Monday, January 31, 2011

Going back in time

Hey readers, before we get to today's blog post I wanted to say a few couples thing about the blog like I usually do. Well, I would like to say thanks for all the page views in these past day's as I continue to blog! That was over the weekend though, and now we have reached the week and yet no new battery for my computer! I will not be able to update things to the blog until at night every night (if I can). So, please be patient with me, I will get posts out during the week and update features in the blog, just not until at night. Once I get my battery I can take my laptop to school, and fix up the blog during some of my classes. I use my iPad, now just as a media thing and to check my stats for the blog! I will use it sometime to do a blog post, but I prefer to use my laptop here. So, well thanks for reading all of that, now lets get to the really important thing, THE BLOG POST.

Well, well, well we all know what the above image is from do we not? The third Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Well what about this image is so important? Well for tonight's blog post I have decided to do a post on the magical object that was introduced in this book/film, and at this exact part we find out about it (well a little bit after this scene). I think you all know what I am talking about, The Time Turner. Hermione used it to get to all of her classes all year long in their third year at Hogwarts. She took extra classes in her third year, so she need to use the time-turner to turn back time to go back to some of those classes. We all know this from reading the book, but now what I wanna talk about tonight in this blog post is, what if you had a time turner? What would you do with the power to turn back time? Would you change anything in your life that happened? Would you go back in time to go back and change a certain event in history (like 9/11)? What about going to meet someone you've always wanted to see that is now dead? Well I am going to answer some of those questions for me. I want you though to answer them please? Email me at with the answer's to some or all of those questions and I will put it online for other Harry Potter fans to read (if you do not want it online please tell me in the email).

So the first question I asked is: What would you do if you had the power to turn back time, would I change anything in my life that happened? Hmmm. . . I do not think I would do that. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Everything that has happened to me to this day has a certain purpose for happening. An example is that if I never became friends with my friend I would have never met the girl of my dreams. Yes that is a positive thing that happened. A negative thing that happened to me that turned into a positive is that, if I never lost the friend I did, I would still be friend with that jerk today and making my life feel miserable. See everything happens for a reason in my eyes. I do not know about you, but that is how I feel. So yeah I would not go back in time to change anything that happened to me if I had a Time Turner.

Second question I asked was, would you go back in time to change a certain event in history (like 9/11)? Hmmmmm I think this kind of entails with my other answer to the other question. Everything happens for a reason, even though 9/11/01 was a horrific day, it happened for a reason, there was a reasoning for that happening. I think it helped us (American's) realize that we need to fight these terrorists. Thousands of people died, but I still believe everything happens for a reason. So, no I would not go back in time to change a event in history if I had a Time Turner.

Now for the last question, If you had a time turner would you go back in time to go see a certain person that has died? (If so who?) Hmmmmm. . . . . Yes, yes I would. Who would I like to meet? Well not Jo, because she is still alive! :D I think I would want to meet either, Abraham Lincoln or John F. Kennedy. Why? Not really sure. I just thought them as one of our (American's) greatest presidents ever.

Okay okay so there are my answer's to the Time Turner questions. Now I completely forgot that Time Turner's can't take you extremely far back in time! OOOPPPSS :0 Ha, well I would still love to hear your answer's to the questions if you'd like to please because all of you who read this are apart of the blog! Well, thanks though for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it. It is a longer one, and I hope better but your the judge their. Remember to email me at with your answer's, questions you may have about anything (this blog or something Harry Potter), comments, or suggestions for future posts or the design of the blog. Thanks again for reading, I really hope you enjoyed it!


Remember their will be another post tonight (Book Excerpt). Remember also that tomorrow I will be posting about the new February Potter's Army Design, answering the question: Why green and blue? Thanks again.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why Dean Thomas?

Well hello readers, as you can notice Potter's Army has it's new look for February up and running. All the new features are up and running, and it has a completely new look. I will explain the new features and design looks on February 1st, which is this Tuesday. Why did I start the new blog design early? Well just because then I do not have to worry about adding them over the week, so I decided to start them and finish them this weekend so I could explain them to you when the next month comes. One question your going to be asking is though, why green to blue? Well you will have to wait until Tuesday to find out why all the links are green, and when you hover your cursor over them they are blue. Anyone who guesses why, will win a prize!!! Email me at if you think you know why. One more thing before I get to tonight's first post is that I wanna tell you what the main theme (which I am guessing you could guess) is for this coming month. Well obviously it is, The Harry Potter Books! Why the books this month? Well make sure you tune back in Tuesday for sure. Now off to tonight's first of two posts.

Dean Thomas is in the above image right? Yes, that is him. Why is Dean Thomas the subject of tonight's post? Well I was thinking of something to blog about earlier today, and a Harry Potter Marathon I had with a friend came to my mind! Dean Thomas was a major part of this fateful night over a year ago! A friend and me had a Harry Potter Marathon on the weekend Half-Blood Prince came on DVD. We stayed up all night watching each Harry Potter movie in order (we started at 8 o'clock at night, and didn't get done until around 12o'clock the next day). Well I asked my friend at the beginning of Sorcerer's Stone, who his favorite character was. He answered Dean Thomas. He still to this day is obsessed with Dean. I do not know why, and I do not understand why? (Sorry if your favorite character is Dean, but I just do not understand why it would be? He really isn't all that important?) So we decided to have a tally to see how many times he was in the entire movie series (he must have forgotten halfway through the fifth movie because he never said anything about it after then, he must have gotten tired). I do not remember how many he had tallied down, but it was more than I ever expected! When we went to the Deathly Hallows Part One midnight release he signed my shirt that I got random people to sign, as Dean Thomas (we became character's of the Harry Potter world for that night). I just do not understand why his favorite character is him? Do you understand maybe why? Please email me at if you do, or even if your favorite character is Dean. I would like to understand why someone, a fan of the Harry Potter series, would have their favorite character be him? I don't mean to be a mean person in saying that your stupid in having him as your favorite character. I just do not understand why someone that, that is not very important in the books or the movies would be your favorite character in the Harry Potter series? I mean I would count him as an extra in the film, not a very important person, he is just a friend of Harry'. Yeah that is important, but he wouldn't/shouldn't be a favorite character you would think? Please email me at to help me understand why Dean Thomas could possibly be a favorite character in the Harry Potter series.

