Friday, February 11, 2011

Goosebumps Scene: Two-Faced Quirrell

Hey readers! Thanks for all the views today, and remaining loyal to Potter's Army! Here is a new Blog Post for all of you. It is not the new type of Blog Post like I said I was going to do! I just do not have the time to do it tonight, maybe I will do it tomorrow night, BUT I am going to do another Post tonight, it just won't be until later. So, I am hoping that you all will enjoy this Blog Post, as it is another Goosebumps Blog Post!

Well, well, well as you can see tonight's Goosebumps Blog Post is going to be from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone movie! What part? Well I am guessing that all of you Harry Potter fans out there can guess what scene in SS this is from, right? Well I am going to explain anyway. Ha, so this is from the scene in SS, when Harry goes through the trapdoor and finally reaches the final task to get past, to get the Stone. He meets up with Professor Quirrell though, who we all know has Lord Voldemort at the back of his head, sharing a body together. We do not find this out until a little bit later. Now what exact part is the goosebumps come from for tonight's post? Hm. . . well roughly when we hear Lord Voldemort raspy voice, but we do not have any idea where it is coming from. I also get goosebumps from when Quirrell starts to unravel the turban around his head to reveal Voldemort. I just get goosebumps during those scene almost all the time when I watch it. I usually don't get them lately, but if I have not seen the movie in a long time I start to gets some goosebumps going on. Why do I think I get them during the scenes? Well I will answer that, but firstly I want you to email me at if you get goosebumps during this scene, and why you think you do! What causes you to get them goosebumps? Well I think for me, once again, is the music that is playing. It just sets up the mood of the scene so well. I know I say that a lot about the music, but that is just what it does and supposed to do! That is not the only reason though I think I get them goosebumps. I also think I get them because during the whole movie we are waiting for this to happen, something to do with this evil wizard, and then we finally get to see him unraveled before us. Get what I mean by saying that? It is just the whole movie sets you up the entire time about how evil he is and everything, and then we hear this voice to with we do not know who it belongs to. Then he is revealed, face and all, right before our eyes. There is one more part in this scene that I get goosebumps though during. When Harry burns/kills Quirrell. It just gives me the bumps, do you get them during that part too? I think it the fact that Harry could overpower a powerful wizard, with 100 times more training, and he (Quirrell) couldn't stop Harry! Just shows us how much power can come from someone just as small as Harry! Get what I mean kind of? Well yeah those scenes just give me the goosebumps, what about you though? Do you get some goosebumps during these scenes? If so why do you think you do? Email it to me at and it could go up on Potter's Army here! :D

Well thanks for reading all you loyal fans of Potter's Army! Hope you all enjoyed this Goosebumps Scene Blog Post! I know not the longest, but hope you liked it none the less! Remember that I will be doing another post later on tonight! I dunno about what yet but you could email me with some suggestions at, also email me with answers to above questions, questions of your own to me, suggestions for the Blog, comments about this post, your own PicPost, or even your very own Potter's Army Blog Post! Thanks again for reading Potter's Army, and remaining to be loyal to it!


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