Two too. So, what about Part One can I talk about? Well Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One has made $946,361,214 to date (which you of course can see in the side bar)! It is the 10th top grossing film of all time, and it is the second highest grossing Harry Potter film, behind Sorcerer's Stone. Most people I have talked to say it is the greatest Harry Potter film so far, which I have just said! It is the beginning of the end to a worldwide phenomenon. It is coming on DVD soon too! April 15th, 2011, is the date it will be released on DVD in the U.S. Lots and lots of deleted scenes their were apparently. Scenes from when the Dursely's leave are included, I think it was 45 minutes of deleted scenes, but I am not 100% sure on that! I will get back to all of you on that. In the Blu-Ray Combo pack there is a EXCLUSIVE SCENE FROM PART TWO!!! So, I say make sure you get that. It is an opening scene. I wonder if it is the whole opening scene or just a part of the opening scene. There is no EXCLUSIVE scene though on the Single DVD, just the deleted scenes will be on the DVD. So yeah as you have noticed I have a Countdown for the release of the Part One DVD. I am planning on getting a HUGE HDTV before the release of Part One on DVD for my room, along with a Blu-Ray player so I can enjoy this movie to the MAX! I will of course be going to go get the Blu-Ray Combo Pack at the midnight release at my local Walmart! Haha, what are your plans though for Part One on DVD and Blu-Ray? What are you gonna do? You have any special plans for it? Email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com with your plans if you'd like. Might give me a better idea too! :D Now for just a little bit of talk about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two. Okay, well there isn't to much to talk about it quite yet, but I just want to tell you about some guesses I have actually for this month. I think a Part Two Trailer (teaser or TV Spot length) is going to be released this month. I mean Part One had a trailer release like six months before it was released, and it was released with Part Two footage too. We also are getting trailers for movies like Transformer: Dark of the Moon, and that comes out around the same time Harry is going to be coming out. So, I expect a trailer to be released sometime soon. Don't you think so too though? Email me if you think so too. I have another thing to talk about Part Two with, but I am actually going to save that for another post. Might be one for today, might not be. It will be soon though. Part Two is only 156 days away yet, and its getting closer every second. Are you getting excited, scared, nervous, or sad?

Well thanks for reading. I am hoping that you have enjoyed this post! I will for sure be doing another post today sometime. Remember to email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com with the answers to above questions, your own questions you have for me, suggestions, comments, a PicPost, or your very own Blog Post for Potter's Army because YOU are apart of the blog too! Thanks again for reading Potter's Army, and remaining to be loyal to it!


Monday, February 7, 2011

An Owl of a relationship

Hey readers! Sorry about the fact of no post yesterday! I tried and tired to get a post out yesterday, but I did not have the time (work and had to go shopping), but I my day just kept getting worse and worse too! I will though make it up for all of you today though. I will have another two posts tonight though. One to be a Book Excerpt, and another about something else. Well now another thing before I get to today's first Blog Post I just really wanna say that I am sorry, I had said I was going to do a post everyday of the week, and I didn't get one out lat night! Thank you though to all of you for being ever so loyal to Potter's Army, and I am hoping that you will continue to enjoy my posts. Now shall we get to this Blog Post?

Well on Saturday at my Forensics Meet that I had I got a tweet on Twitter from someone (if you are reading this, Thanks for the brilliant idea), with a brilliant idea for a post. I just loved this idea. The above image is/was supposed to be Ron's Owl, Pigwidgeon. They had never showed 'Pig' in the movies, but I did find a picture of what the Owl was supposed to be. That was not the exact idea this person gave me though. The idea they gave me was the relationship between 'Pig' and Hedwig. I also came up with the idea of what happened to 'Pig?' So, firstly I want to talk about the relationship between the two Owl's and their relationship. Well, they had a very tough kind of relationship. 'Pig' seemed to want to have some kind of relationship, but Hedwig did not approve of 'Pig.' For example in on of the Harry Potter books (not really sure what one it was :0), Harry is mailing a letter to two different people, and uses both Pig and Hedwig to send the letter and 'Pig' gets all excited about mailing the letter and having something to do, but Hedwig does it in a orderly fashion to show 'Pig' how a real Owl does it. (I actually think that was in Order of the Phoenix, not 100% sure though. Someone wan to find it for me? Email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com please with the correct book that was in.) Then, though after Order of the Phoenix I think we lose mention of 'Pig.' I do not recall 'Pig' being mentioned in the books after Order of the Phoenix do you? Email me if you hear a word of 'Pig' in "Half-Blood Prince" or "Deathly Hallows," because I do not remember Jo mentioning the existence of 'Pig' in the rest of the series after Order of the Phoenix. We all though know what happened to Hedwig :(, BUT WAIT!!! Was 'Pig' mentioned in "Deathly Hallows?" Remember in Deathly Hallows when Mrs. Weasley tells Harry to put Hedwig with 'Pig?' Does she say that? I will have to check that later on, and I will make sure I let you all know if she does, or someone email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com if she does please. If she does, why don't Harry, Ron, and Hermione take him with them on their trip? Email me please on what you think about that? I think it might be because it could have given their position away maybe? Email me though what you think about that please. Well, anyways Hedwig and 'Pig' didn't really have to much of a relationship, but the relationship they had wasn't a very friendly one.