Well I hope you enjoyed that post! It was more of like a help me post, but a blog post none the less! I really hope you enjoyed it and along with enjoying Potter's Army's new features and look! Please give me feedback on the new look. Do you like it? Do you want it to go back to the old look? Do you want something different? Email me please and let me know exactly what you think, also with questions you might have! You can also email me with your very own Blog Post remember, because YOU are apart of the blog! Thanks for reading though, and thanks for being loyal to the Potter's Army Blog


A double PicPost from DiAnNe Meliton

Hey Readers!!!! Here is a Double PicPost.Remember the picpost's, well Dianne Meliton is going to be doing pic post every once and awhile for us here at Potter's Army! PicPost you can do to! Send me a picture from the Harry Potter world, and just say why you like it or why you don't or your reaction to it or whatever, and I will put it online here! Just email it to me at! Well, I hope you enjoy this one! :)

Dobby a house-elf and a HERO ( right?! :D ) he did a lot of heroic deeds. [1. giving Harry Potter gillyweed so that he can breathe underwater, 2. Stripped Narcissa of her wand 3. Saved Griphook, Hermione, Ron & Harry from certain death..then died. :'( ] and if i am not mistaken, Dobby's last words were "Harry Potter" and it was also the first words he said when he first met Harry Potter. :) and i find Dobby cute whenever he speaks.

My friend and I cried when he died, and some laughed at us. But Dobby has been part of our lives.

There you go! Hope you enjoyed it! :D :D Make sure you tune back in today to see the final February theme, and of course more Blog Posts!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Book Two, Chapter Four

Hey Readers!!! :D I have decided to do a Book Excerpt blog post for tonight's first blog post since I have been gone all day! I will also continue to transform the blog design into Feb's theme for Potter's Army. Expect one more blog post though to tonight! It will be up a lot later though, so make sure you tune into here tonight or early tomorrow! Now, remember that I do not own any of this. J.K Rowling, Scholastic Inc, and all of Jo's publisher's own all the rights to this! I am just putting a short excerpt from the books that we love online here for your reading pleasure! So, I hope you enjoy this particular excerpt that I have chosen for you, for this post.



CHAPTER FOUR (starts on page 47)


Mrs. Weasley woke them all early the following morning Wednesday. After a quick half a dozen bacon snadwiches each, they pulled on their coats and Mrs. Weasley took a flowerpot off the kitchen mantelpiece and peered inside.
"We're running low, Arthur," she sighed. "We'll have to buy some more today. . . . Ah well, guests first! After you, Harry dear!"
And she offered him the flowerpot.
Harry stared at them all watching him.
"W-what am I supposed to do?"he stammered.
"He's never traveled by Floo Powder," said Ron suddenly. "Sorry, Harry, I forgot."
"Never?"said Mr. Weasley. "But how did you get to Diagon Alley to buy your school things last year?"
"I went on the Underground-"
"Really?" said Mr. Weasely eagerly. "Were there escapators? How exactly-"
"Not now, Arthur," said Mrs. Weasley."Floo Powder is a lot quicker, dear, but goodness me, if you've never used it before-"
"He'll be all right, Mum," said Fred. "Harry watch us first."
He took a pinch of glittering powder out of the flowerpot, stepped up to the fire, and threw the powder into the flames.
With a roar, the fire turned emerald green and rose higher than Fred, who stepped right into it, shouted, "Diagon Alley!" and vanished.
"You must speak clearl, dear," Mrs. Weasley told Harry as George dipped his hand into the flowerpot. "And be sure to get out at the right grate. . . ."
"The right what?" said Harry nervously as the fire roared and whipped George out of sight, too.
"Well, there are an awful lot of wizard fires to choose from, you know, but as long as you've spoken clearly-"
"He'll be fine, Molly, don't fuss," said Mr. Weasley, helping himself to Floo Powder, too.
"But, dear, if he got lost, how would we ever explain to his aunt and uncle?"
"They wouldn't mind," Harry reassured her. "Dudley would think it was a brilliant joke if I got lost up a chimney, don't worry about that-"
"Well. . . all right . . . you go after Arthur," said Mrs. Weasley. "Now, when you get into the fire, say where you're going-"
"And keep your elbows tucked in," advised Ron.
"And your eyes shut," said Mrs. Weasley. "The soot-"
"Don't fidget," said Ron. "Or you might well fall out of the wrong fireplace-"
"But don't panic and get out too early; wait until you see Fred and George."
Trying hard to bear all this in mind, Harry took a pinch of Floo Powder and walked to the edge of the fire. He took a deep breath, scattered the powder into the flames, and stepped forward; the fire felt like a warm brezze;he opened his mouth and immediately swallowed a lot of hot ash.
"D-Dia-gon Alley," he coughed.

