Saturday, February 12, 2011

Did he really die?

Hey readers, again thanks for all the views you all have been giving me! It just makes me so extremely happy to see that people actually read and enjoy these views. So here is a Blog Post, for the night, but I will be doing one more later on tonight! Before I get to this Blog Post though, I would like to remind you to sign up for Potter's Army first-ever Contest. Click Here for all of the details, and how to sign up to win along with what you win. So, lets get to this Post shall we?

Look to the right of this post! See the poll in the entertainment section of this blog? Before you read any further please cast your vote, because this the poll on the right hand side is what this Blog Post tonight is about. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vote yet? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alright, well I am hoping that you have put your vote on that poll, so now we can continue. Do not continue reading unless you have put your vote in the Poll on the right-hand side of this blog. Now, what am I talking about in this post? Well just what the question asks, "Do you think Dumbledore truly died?" This is what I thought I should talk about. Now before I answer this question for myself, I want you (as usual) to answer it for yourself, but email it to me at and I might put it up here on Potter's Army too. Now what do I think? Do I think Dumbledore really died after Half-Blood Prince? Do I think Snape actually killed him? No to the both of those questions. After finishing Half-Blood Prince there were numerous of reasons to which I though Dumbledore was actually still alive. I did not believe him to be dead. Reason number one, well the way the killing curse was described in Half-Blood Prince, when Snape killed him, didn't do the same thing it usually does. It suspended him in mid-air, and then he fell. That never happened in any of the other books. When someone got hit by the killing curse they just dropped dead, so I thought that maybe he wasn't killed. I thought maybe him and Snape had a plan, since Dumbledore trusted him so much (which we find out they do have a plan but different than the one I thought). I thought that Snape and Dumbledore faked Dumbledore's death, so that Snape was truly trusted among Voldemort so that he, and Dumbledore could find out Voldemort's secrets about the Horcruxes! Of course I was way WAY of with my predictions, but we all are of course. No one knew what was going to happen in Deathly Hallows except Joanne Rowling, the great creator. Now, reason number two to why I thought he was still alive, was that he was supposed to be this great wizard. So how could he just up and die? I mean there had to be away around him just dying. He had to have been in tighter spots than that, but yet he died? He was weak though, that is true! Well really though those are my main reasons to why I though he was still alive. Of course I just thought him to be alive because he was my absolute favorite character in the Harry Potter series. I didn't want to believe he was actually dead, but as we all know now that he is truly dead. He had it planned with Snape for over a year to when he would die, and he did in fact have to die. A question I have though is, did Jo always know that Professor Dumbledore was going to have to die? Did she always have it planned for him to be killed? Anyone know the answer to that question? Email me at if you know please? Yeah so all-in-all I thought after HBP that Dumbledore was alive still, that he truly didn't die on us.

Well thanks for reading this Post all you loyal readers! I hope you all enjoyed this Blog Post! Remember though to email me with the above questions, your own questions, comments, suggestions, your own PicPost, or your own Potter's Army Blog Post! Remember also though that you, all of you readers (even if you are knew to this blog) YOU are apart of this blog! So if you wanted to write something for it? DO IT, and email it to me and I will put it up and on here for all of the Harry Potter fans that read this to see! Thanks again for reading Potter's Army!


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