Well thanks for reading everyone! I am really hoping you enjoyed this post, and I am sorry again about the fact of no post yesterday! I am hoping to make it up for all of you today! Thanks for reading though again. Remember though to email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com with the answers to the questions above, comments, suggestions for Potter's Army, questions you might have, your own Potter's Army Blog Post, or a PicPost. Thanks again for reading this Blog Post, and remaining to be loyal to Potter's Army.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ralph as the Dark Lord

Hey readers! Was up? Haha just kidding about that, but anyways! At Forensics anyway, working on this post in between rounds! So, here it goes, and I am hoping that you will enjoy it!

Okay so this is something new to Potter's Army where I am going to talk about actors, and how they play the part the are paid to play! Well as you might have noticed in the above image I am going to talk about Ralph Fiennes playing the part of Lord Voldemort! Well well well . . . . I think that he is the absolute PERFECT LORD VOLDEMORT!!!! I do not think I could imagine anyone who could play the part way way better than him. He plays the part just absolutely phenomenally! Ralph is just the perfect Dark Lord! Why? Well I will tell you, but firstly I would like to tell you to please answer the question to (well if you agree with me, in saying that Ralph play Lord Voldemort greatly). Email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com if you do, and why you like Ralph Fiennes as in infamous Lord Voldemort. Well now why do I like Ralph as Voldemort, and why do I think he does a AMAZING job as him? Firstly all I can say is to watch Goblet of Fire, did you see him in that movie? AMAZING! The way he walks around is just exactly how I would and did imagine him when reading the book. His voice is just great, it has that perfect sound to it! I love it. HOW HE LOOKS!!!! EXACTLY HOW I HAD IMAGINED IT, except one tiny feature which I actually understand! His eyes aren't red in the movies like they are supposed to be. They had a reasoning behind that though, why they couldn't or didn't make his eyes red. Well apparently it would look weird or something on the big screen so they make them a different color! I think that was the reasoning behind that, but I am not 100% sure why they did it! It was something along those lines. Which I think I can understand, don't you? The Harry Potter eye thing though bugs the freak out of me! Anyways though, yes he look just like Voldemort is supposed to look like, but of course that isn't all Ralph's fault. The makeup team from Harry Potter I must thank for that because if it wasn't for him he wouldn't look anything like that. I also though have to thank the special effects team because if it wasn't for them Ralph's nose wouldn't look anything like it does on the screen. That is actually all CGI work there. Then in Order of the Phoenix, he does another outstanding performance in the battle with Dumbledore. Also I like him in the scene where he like possesses Harry. He is really good in that scene, especially when he says, "Your a fool Harry Potter, and you will lose everything!" I just absolutely love it! Then, though, in Half-Blood Prince we do not have his presence at all in fact, but then of course we do in Deathly Hallows Part One. WOW! The veins on his forehead seem to be more dense and a lot darker, which makes him look evil even more and outstandingly disgusting which I love for his part! I really think he could and should get a Oscar or something for his performance in Part One, I am not even kidding! He does such a great job in this film. You feel just how evil he really is in this film, and I just love it, it gives you the goosebumps I believe. I just wanna go see the movie again now because I can't describe it and do justice to his part in the film. GO SEE IT! He does a great great job in the movie. Ralph Fiennes is the Dark Lord I believe, and I cannot wait to see what he brings to us for the final film in the Harry Potter franchise.

Well I am hoping you kind of enjoyed this blog post! I know not one on my many greatest, but a Blog Post none the less! Thanks for all the page views yesterday by the way! It is just amazing to see how many people visit my site in a day! I love you all for remaining to be loyal to the blog, and hopefully helping spread the word about the blog to any Harry Potter fans out there. Remember to email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com with your answers to the questions in the above post, your very own questions for me, comments, suggestions for the blog, your own blog post (because you are apart of the blog), and your own PicPost. Thanks again for reading, and I am hoping you continue to enjoy Potter's Army!