Well I hope you enjoyed today's (really tonight's) book excerpt here on Potter's Army! I thank you for all the views while I was working today. Much appreciated! Make sure you tune back in later though because there is a couple of new features yet to be added tonight and another blog post! Thank again though for reading! :D


Goosebumps Scene: POA Dementor Scene

Well hey readers. I know that this is a late blog post, but I got busy working on the one feature for Potter's Army that people wanted the most. I was asked frequently when was Potter's Army going to be on Facebook. Well I didn't want to start a fan page for Potter's Army on Facebook until I had a computer! Which I know have. So I decided to begin that tonight, so if you have a Facebook Profile, make sure you 'Like' Potter's Army on Facebook now! That is one of the new main features of Potter's Army! :D Along with sharing the Potter's Army blog around your social networking sites, Twitter and Facebook! An easy way to spread the word about the blog around the worldwide web. So please help me in spreading the word about Potter's Army out there. Two more thing's I want to mention quick before I get to the Blog Post is that I have gotten my first real comment in the comments box below each blog! Thank you to you out there who commented! I also got an email with someones picture (above) and a description on why they like this image. This email got my brain working for tonight's post though too. So thank you to you out there if you are reading this. Last thing quick to say is if you want to use my Blog's for any reason please ask me first, as they are my material, I will always say yes if you promise to site your source (link it to me website here) and help spread the word about this blog! Now lets get to this blog post shall we.

I am introducing a new segment again here on Potter's Army. It is called Goosebumps Scene (as you can see in the title), and it means that I am going to talk about scenes in the books or movies of Harry Potter that give us goosebumps when we read or watch them. So now,I got an email tonight as I was working on Potter's Army's Facebook Page. The email was from one of the readers here at Potter's Army. I was all excited because I love getting email's, and feedback from you my readers. Well this person had sent me an image (the above image,) and why she liked this particular image (this person's favorite image). This person had said, "I really love Harry Potter whenever he is casting his patronus (he's cute with his patronus). For me, it is one of the most awaited part in every movie." I want to agree with this particular person with the fact that, "I really love Harry Potter whenever he is casting his patronus." I really do love those scenes in the book and the movie of course. Why do I love these scenes? Well they just give me goosebumps. Like in the above image, in the movie, I love when Daniel yells,"EXPECTO PATRONUM!!!!!" It is just a big scene in the movie. It gives me a whole bunch of goosebumps every time I watch that part in the movie. Then, in the Order of the Phoenix movie I get goosebumps at the beginning when Harry is trying to fight of the Dementors him and Dudley. In Deathly Hallows Part One, well it isn't even fair to say that just that part gave me the chills. The entire movie gave me chills, and still does even though I have seen it six times. Ha, so I can't really even say that part gives me the goosebumps because I have them throughout that entire movie. There is a scene in Order of the Phoenix though that I forgot with the patronuses in them. Dumbledore's Army scene, when Harry is teaching the class how to do patronuses. That scene is also a very good scene too. It gave me goosebumps I think when I first saw it (or maybe a couple times after seeing i, but not anymore). That scene does have a strong feel to it still though. It makes you feel very happy, but then of course Umbridge has to go and ruin everything like usual. Well then, the music they add too these scenes in the movie just, if that music wasn't in there I don't think the scene would have the same chilling affect that it does now. Do you agree though? Do you like the Patronus scenes? Do you think that the music of Harry Potter would have an affect on a scene like that? Email me what you think at and even tell me which out of those scenes I mentioned is your favorite patronus scene. You can also leave a comment in the comments section below.

Well I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I know I am giving more info on the Potter's Army stuff, but that will be done by next week, and we will get back to lengthy blog post's again about Harry Potter stuff! :D Just want to say thanks though for reading today, tonight, and into the future! New features for the bog will be coming all weekend, and the new look for the blog will be updated on Sunday! But thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the actual blog post! :D Email me with comments, suggestions, or any questions you have! Thanks again for reading.


Remember you can also email me at with your very own blog post because YOU are apart of the blog too!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Why is he so evil?

Well hello readers. I'd like to say thanks one more time, even though if you have read today's earlier blog, you would have already gotten my thanks. Now, I would like to talk about the blog itself before I get into today's first post. Firstly, I want to say that the transformation in to February's Potter's Army theme is going to be in affect starting tonight. The full transformation will not be complete until Sunday, January 30th. Features will be starting to be added tonight at around 7 or 8 o'clock. So make sure you check them out tonight, even though you already will be as of the fact that I will be doing another post later tonight. The other thing I wanted to mention, is that Potter's Army has reached over 2,000 followers as you might have already figured out from my previous post, 'THANK YOU!!!! :D', but I wanted to say thank you again. It really means a lot to me that I have already had over 2,000 page views in seven short months. Now lets get to this blog post shall we?

Now Lord Voldemort. We all know who he is right? I hope you all do because without him in the Harry Potter series, there would be no Harry Potter series! If it wasn't for him Harry's parents would not have been killed on that one Halloween night. The question I asked myself is why? Why is he so evil? We did he become the greatest villain of all time? I am going to answer those question based on what I think, BUT I would like to also hear what you think? Why do you think Lord Voldemort became evil? Why was he the way he was? Now why did he? Well I think it all has to with the fact that his MUGGLE father left his mother to die when he found out about her being a witch. There are other key factors I think also. I think that his grandfather and uncle were in fact muggle hater's also. So, I think that he became the way he was because of the fact that he was born with that in his genes. Even though his mother didn't hate muggle's at all doesn't mean that gene can't be passed onto him in the later years. I know I shouldn't be getting all technical with this, but this is what I think amplified his hatred of muggles. I think that, that was Jo's intention was for all of us to think that he was just that way. Now don't get me wrong I still think that he is truly evil though. I mean he was down right evil, but there has to be a reason for it, and I think that, that was the reasoning behind Voldemort's EVIL! What do you think though? Do you think I am correct in saying it was based on those things? What is your thoughts? Email me at with your thoughts, and I will post them up here on Potter's Army if you'll let me.

Well I hope you enjoyed this kind of shorter blog post. I tried to hurry up and get it done before the end of my study hall! It might not be some of my best work, but I promise tonight's will be a true Potter's Army post. I probably could have gotten more in depth to why he is evil, but I hope you enjoyed it all the same though. So make sure you tune back into here tonight for the new features, and for the blog post yet to come. Remember to email me at with comments, questions, suggestions, or your very own blog post because you are apart of the blog here.



