Thursday, February 3, 2011

Goosebumps Scene: OOTP Possesion

Well hey readers. As I said I was going to do another blog post tonight, and well I decided to do another Goosebumps Scene Blog Post since last weeks was so popular! Well I hope you all will enjoy this post.

Well the Goose-bump Scene I am going to talk about this week is a scene from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The above image pretty much shows you where in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I am talking about in this post. It is the scene after Dumbledore duels Voldemort, and Voldemort takes over (posses) Harry. I LOVE THIS SCENE. This scene has actually go to be on my top 5 favorite scenes in the Harry Potter films. Every time I watch this scene I get the "Goosebumps." I believe this scene is just so emotional, not just to the films, but it adds a heavy impact on the love Harry has that Voldemort doesn't have. It also though adds a heavy impact on how much Harry really does love his friends. I think when I first saw this scene I might have cried a little, but those tears could have been coming from the fact of what had just happened a few minutes before this scene. :( Now, why do I think I get goosebumps here at this scene? Hmmm, well like I had just said it is really emotional, but I also (of course) think the music does an excellent job in capturing that particular emotion too and putting music to it. Along with those to reason's I also think it is a goosebumper because of what has just happened. Not just to Harry (with Sirius just dying), but the battle that has just happened. The battle between Voldemort and the great Dumbledore. It just kind of brings it to a close. NOW the line Voldemort says after he realizes he can't be inside someone with a heart is just an AWESOME line. He says, "Your a fool Harry Potter, and you will lose . . . .everything!" It is just an EPIC freaking line. Just sets up the final films right there, but also a very emotional time to say it. There is the thing Harry says though, "Your the weak one, and you'll never know love or friendship. And I feel sorry for you." Another line I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!!!! God I just really love this scene a lot! I had forgotten to mention though that Dumbledore's line, "Harry, it isn't how you are alike. . . . . it's how you are not," gives me the chills too. This whole scene is a goose-bump scene! It deserves to be on the rank of Goosebumps Scene. You agree? Do you get some goosebumps when we see Harry's past bad memories, and then past good memories? Email me at if you get goosebumps like me. Email me if you think this particular scene I have been talking about in this post deserves to be in the top 5 Harry Potter scenes in the Harry Potter movies. All I can say is that this particular scene is great. I know for sure so far that there is one other scene that beats this one at top 5 scenes, but I am going to save that for another post!

Well I am hoping you enjoyed this Blog Post! I enjoyed writing it for all of you! I know not probably one of my greatest, but I really do love this scene a lot please understand that. Ha, well thanks again for reading. Remember to email me at with any questions, comments, suggestions, your very own Blog Post, or even a Pic Post! I love feedback from my readers here, and you are one of them! Yes you are! Remember Potter's Army slogan, ". . . . and where YOUR apart of the cause," which means you can write a Blog Post too! Well thanks again for reading, and make sure you check back in tomorrow for more Blog Posts her on Potter's Army!


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