I might do another post tonight not 100% sure yet, most likely yes though! Thanks once again! :D

Friday, February 4, 2011

Did anyone even know?

Hey readers! Thanks for all the views from my last posts! Been getting a lot, and it just makes me happy to see that people are viewing my posts! Thank you, so I thought I should do one tonight for all of you before tomorrow. Thought you might like this one. I had a stroke of genius with tonight's Blog Post! I am really hoping that you will all enjoy it, but before I get to tonight's post I thought I should let you all know what is going on tomorrow and when to expect a Blog Post! Well I have Forensics (also known as 4N6) tomorrow, and I will be at a college performing with my group. So, I am of course going to bring my laptop, and in between performances I thought I would work on a post for all of you! It might take awhile, but I am guessing I can finish one sometime tomorrow while doing our performances. Otherwise I will of course blog tomorrow night, I will even blog tomorrow night either way. Just thought I would let you know about whats going on tomorrow, you might not care as long as you get a blog post, but I just thought I should let you know. If you feel like I have wasted your time in just reading all of that, well to bad and I am sorry. ;) So, now lets get to this Blog Post tonight shall we?

So have any idea what I am going to talk about in this Post? Kind of a mystery isn't it? Hmm. . . . well what can we tell from the above image about what it could possibly be about? Well we know it is something about Ronald. We also know that it is from the 3rd film, yes the film! Hmmm. . . . what is it going to be about? Well I'll just tell you I guess shall I? See the little mouse Ron is holding in his hand in the image above? Yes, I am talking about Scabbers! That is tonight's topic! Now what about him? Well what is the title of this Blog Post? Did anyone even know, hm well what does that mean right? Well I am wondering if anyone even could have guessed from just reading the first two books in the series, Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets, that Ron's Rat, Scabber's, was in fact Peter Pettigrew. Peter Pettigrew who turned over James and Lily Potter's location to Lord Voldemort! Did anyone even have a hunch that the rat was actually a person. Well I cannot really say what I though by reading the books, because I saw some of the Harry Potter films and then became a fan! I wish I was an actually from the beginning fan, but I cannot say I am! I was a late Harry Potter fan! A Harry Potter fan though none the less. Now all I can say is about knowing about this topic from the films. I would like you thought, if you were a Harry Potter fan from the very beginning to email me please at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com and please tell me if you were completely shocked when you realized Scabbers was in fact a Human. Now all I can speak about is my experience from being a fan of the movies from the beginning. I never started reading the books until like 2005 which is upsetting I know, but I am saving this conversation for another post later! So, did I know that Scabbers was a human? Did I notice any clues that could have jumped out in the first two films? NOPE TO BOTH OF THOSE QUESTIONS. I had no clue, I didn't notice anything that could have made someone guess that the rat was in fact a human being. It just shocked the heck out of me when I found out about that. I think that though is one of the many reasons why everyone (well almost everyone) loves the series because there are twists in the story that you could have never guessed would have happened. Like something that happens in Order of the Phoenix that we all hate, but once again saving it for another Blog Post. So, yeah then when I went back to the books and read them in order, I do not think that there is any clues that could have let anyone guess that Scabbers was a human. So, I believe no one, but the great Joanne Rowling knew about the true identity of Scabbers.

Well I am hoping you all enjoyed tonight's blog post here on Potter's Army, and I am hoping that you will continue to enjoy them as I continue to write more and more everyday. Remember to email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com with the answer to the above questions, comments, any questions you might have (Potter's Army related or Harry Potter anything?), suggestions for the blog, your own PicPost, or even your very own Blog Post! Thanks again for remaining loyal to Potter's Army!


"Oh Children!"

Hey readers! Well, when I was blogging last night's Blog Post, Goosebumps Scene: OOTP Possession, I thought of what I believe to be my favorite Harry Potter scene in the entire series (not 100% sure about this yet, due to the fact Part Two has not been released). As you can see in the above image that it is the scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One, when Harry and Hermione dance after Ron has left, so lets get to this post shall we?