Thanks again for reading and getting me to over 2000 page views in seven months!!!! :D

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Well hello readers. Sorry about last night. I had a lot on my mind, and I never got the chance to blog since I had homework yet to do. I will though continue my Harry Potter movie marathon, and I will do another post yet tonight for all of you loyal readers! One EXCITING NEWS I HAVE to tell you in this blog! So, as you might notice when you see this Blog Post is that the fact that this is going to be a very very long blog post because I have lots of things to talk about in this post! Things about the blog I have to talk about since we have reached something amazing for my Potter's Army Blog here. So lets get to it, but firstly the above image is a thank you gift from me.

Well after seven months of blogging, after 89 posts, and after a name change I have reached over 2,000 page views here on Potter's Army (used to be Harry Potter Cause). I just want to day that this is huge. I never ever would have expected this blog to reach over 2000 page views in that short amount of time. I never even expected it to amount to people actually reading it! I thank all of you who have read my blog from beginning to now! I also thank you all for spreading the word about this blog. I hope you all have enjoyed Potter's Army, and will continue to enjoy it as it transforms into Post-Potter Depression in July. I also though have to thank all of you who have come to read Potter's Army throughout the months. If it wasn't for all of you readers, Potter's Army would probably not exist today. I thank you all again and again for continuing to read this blog and view everything I offer to you on this site. I can still remember starting the very first blog post, THE HARRY POTTER CAUSE, back in July of 2010. I had gotten a lot of followers on my twitter account because I started the Harry Potter Cause, which was to show Twitter what us Harry Potter fans were made of because they had not let Deathly Hallows be a Trending Topic anymore (because it had been on the list for too long). So, then I began the blog, and I had gotten great feedback from it. Then, after maybe two or three months, Potter's Army was born. I decided to change the name because I wasn't so much focused on just showing Twitter what we were made of, I was more focused on creating a Blog where all of all of us Harry Potter fans were joined together to talk about anything Harry Potter all the time. Where any fan of Harry Potter could write about anything Harry Potter, and then I could put it up here on the blog for other Harry Potter fans to read. Which is why I emphasize at the end of each blog to send in your own stuff/feedback from the blogs you have just read, so we all can read what all of us Harry Potter fans are thinking. I also changed it because I wanted to show the world what us Harry Potter fans are made of. Apparently now though, I know this is true. Over 2000 page views here on Potter's Army in a short amount of time! I just want to thank you very very much for all of you continuing to read the blog. I hope you continue your loyalty to the blog. I love you all for continuing to read the blog which is why I want to give you all a thank you gift in showing you all what Potter's Army logo will look like in the month of February. That is what the above image is about as you might have guessed. It is a somewhat of a thank you gift. If there is something else I could do please tell me on my twitter page or email me at with comments or suggestions you have. I would love today to get an email from a random reader of the blog, with there very own Potter's Army Blog Post! That would make today even better. I have gotten over 2000 page views here on Potter's Army, and I have gotten my very first follower on blogger! THANK YOU TO MY FOLLOWER OUT THERE READING THIS! I was on here this morning didn't have over 2000 yet, and no followers. I log on right now and have over 2000, and one follower! THANK YOU!!!!

Well I hope you will continue to enjoy Potter's Army over the next months, and even into the years of when it becomes Post-Potter Depression! I thank you all again! You have all just made my day today. I will do maybe a couple more posts today so make sure you log back in today sometime to see those! Thanks again! :D


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The Truth about Harry's Godfather

Well hey readers! Thanks for all the page views last night. Went to bed with 10 views after Blogging last night, and I check it this morning in Accounting Class in school and I have 30 page views! Thank for continuing your loyalty to Potter's Army. Now staying true to my word, "trying to blog as much as possible," here I am blogging again today for all of you readers. Like usual now though I am going to talk a little bit about the blog before I actually get into what this post is going to be about. Well as you all know January is coming to an end, so that means Potter's Army is up for a new look! I, today, have been working on a new look for Potter's Army for the month of February. There is going to be a lot more entertainment things added to the entertainment section on the right-hand side of the blog! So, that should be up sometime next week, or over this weekend since February starts next week. Well that is all I really had to talk about for the blog, so now lets get to the actual blog post.

In 'Sorcerer's Stone' we got a glimpse of his name mention in the very first chapter, but he wasn't fully introduced until the third book, 'Prisoner of Azkaban.' I am guessing you know who I am talking about because of the Title and Blog Image of this blog. Yes, I am talking about Harry's Godfather, Sirius Black. Well what is there to talk about him. Well I have chosen to talk about the truth of his story. About how he was framed for something that he actually hadn't done. About how he thinks it is all his fault, when actually it isn't one bit his fault! Well what was he framed for? We as Harry Potter fans all know that he was framed for the murder of Lily and James Potter. Not really the actual murder, but he had released the information to Lord Voldemort where they were in hiding. He also was framed for killing a street full of muggles with one curse. We all know that this is a false statement, and there is no truth to any of those things that they say he did. Peter Pettigrew (sp?) was the actual person who did it. The Ministry of Magic of course does not realize this until that fateful day when the unexpected happens. :( Well why does he think it is his fault, when really he should feel no guilt what-so-ever? Well he believes that if he hadn't switched out of not being Lily and James Potter's Secret-Keeper (which Peter took over for when Sirius decided to switch out of it) Peter could not have actually told Voldemort, and Lily and James Potter could still be alive. I don't think he should be or feel guilty at all because it really is not he fault. How was he supposed to know that there long-time friend was actually a supporter and spy for the evil wizard that they were all trying to destroy, Lord Voldemort? Exactly, and the next thing is that really even Lilly and James thought Peter was a good guy. Sirius is putting to much on himself though I think because he misses his best friend, James. What do you think though? Do you think it is actually part his fault? Does he have to feel guilty or no? Email me at with your response or even @reply to me on twitter, just with a short response on what you think about Sirius, and the truth about him.

