Thursday, February 3, 2011

The 100th Blog Post

"Welcome to The Harry Potter Cause. This blog is about everything Harry Potter each day, maybe even more than twice a day I am going to make long blogs about anything Harry Potter things. I could talk about the books, movies, the new Deathly Hallows film, music, fan things, spells, and loads of other different thing about the wonderful world of Harry Potter," remember me saying that 100 blog posts ago? I started this Blog on July 25, 1010, when it was know as the Harry Potter Cause. On, September 26, 2010, Harry Potter Cause became Potter's Army, about 51 Blog Posts later. Today, February 3rd, 2011, marks the release of my 100th Blog Post! 100 blog post! I cannot believe that I have reached this many blog post in this short amount of time. It might not be that short I guess, but still I could not have reached these many post's if it wasn't for you, my fans. I thank you for viewing Potter's Army every time I release a post for all of you to read. I thank you all for reading them, and for all the feedback I get. I am hoping you all still enjoy Potter's Army (haven't been having to many views lately, not that it matters) as I enjoy to write them all for you to read. I am hoping that I will have reached over 200 posts by May of this year, meaning I am going to be doing a lot more posts in the upcoming months. Other things I am hoping to have for the blog is a website up by sometime near the end of the year (not 100% sure about that idea yet). I am also hoping to get you all more involved in Potter's Army. Now, we all know that Potter's Army will be making the transition to Post-Potter Depression on July 16th of this year (the day after Part Two of Deathly Hallows being released). When that time comes I am hoping to have more fan Blog Posts incorporated in the Blog here, because I know we all will be going into PPD. Another reason I want more involvement from all of you is because YOU are apart of the blog here, and because this blog was built on the hope of having Harry Potter fans talk about things Harry Potter all the time. So far I have had 100 blog posts all about Harry Potter things, except maybe the Coca-Cola Blog Post. I think that might have been one of the worst blog post I have ever done. I am not sure about the greatest one I have ever done, I want you all to be the judges of that. The most Page Viewed Blog Post is the one where I reviewed the Goblet of Fire Ultimate Edition. BUT it is tied with the one where I came back to Potter's Army after Christmas. I am really hoping that you all will continue to enjoy Potter's Army as I continue to do more and more Blog Posts. I thank you again for all of your loyalty to the blog here. I love doing the posts for all of you Harry Potter fans. I love to hear feedback from all of you about my posts, good or bad. So, thanks again for helping me get to 100 blog posts here on Potter's Army because I couldn't have done it without all of you fans.


I won;t be able to get out another Blog Post until later tonight, I might get one out. I am not 100% sure about posting tonight though, but just look at some old posts from the beginning of the blog! :D

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