What can I talk about this scene? Well we all know that this is an added scene into the film right? It was not in the Deathly Hallows book. Now, usually I do not like the creators of the films to add in a scene into the film unless they have already added all the scenes in from the book (like in Half-Blood Prince), but this scene is completely different from the rest. I 100% LOVE THIS SCENE. Why may you ask? Well lets start with the topic I usually get to eventually. The music playing in the background. This is the first time in the entire Harry Potter series where they have actually added a song into the film with words. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG! It just has an amazing feel to it, don't you agree? If you don't know the name of this song, as I know most people want to know what it is called. Well I found it, and it is available on iTunes, and it is called "Oh Children," by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. It is just an amazing song I believe, and it fits in with the scene it is in beautifully. I just love it so much. Now to the actual scene. What do I like about it most? Or actually what do I actually like about it? Well I am going to answer those question, but I want you (if you agree with me) to answer the questions too. Email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com with your answer's to those questions. Now, why do I like this scene? Well I am one of those fans who always thought that Harry and Hermione would end up together in the end of the series. I always thought that from Book/Movie one, until though, until Book 5! Then I started thinking for some odd reason he was going to end up with Tonks. Do not ask me why there. I have no idea why I thought that, but I always was thinking he was going to end up with Tonks after that. I never ever would have guessed Ginny! Don't get me wrong though I do really like that relationship, but now back on the subject of this scene. I just really like it because I do not think it shows a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship here. I think it shows that they have a like BEST friend relationship here, or that they are just like brothers and sisters. They really care and love one another, but not in relationship. Know what I mean there. This scene shows Harry trying to cheer up Hermione when she is all sad depressed and down in the dumps. It just makes me smile! I really love how Harry acts all goofy while dancing to just make her laugh and smile! I love it! Harry is just a sweet guy, and he kind of reminds me with me and my sister because I always act goofy around my sister to keep her in a good mood. So, yeah I really love this scene. I do not know about you, but email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com and let me know how you feel about this scene please?

Well I am hoping that you enjoyed this Blog Post! I really love this scene, it is just hard to put in words how I feel about this scene. It just makes me so happy to see this scene every time I go to see Deathly Hallows Part One. I hope you all love this scene as much as I do! It truly an amazing scene. Now do not forget to email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com with the answers to the question I asked earlier, questions you have, comments, suggestions for the blog, your own Blog Post for Potter's Army, or even your own PicPost! Thanks again for reading, and I am hoping you will continue to enjoy Potter's Army!


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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Goosebumps Scene: OOTP Possesion

Well hey readers. As I said I was going to do another blog post tonight, and well I decided to do another Goosebumps Scene Blog Post since last weeks was so popular! Well I hope you all will enjoy this post.

Well the Goose-bump Scene I am going to talk about this week is a scene from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The above image pretty much shows you where in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I am talking about in this post. It is the scene after Dumbledore duels Voldemort, and Voldemort takes over (posses) Harry. I LOVE THIS SCENE. This scene has actually go to be on my top 5 favorite scenes in the Harry Potter films. Every time I watch this scene I get the "Goosebumps." I believe this scene is just so emotional, not just to the films, but it adds a heavy impact on the love Harry has that Voldemort doesn't have. It also though adds a heavy impact on how much Harry really does love his friends. I think when I first saw this scene I might have cried a little, but those tears could have been coming from the fact of what had just happened a few minutes before this scene. :( Now, why do I think I get goosebumps here at this scene? Hmmm, well like I had just said it is really emotional, but I also (of course) think the music does an excellent job in capturing that particular emotion too and putting music to it. Along with those to reason's I also think it is a goosebumper because of what has just happened. Not just to Harry (with Sirius just dying), but the battle that has just happened. The battle between Voldemort and the great Dumbledore. It just kind of brings it to a close. NOW the line Voldemort says after he realizes he can't be inside someone with a heart is just an AWESOME line. He says, "Your a fool Harry Potter, and you will lose . . . .everything!" It is just an EPIC freaking line. Just sets up the final films right there, but also a very emotional time to say it. There is the thing Harry says though, "Your the weak one, and you'll never know love or friendship. And I feel sorry for you." Another line I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!!!! God I just really love this scene a lot! I had forgotten to mention though that Dumbledore's line, "Harry, it isn't how you are alike. . . . . it's how you are not," gives me the chills too. This whole scene is a goose-bump scene! It deserves to be on the rank of Goosebumps Scene. You agree? Do you get some goosebumps when we see Harry's past bad memories, and then past good memories? Email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com if you get goosebumps like me. Email me if you think this particular scene I have been talking about in this post deserves to be in the top 5 Harry Potter scenes in the Harry Potter movies. All I can say is that this particular scene is great. I know for sure so far that there is one other scene that beats this one at top 5 scenes, but I am going to save that for another post!