Well thank you for reading this blog post. Once again I am not really thinking this is one of my greatest . I hope you get better and better at them throughout time. I hope you enjoyed it though, and I hope you will continue to enjoy my future post here on Potter's Army. Make sure you tune back into here tonight though as I think I might do another post while I start my Harry Potter weekend tonight! I will explain more in tonight's post though. Remember to email me at with any question you might have, comments, or suggestions for the blog. Thanks again for reading, and remember, "you are apart of the blog too!"


168 days left until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two!! Are you getting excited, nervous, sad, maybe even depressed about the end? Let me know ;)

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A Potter Flashback: Half-Blood Prince delayed

Well as I said I was going to try and get a blog post out tonight for all of you my readers who have decided to stay with the blog! I thank you all very much and hope you continue to enjoy Potter's Army as it once was! I also hope you all will like the changes that are going to happen for this blog, and I hope you spread the word about this blog to any other Harry Potter fan you might know that would like this blog! So now let's get to today's real blog post about Harry Potter Stuff!!!

Well tonight I started to begin something new here on Potter's Army as a welcome back (again) kind of thing! I have decided to do like a flashback of Harry Potter events that have happened in the past since the true end to Harry Potter is coming soon! So today's flashback is going to be on the delay of the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film. Why did it happen? When did this happen? What caused it to be pushed back about eight months, and also was it worth the wait??? So the first question to be answered is why? Well Warner Brothers, and the creators of the Harry Potter films thought it was a good idea to not put such a big of a gap between the 6th film and the seventh! This is what I have heard of course so do not hold me true to any of this information! I also think why they did this I's for money reasons! They thought they would make more money by releasing it in the summer when more people (teenagers) have the opportunity to see the film. When was it supposed to be released? Well on November 21, 2008, it was supposed to be released then, but they decided to push it on to July 15th of 2009! Wow I can't believe it has been that long already. It is kind of really sad to think that all of this amazing stuff from the Harry Potter world has came and gone by so fast. :( Anyways, was it all worth the wait that they put us Harry Potter fans through? My opinion is that it was and it wasn't. It was a good Harry Potter film, but when it came out I couldn't say it was my favorite though! Goblet of Fire still had me attached to it's awesomeness. Ha, it was worth the wait because it prolonged the end even further, but I was just expecting more from the film. Don't get me wrong, I love the movie! It I's really good, but it's just I expected more from it! That is my opinion though! What do you think about Half-Blood Prince delay? Do you think it was worth the wait that we had to go through??? Email me at with what you thought about Half-Blood Prince and I will put it up on here if you'd like because you are apart of this blog too!

Well thank you for reading tonight's post! I hope you enjoyed it! I don't think it's one of my best ones but I tried to get one out to all of you fans tonight! I hope to get another one in before the weekend! So just make sure you keep checking back in for more posts! I will let you know on twitter though when I do update the blog! Make sure you also check it though for more info on Part Two stuff as it I's getting ever more closer to being here! So, thanks again though for reading!!! :D


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Going to Blog as a much as Possible

Well, well, well, as I said earlier this week I am going to Blog as much as i can. Well I just wanna say I am going to try and hold true to that by doing a post today!
Firstly though I want to say that I am extremely sorry for the lack of posts this month. I was hoping to get over 100 posts this month. Now I think that might be impossible. I am continuing to worry about losing readers here. I hope that I have not lost any so far. I hope you all continue to be loyal to the Potter's Army blog. I am going to blog a lot more! I know I have said this A LOT, BUT I MEAN IT! I love blogging for all of you readers, but I just don't always have the time to. I know sometimes i blog a lot for a little bit, but then I stop for a little while! Well I am trying to stop that from happening. Now, I just wanna say that I am extremely sorry! I am done saying that now though, and I have some news about the blog and my twitter account.

Firstly I wanna change the blog! Once I get my MacBook Pro, I might bring the blog to become not just a blog on here anymore. I wanna create a website for our Potter's Army (soon to be Post-Potter Depression). I will keep the blog up though until I get the sight to perfection (but first I need to get my laptop). Now with twitter, I am not going to tweet so much about the blog anymore and my tweets are going to be much more random; not so often. If you want to contact me from now on please email me at that is going to be the only way to contact me about anything for the blog as I won't be checking my twitter as often as I used to. Now another new feature I am going to create for the blog is a fanpage for you to fan on Facebook! That will not be up of course until I get my MacBook Pro, which should be sometime next month or by March-April! Then except lots of blog posts and reviews of things Harry Potter that I should have reviewed a long long time ago!

Well thank you for reading! Now I want to say before I close this informational blog, that do not expect lots of blog posts while I still have my iPad here. I will blog at the very least once a day when I get my MacBook Pro. One other thing I want to say is that you should expect a post tonight though so you know! So, thank you for reading this post! I hope you remain to be a fan and a reader of Potter's Army! I thank you for remaining loyal to the blog, and to the Harry Potter world!!!


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Monday, January 24, 2011


Hello readers! I am so so sorry again! I know I say and do this a lot to you all! It I's just I am so busy with school, work, and my girlfriend (who lives very far away). So right now during my new study hall I am going to work on my blog posts and blog withs my iPad until I get my laptop or desktop computer! Then, I am going to find ways to blog more easily and a lot more! I know I keep continuing to say this, but this time I am going to try my hardest to blog as much as I can. So this blog post is just going to be a short one to tell you that I am terribly sorry about the fact of no posts in a long time! I will try and do as many as I possibly can! I would like also to say that I might even just start up a website for Potter's Army sometime when I get my real computer!!! Just thought I would let you all know!

I hope you all continue to enjoy Potter's Army, and I hope you also enjoy my posts! I am so sorry! Look for a Blog Post tonight though about the blogger image for this apology post! Thanks for staying loyal to Potter's Army though! :D


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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Guess That Chapter IS BACK!!!

