Friday, February 11, 2011

Book Five, Chapter One Excerpt

Hey readers! Sorry again about last night and the fact of no blog post! I will be doing another one though tonight! It will be a different blog post though, it will be a lot a lot A LOT LONGER! I will explain it in that Blog Post! So, now I am going to get into this Blog Post right away, which is a Book Excerpt, because I was going to do one last night, but didn't because I needed a break from everything last night! So lets get to it, but before that remember that I do not own any of the rights to this excerpt. They all go to J.K. Rowling and her publishers. I hope you all enjoy today's excerpt.




DUDLEY DEMENTED (starting on page 3)

"Dudders out for tea?"
"At the Polkisses'," said Aunt Petunia fondly. "He's got so many little friends, he's so popular. . ."
Harry repressed a snort with difficulty. The Dursleys really were astonishingly stupid about their son, Dudley; they had swallowed all of his dim-witted lies about having tea with a different member of his gang every night of the summer holidays. Harry knew perfectly well that Dudley had not been to tea anywhere; he and his gang spent every evening vandalizing the play park, smoking on street corners, and throwing stones at passing cars and children. Harry had seen them at it during his evening walks around Little Whinging; he had spent most of the holidays wandering the streets, scavenging newspapers from bins along the way.
The opening notes of the music that heralded the seven o'clock new reached Harry's ears and his stomach turned over. Perhaps tonight-after a month of waiting-would be the night-
"Record numbers of stranded holidaymakers fill airports as Spanish Baggage-handlers' strike reaches its second week-"
"Give 'em a lifelong siesta, I would," snarled Uncle Vernon over the end of the newsreader's sentence, but no matter: Outside in the flower bed, Harry's stomach seemed to unclench. If anything had happened, it surely would have been the first item on the news; death and destruction were more important than stranded holidaymakers. . . .
He let out a long, slow breath and stared up at the brilliant blue sky. Every day this summer had been the same: the tension, the expectation, the temporary relief, and then the mounting tension. . . and always, growing more insistent all the time, the question of why nothing had happened yet. . . .
He kept listening, just in case there was some small clue, not recognized for what it really was by the Muggles-an unexplained disappearance, perhaps, or some strange accident. . . . but the baggage-handlers' strike was followed by the news on the drought in the Southeast ("I hope he is listening next door!" bellowed Uncle Vernon, "with his sprinklers on at three in the morning!"); then a helicopter that almost crashed in a field in Surrey, then a famous actress's divorce fromm her famous husband ("as if we're interested in their sordid affairs," sniffed Aunt Petunia, who had followed the case obsessively in every magazine she could lay her bony hands on).
Harry closed his eyes against the now blazing evening sky as the newsreader said, "And finally, Bundgy the budgie has found a novel way of keeping cool this summer. Bundgy, who lives at the Five Feathers in Barnsley, has learned to water-ski! Mary Dorkins went to find out more. . . ."
Harry opened his eyes again. If they had reached water-skiing budgerigars, there was nothing else worth hearing. He rolled cautiously onto his front and raised himself onto his knees and elbows, preparing to crawl out from underneath the window.
He had moved about two inches when several things happened in very quick succession.
. . . . . . . .

Well I am all hoping you have enjoyed today's Book Excerpt! Remember I will be doing another new thing on Potter's Army tonight (hopefully). So, make sure you tune back in tonight to see what it is! Also thanks for reading Potter's Army, and remaining to be loyal to it!


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