Well I am hoping you enjoyed this Blog Post! I enjoyed writing it for all of you! I know not probably one of my greatest, but I really do love this scene a lot please understand that. Ha, well thanks again for reading. Remember to email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com with any questions, comments, suggestions, your very own Blog Post, or even a Pic Post! I love feedback from my readers here, and you are one of them! Yes you are! Remember Potter's Army slogan, ". . . . and where YOUR apart of the cause," which means you can write a Blog Post too! Well thanks again for reading, and make sure you check back in tomorrow for more Blog Posts her on Potter's Army!


The 100th Blog Post

"Welcome to The Harry Potter Cause. This blog is about everything Harry Potter each day, maybe even more than twice a day I am going to make long blogs about anything Harry Potter things. I could talk about the books, movies, the new Deathly Hallows film, music, fan things, spells, and loads of other different thing about the wonderful world of Harry Potter," remember me saying that 100 blog posts ago? I started this Blog on July 25, 1010, when it was know as the Harry Potter Cause. On, September 26, 2010, Harry Potter Cause became Potter's Army, about 51 Blog Posts later. Today, February 3rd, 2011, marks the release of my 100th Blog Post! 100 blog post! I cannot believe that I have reached this many blog post in this short amount of time. It might not be that short I guess, but still I could not have reached these many post's if it wasn't for you, my fans. I thank you for viewing Potter's Army every time I release a post for all of you to read. I thank you all for reading them, and for all the feedback I get. I am hoping you all still enjoy Potter's Army (haven't been having to many views lately, not that it matters) as I enjoy to write them all for you to read. I am hoping that I will have reached over 200 posts by May of this year, meaning I am going to be doing a lot more posts in the upcoming months. Other things I am hoping to have for the blog is a website up by sometime near the end of the year (not 100% sure about that idea yet). I am also hoping to get you all more involved in Potter's Army. Now, we all know that Potter's Army will be making the transition to Post-Potter Depression on July 16th of this year (the day after Part Two of Deathly Hallows being released). When that time comes I am hoping to have more fan Blog Posts incorporated in the Blog here, because I know we all will be going into PPD. Another reason I want more involvement from all of you is because YOU are apart of the blog here, and because this blog was built on the hope of having Harry Potter fans talk about things Harry Potter all the time. So far I have had 100 blog posts all about Harry Potter things, except maybe the Coca-Cola Blog Post. I think that might have been one of the worst blog post I have ever done. I am not sure about the greatest one I have ever done, I want you all to be the judges of that. The most Page Viewed Blog Post is the one where I reviewed the Goblet of Fire Ultimate Edition. BUT it is tied with the one where I came back to Potter's Army after Christmas. I am really hoping that you all will continue to enjoy Potter's Army as I continue to do more and more Blog Posts. I thank you again for all of your loyalty to the blog here. I love doing the posts for all of you Harry Potter fans. I love to hear feedback from all of you about my posts, good or bad. So, thanks again for helping me get to 100 blog posts here on Potter's Army because I couldn't have done it without all of you fans.


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Book Seven, Chapter Seventeen Excerpt

Well hey readers! As I said, I am going to do a Harry Potter book excerpt tonight! This one is special though. Why? Well if you cannot recognize the above image, it is from Deathly Hallows. Yeah, that is right my very first Book Excerpt here on Potter's Army from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I hope you will enjoy the selection I have picked out for you tonight. Remember though that I do not own any of the rights to the following selection. Jo Rowling and all of her publisher's own the rights to this book. I am just putting it up here for a fun little excerpt once and awhile. So enjoy!



CHAPTER 17 (starts on page 346)