Hey readers,

If you have been a fan of Potter's Army here, you should remember that Potter's Army wasn't always Potter's Army, it used to be Harry Potter Cause. In Harry Potter Cause there was a section of the Blog that was called Guess That Chapter! If you have heard of it and know what it means and what you do please excuse me for a few lines as I have to describe it for the readers who have not heard or do not know what to do!

Well Guess That Chapter is a contest here on Potter's Army where you have to guess the chapter of the image that is above (it comes from the american version of the books). I want you to email me at with the Book Name, Chapter Number, Chapter Name, the page number in which the Chapter of the above image is in, and your twitter username! So you just take the above image and try and find and tell me where the chapter is basically in the Harry Potter series! Any questions about what to do just email me at Now how do you win? Email me first with the correct answer and in the correct order!!! I want you to email me please though! I will only email you back I promise if you win! Otherwise no other email by me will be sent out! What do you win? A shoutout on twitter, and for you to write the next blog post on twitter about anything you'd like (someday in future actual prizes)!!!!

So now good luck to everyone! I wish you all the best of luck! I will let you know who is the winner ASAP (as soon as possible, in case you didn't know)! Thanks for reading everyone. I hope you enjoy the contest!!!!!!


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REVIEW: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Ultimate Edition

Hey readers,
Well I know I said in yesterday post, "Growing Up with Dan, Rupert, and Emma" that I was going to do two yesterday, but I never got the chance to because I got distracted by the thing in the image above. The Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Ultimate Edition. I hope you all understand about me not being able to blog last night, I was doing something Harry Potter though that is what took me away from blogging. I felt bad so I thought I would do a Review post this morning (well I am starting to write it this morning in class). So I hope you enjoy it because I really enjoyed the Ultimate Edition. I hope I can captured the amazement of the Ultimate Edition.

Well I ordered on, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Ultimate Edition, on Monday (as you might have heard about on my twitter account that night). I got home yesterday after school, and was expecting it to be at my house, but when I got home no package was here? I came to the conclusion that it wouldn't come to later tonight, but what actually happened was very funny. My mom knows the UPS man that comes to our house very well. Well she was at work, and he came to drop something of at her work, so he just asked her there if he could drop of the package for home here. She said yes, BUT didn't tell me this happened. She was going to get a razz out of me first before she told me. Well, she got one. I was freaking out last night wondering if it was sent to the wrong person, but nope it was my mom was just teasing me! Ha, anyways now though about that Ultimate Edition. My very first words are, "Oh My God, this is what every Harry Potter should have! A fan of just the movies needs these." I own the Chamber of Secrets Ultimate Edition also, and I was very impressed with it. The Goblet of Fire one though blew my mind away. It just gives you so much information about how they made parts of the films of each film. Each movie of Harry Potter is going to be made into an Ultimate Edition, so each one does a part of making the films for each and every film. For example, Goblet of Fire, was based on the Sound and Music of the Harry Potter films. As you have noticed I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter soundtracks (expect another Blog Post soon on them ha). It just tells us, as Harry Potter fans, how important the background (instrumental) music in the Harry Potter films is important. That is of course something I already knew and noted but it just magnified everything I thought on how important they really are! They even had some of my top favorites in there which was really cool. (Which is telling me I need to do my Top 25 favorite Songs from the soundtracks.) Another really cool thing the Ultimate Edition brought to my attention was the fact that the Sound Effects are all re-created in the movie so you do actually here them. Like they took corn flour and put it in a bag, and when you step on it, it actually sounds like someone stepping on crunchy snow. Back to the Music of Harry Potter, John Williams, Patrick Doyle, and Nick Hooper did an amazing AMAZING job with everything they did. I was really interesting to hear how they made the music and how much dedication and time they had to put towards the music. I really enjoy the music from Harry Potter, it just really gets to me because as I listen to it I can picture the whole movie playing in my head! The amazing thing is that I know a whole lot of the music by heart. It is just a huge part of the film. When we think of the films we just think of the actors and directors being the major thing that makes these movies great but it really isn't. There is a whole lot more put into the films, a whole lot of detail and work made by a whole bunch of other people that helps these films be what they really are. I really think thats what these Ultimate Editions help us realize.

Now there was another really cool thing about the Ultimate Edition for Goblet of Fire, that I really liked. You really get to learn about the second task, and how that part of the film was created. You learn that Dan actually did mostly all of the filming for that part of the movie. He did actually talk under water. The detail they put into these movies is just incredible and the lengths they go to acquire it. One really interesting fact that I would like to point out is that Dan was underwater for a little bit over 41 hours in a matter of three weeks to film the second task for Goblet of Fire. I just thought that was really interesting, and a good job by Dan for having to act underwater.

Well I would definitely give this piece of Harry Potter object a 5 scars out of 5 scars. It is really good thing to have as a Harry Potter fan I believe. So if you have not yet bought any other the Harry Potter Ultimate Editions because you already have the films, I am telling you this, as a Harry Potter fan, to go out an buy them! They are so worth the price! I mean really it's Harry Potter!!!!

Well I hope you liked this REVIEW Blog Post! I really enjoyed writing it for you. I hope it encourages you to go out to you local store or go online and buy a Harry Potter Ultimate Edition because it is something to add to your collection of Harry Potter things upon you shelf or where ever you put your Harry Potter things. So yeah make sure you look for another post tonight though however! It, like I said earlier, will most likely be on something to do with the Harry Potter Soundtracks. I don't mean to keep bringing them up they just do themselves. They are amazing. Anyways, remember to email me at with any question, comments, or suggestions about Harry Potter or the Potter's Army blog. You can also email me with your very own Blog Post because you are apart of the cause, as a reader of the Potter's Army Blog. Well thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed today's review post!


