Thursday, February 10, 2011

Michael or Richard as Professor Dumbledore?

Hey readers! Thanks for all the views since last night, I hope you have been enjoy Potter's Army! So here is another one of those blog posts where I am going to talk about an actors performance as their character, and what I think about them playing that part. Before I get to today's first blog post, I thought I would make it more announced about the fact that their is a actual Prize-Winning Contest out their for all of you readers of Potter's Army. Click here, to see what you will actually win. A little better description about it is that it is the Harry Potter initials painted by my sister on tag board in black and gray with a white background. All you have to do to enter to possibly win is email me at with your favorite Harry Potter Book, Movie, and character, and the winner will be chosen on Feb. 16th, 2011. The winner will be chosen randomly out of a hat actually, so it is completely random! I will then need your address later on to be able to send it to you, but I will only require that if you win! I think I will be doing some more of these later on if you all would like it, and with bigger prizes! Now, shall we get to this Blog Post finally?

Well Micheal Gambon and Richard Harris play the part of Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films. My favorite character he plays, but now what do I think about them playing the part of my favorite character in the films? Hm, well honestly I have grown to really love Micheal being the part of Dumbledore, but at first I hated him and loved Richard. Richard was the perfect Dumbledore. Older looking, kind-look upon his face always, and when he looks disappointed with someone you would just have his yell straight in your face instead of have that look on his face. You know what I mean by saying that? Micheal, though, has just begun to grow on my with his performance in OOTP and HBP! He did just a phenomenal job, I also think that Richard looked to old to be doing all the work Micheal had to do for those parts. Now, WAIT, just a minute! Ha, STOP! Before I get to far into talking about who I like better, I had better explain why (even though most of us probably already know what happened) Micheal replaced Richard as the greatest Headmaster Hogwarts has ever seen. Well we all know that Richard played Professor Dumbledore for the first two films of the Harry Potter franchise, Chamber of Secrets and Sorcerer's Stone. Well after filming Chamber of Secrets (COS), he had developed a serious disease, Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and two weeks before the premiere of COS he had died in his bed. Richard was supposed to be replaced by and old friend of Richard's, Peter O'Toole, but was taken over of course by the man we all know to be Micheal Gambon. A couple of days before Richard had died, Producer, David Heyman, had approached Richard on his death bed. Richard had said not to replace him (don't cast anyone else), that he will be coming back, that he will make it out of this disease. About (I think) a week later Richard had died. Micheal Gambon had take over the spot for Dumbledore, and he brought a whole new meaning to the character! He is witty, and just ingenious with the character! He made it his own character, but at the same time Micheal was just being himself! Now, I have always liked Richard as the true Dumbledore as the first Dumbledore. Micheal though has grown on me like I had said earlier. I don't think that Richard could have done the battle scene with Voldemort in Order of the Phoenix. I also don't think he could have done the Cave scene in Half-Blood Prince! He just seemed a tad bit old for those scenes! Micheal, though, did an amazing job with those scenes and becoming Dumbledore. Now who do I like better for Dumbledore? Well hm, I gonna have to say a combination of the two. I could see Richard playing the part Micheal is going to have to play in Deathly Hallows Part Two, but I do not see him playing the part of an action Dumbledore! Richard is the kind/calm Dumbledore, but Micheal is the action Dumbledore. BUT Micheal can play the kind/calm Dumbledore too that Richard does a good job with. Okay so my final decision would have to be Micheal Gambon. I really like him as Professor Dumbledore in fact. Do not get me wrong though, I LOVE RICHARD HARRIS! It is just Micheal can do all that the part of Dumbledore needs to do! What do you think though? Who do you like better: Richard Harris or Micheal Gambon? And why do you like better who you like better for the part of Albus Dumbledore? Email me at with your answers on what an who you think plays the part of Dumbledore better.

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