"We got away."
"Yes," said Hermione. "I had to use a Hover Charm to get you into your bunk, I couldn't lift you. You've been. . . Well, you haven't been quite. . . . ."
There were purple shadows under her brown eyes and he noticed a small sponge in her hand: She had been wiping her face.
"You've been ill," she finished. "Quite ill."
"How long ago did we leave?"
"Hours ago. It's nearly morning."
"And I've been. . . .what, unconscious?"
"Not exactly," said Hermione uncomfortably. "You've been shouting and moaning and . . . things," she added in a tone that made Harry feel uneasy. What had he done? Screamed cruses like Voldemort, cried like the baby in the crib?
"I couldn't get the Horcrux off you," Hermione said, and he knew she wanted to change the subject. "It was stuck, stuck to your chest. You've got a mark; I'm sorry, I had to use a Severing Charm to get it away. The snake bit you too, but I've cleaned the wound and put some dittany on it. . . ."
He pulled the sweaty T-shirt he was wearing away from himself and looked down. There was a scarlet oval over his heart where the locket had burned him. He could also see the hale-healed puncture marks to his forearm.
"Where've you put the Horcrux?"
"In my bag. I think we should keep it off for awhile."
He lay back on his pillows and looked into her pinched gray face.
"We shouldn't have gone to Godric's Hollow. It's my fault, it's all my fault, Hermione, I'm sorry."
"It's not your fault. I wanted to go too; I really thought Dumbledore might have left the sword there for you."
"Yeah well . . . we got that wrong, didn't we?"
"What happened Harry? What happened when she took you upstairs? Was the snake hiding somewhere? Did it just come out and kill her and attack you?"
"No," he said. "She was the snake. . . . or the snake was her. . . . all along."
He closed his eyes. He could still smell Bathilda's house on him: It made the whole thing horribly vivid.
"Bathilda must've been dead a while. The snake was . . . was inside her. You-Know-Who put it there in Godric's Hollow, to wait. You were right. He knew I'd go back."
"The snake was inside her?"
He opened his eyes again: Hermione looked revolted, nauseated.
"Lupin said there would be magic we'd never imagined," Harry said. "She didn't want to talk in front of you, because it was Parseltongue, all Parseltongue, and I didn't realize, but of course I could understand her. Once we were up in the room, the snake sent a message to You-Know-Who, I heard it happen inside my head, I felt him get excited, he said to keep me there. . . and then . . ."
He remembered the snake coming out of Bathilda's neck: Hermione did not need to know the details.
". . . . she changed, changed into the snake, and attacked."
He looked down at the puncture marks.
"It wasn't supposed to kill me, just keep me there till You-Know-Who came."
If he only managed to kill the snake, it would have been worth it, all of it. . . . Sick at heart, he sat up and threw back the covers.
"Harry, no, I'm sure you ought to rest!"
"You're the one who need sleep. No offense, but you look terrible. I'm fine. I'll keep watch for a while. Where's my wand?"
She did not answer, she merely looked at him.
"Where's my wand, Hermione?"
She was biting her lip, and tears swam in her eyes.
"Harry. . ."
"Where's my wand?"
She reached down beside the bed and held it out to him.
The holly and phoenix wand was nearly severed in two. One being fragile strand of phoenix feather kept both pieces hanging together. The wood had splintered apart completely. Harry took it into his hands as though it was a living thing that had suffered a terrible injury. He could not think properly: Everything was a blur of panic and fear. Then he held out the wand to Hermione.
"Mend it. Please."
"Harry, I don;t think, when it's broken like this-"
"Please, Hermione, try!"

The dangling half of the wand resealed itself. Harry held it up.
The wand sparked feebly, then went out. Harry pointed it at Hermione.
Hermione's wand gave a little jerk, but did not leave her hand. The feeble attempt at magic was too much for Harry's wand, which split into two again. He stared at it, aghast, unable to take in what he was seeing. . . . the wand that had survived so much. . . ."
"Harry," Hermione whispered so quietly he could hardly hear her. "I'm so, so sorry. I think it was me. As we were leaving, you know, the snake was coming for us, and so I cast a Blasting Curse, and it rebounded everywhere, and it must have-must have hit-"
"It was an accident," said Harry mechanically. He felt empty, stunned. "We'll-we'll find a way to repair it."
"Harry, I don't think we're going to be able to," said Hermione, the tears triclking down her face. "Remember . . . . remember Ron? When he broke his wand, crashing the car? It was never the same again, he had to get a new one."
Harry thought of Olivander, kidnapped and held hostage by Voldemort; of Gergorovitch, who was dead. How was he supposed to find himself a new wand?
"Well," he said, in a falsely matter-of-fact voice, "well, I'll just borrow yours for now, then. While I keep watch."
Her face glazed with tears, Hermione handed over her wand, and he left her sitting beside his bed, desiring nothing more than to get away from her.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this Book Excerpt Blog Post! I know it was quite longer than usual ones, but I thought it should be special since it's my last double digit Blog Post! I will do another post tonight, and it will be EXTREMELY special because it is my 100th Blog Post! :) So, make sure you tune in for that tonight! :D Thanks for reading Potter's Army again, never would be where I am today with the blog if it wasn't for all of you!


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