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two is in theaters in 190 days! Excited????? Got Goosebumps?????? Part One is still playing so go see it while you still can! :D

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Growing Up with Dan, Rupert, and Emma

Well hello readers! ;) 
As you can see in today's post I am going to talk about how we have literally grown  with the actors of the Harry Potter trio, Dan, Rupert, and Emma of course. I think this is the first time I have done a post about them, and not there character! Before I get to the Blog Post for today, I would just like to mention why I couldn't blog yesterday for you my readers. Well my iPad is basically all I can say! I use my iPad to change the Quote of the Day section on the blog, and to put a new poll up when the current one expires! Which I just think happened with the current one now! Anyways I also use my iPad to do Blog Post everyday and to Tweet! Everything else, the design of the blog, is done on a computer I can get to because I need Adobe Flash. So, now what does this have to do with not blogging yesterday? Well I screen locked my iPad yesterday in school, and then it didn't turn back on when I went to it! So yeah that's basically what happened, but it is fixed now, and I am going to do two blog post's today for you my readers since you didn't get one today. Now let's get to today's first post!!!

Well Dan, Rupert, and Emma (last names, Radcliff, Grint, and Watson) became the Harry Potter trio from the very beginning of the film franchise of Harry Potter. Dan, of course as Harry Potter. Rupert, as we all know is Ronald Weasley. Then we all know Emma plays the part as Hermione Granger. All three of them have done a great part in playing their part in the Harry Potter movies. At first I have to admit, I didn't see Dan as Harry, but he has grow and grow on me and now I can see no other person playing Harry but Dan. What I really want to talk about them is the fact is that we have actually grown with Dan, Rupert, and Emma. What I mean in saying this is that their childhood is Harry Potter. They no other childhood than playing their parts in Harry Potter, and being on stage (and in acting) for their entire childhood. All there childhood consisted of was basically acting the parts they played, being and becoming a family with everyone who made the film possible, and being famous. We have grown with them. Each movie they got a little older. We went through their childhood with them, as they got older and older with each movie. We've come to see them become the great and amazing actors, and actresses that they are today! We have yet to see their final performance of them being the Harry Potter Trio. Part Two as we all know is coming out in theaters on July 15th, 2011. As soon as this hits theaters, it will probably be the last time we are going to see Dan, Rupert, and Emma together again on the big screen. Even a movie in general. They grew up with us over the big screen. What must have been hard for them was to leave it all now. They are officially done and complete with filming for the Harry Potter Film Franchise. It is almost over. All they have left is to do is publicity for Part Two since Part One is complete. If I was them, knowing they are too though, I would be extremely sad about all of this. I know for sure Dan was though, because he hosted a TV awards thing (not 100% sure what) but on there he was and looked very upset all night because that was the night/day they had completely finish filming (excluding the short scene they had to do in December). Dan, Rupert, and Emma grew up on the big screen with all of us fans that enjoyed every performance that they did. 

Well I hope you enjoyed the first blog post that I am doing for today! Remember I am going to be doing another one later tonight while i"m watching Goblet of Fire Ultimate Edition that arrived TODAY!!!!! I was expecting this particular post to be on sooner, but I was too busy doing other stuff for school and forensics! I got the chance though to finish this in study hall now! I hope you enjoyed it though as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. Remember now to email me at with comments, questions, suggestion, or your VERY OWN BLOG POST! Remember you can do that, that is the whole point of this blog, "Where your apart of the cause!" Well thanks for reading my wonderful readers.


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Monday, January 3, 2011

The end is near . . . but

Well hello readers! Well today's Blog Post as you can see is going to be about something to do with the end of Harry Potter. Well it is going to have to do with the end, but before we get to that I would just like to talk about some info about the newest Potter's Army Look. Well as you can see in the banner above that I have chosen a image from the Deathly Hallows (both parts) trailer for the image, and edited in Potter's Army! Why did I choose this image for this months look? Well sometime this month there is expected to be a Part Two Trailer release (rumored for the 24th). So I thought it necessary to have a Part Two theme for this month. I choose one my all time favorite pictures from any of the Harry Potter film pictures before. I really like this image. So yes that is this months banner. There has been a couple of added features to the blog: like the calendar events which tells you whats coming up to be released in the Harry Potter world, I also added the Part One Worldwide Gross (thought that be some cool info for you fans), and I have also added (been here for awhile now though) some links to images you might like that have the Potter's Army logo on them. So that is about it for new info on the Potter's Army blog page, and now to the Blog Post for today.

Well as I had said today's Blog Post is going to be about the end being so near! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two is going to be released in theaters in just 193 days. July 15th, marks the end of the Harry Potter film franchise. The book franchise has been over for about 4 years now, and all the movies have been released except for the second part of Deathly Hallows. That is about all we have left to look forward to as fans of Harry Potter. Jo has officially said no more books (via text to Danielle Radcliff). The end is near for us fans, BUT as Harry Potter fans the series will never truly be over. I, as a huge Harry Potter fan, promise to remain a Harry Potter fan for as long as I live. Harry Potter will always be in my heart and mind. I will re-read and re-read the books over and over again as I have since they have come to a close. I will watch the movies over and over again. I will have Harry Potter marathon, and watch all the movies in one night whenever they are all available on DVD. The end truly isn't actually here. We still have the books, we still have the movies, and we are all still Harry Potter fans. I don't know about you, but I will always be a fan of this amazing and EPIC series. I will continue to blog for Potter's Army once its all over, Harry Potter will still exist for me. Potter's Army might change its name after July 15th though, we might just become PPD on that fateful day, where us Harry Potter fans get to see the most EPIC and greatest Harry Potter movie of all time. PPD stands for as you might all know, Post-Potter Depression. I am probably going to go into a further state of PPD since the end of the book series. PPD will take over me, but I have this blog to help keep it at somewhat of a lower stage. So, yes that is new information I have just released about the future of Potter's Army! July 15th, is the day that Potter's Army will become Post-Potter Depression officially. It will be the same as Potter's Army, but just a change of the name as Harry Potter will not need his "Army" any longer. Anyways though the end really isn't here, it isn't coming! It's just a whole new beginning! Us Harry Potter fans have to stick together, as I know we will using Potter's Army!

Well I hope you found today's post somewhat inspiring to continue to be a Harry Potter fan when Part Two is finally released. I also hope you liked today's post. Now I was going to do another post tonight because tomorrow I was supposed to be seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One again, but now I cannot. So look forward to a another post tomorrow. I think I might get up early tomorrow morning though, and do one tomorrow morning for you my readers. I think you deserve two blog posts tomorrow, you all have been very loyal to this blog. As you see in the right side there I have well over 1800 page views on Potter's Army (used to be Harry Potter Cause) here. I love you all my readers. It has made me so happy doing this blog for you, and I truly enjoy doing it as I hope you enjoy reading my posts. I am promising to do more posts, one a day at least. Well remember to email me at with comments, suggestions, or questions you might have. REMEMBER ALSO that you can email me with your very own Blog Post about anything Harry Potter, and I will put it up here on Potter's Army. "You are apart of the cause!" Remember that! Well thanks again.


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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Book Three, Chapter Ten Excerpt

Hey readers! Like I said with my "Apologies and Part Two" blog post, I am going to do Book Excerpts of course from the Harry Potter books! Not daily, but every once and awhile I will pick a random Harry spotter book, and a random section from that book and put it on the site here for your reading pleasure! The only thing I want you to remember is that I of course do not own the rights to this excerpt! Joanne Rowling is the created of these wonderful books and she gets all the credit! I do not wanna get in trouble for doing these excerpts so I put the credit to her and her publishers! Well I hope you enjoy the section I have picked out for you today!!!

Today's selection comes from "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" in chapter ten. I hope you enjoy.





Madam Pomfrey insisted on keeping Harry in the hospital wing for the rest of the weekend. He didn't argue or complain, but he wouldn't let her throw away the shattered remains of his Nimbus Two Thousand. He knew he was being stupid, knew that the Nimbus was beyond repair, but Harry couldn't help it; he felt as though he'd lost one of his best friends.
He had a stream of visitors, all intent on cheering him up. Hag rid sent him a bunch of earwiggy flowers that looked like yellow cabbages, and Ginny Weasley, blushing furiously, turned up with a get-well card she had made herself, which sang shrilly unless Harry kept is shut under his bowl of fruit. The Gryffindor team visited on Sunday morning, this time accompanied by Wood, who told Harry (in a hollow, dead sort of voice) that he didn't blame him in the slightest. Ron and Hermione left Harry's bedside only at night. But nothing anyone said or did could make Harry feel any better, because they knew only half of what was troubling him.
He hadn't told anyone about the Grim, not even Ron and Hermione, because he knew Ron would panic and Hermione would scoff. The fact that remained, however, that it now appeared twice, and both appearances had been followed by near-fatal accidents; the first time, he had nearly been run over by the Knight Bus; the second, fallen fifty feet from his broomstick. Was the Grim going to haunt him until he actually died? Was he going to spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder for the beast?
And then there were the dementors. Harry felt sick and humiliated every time he thought of them. Everyone said the dementors were horrible, but no one else collapsed every time they went near one. No one else heard the echoes in their head of their dying parents.
Because Harry knew who that screaming voice belonged to now. He had heard her words, heard them over and over again during the night hours in the hospital wing while he lay awake, staring at the strips of moonlight on the ceiling. When the dementors approached him, he heard the last moments of his mother's life, her attempts to protect him, Harry, from Lord Voldemort, and Voldemort's laughter before he murdered her. . . . Harry dozed fitfully, sinking into dreams full of clammy, rotted hands and petrified pleading, jerking awake to dwell again on his mother's voice.

Well I hope you enjoyed this shorter excerpt! In he further I will do a bit longer ones! I just don't have iPad set up to do that this morning, but anyways I hope you enjoyed this excerpt! Remember to email me with comments, questions, or suggestions at You can also email me with one of your very own blog posts! Thanks for reading. :)


194 days until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two! Excited yet? Also I'd like to add there will be another post later today! Thanks again.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

@Paigepotterx3's Post about the Wizarding World experience

Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The most amazing place in Florida would have to be The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I was lucky enough to visit this magical place on June 28th 2010, 10 days after it opened. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has two parts. There is Hogsmeade, and Hogwarts. Over at Hogsemeade, the two rides are the Dragon Challenge and Flight of The Hippogriff. There are also various shops, such as the Ollivanders( Which is also an interactive wand choosing the wizard experience), Zonko’s, The Owl Post, Dervish and Banges, and Honeydukes. Over near the Castle is Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, it an amazing motion ride and connected to the castle is Filches Emporium of Confiscated Goods. There are two restaurants, The Three Broomsticks and Hogs Head Pub. My adventure to this picture perfect place was an interesting one. My mother and I got two-two park passes. We decided to walk over to Universal first that was a good idea on our parts. NO LINES FOR ANYTHING, we rode Jaws, Men in Black, ET, and The Mummy with 5 minute lines at the latest. Once we were finished with Universal we thought we would head over to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We got in line at the Entrance to the Jurassic Park part of the Park. We stood in line for an hour and a half. It was scorching out, I live in Florida so I’m used to the heat but I felt bad for all the foreigners that were there. Once I finally caught glimpse of the castle from the tree’s my heart started to flutter, here I was about to enter the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. A dream I have been waiting for since I was 3rd grade, the first time I picked up a Harry Potter book. Boy, it was amazing. Over the course of two days, I rode the Forbidden Journey 5 times, Dragon Challenge twice, and bought Ron Weasley’s wand, a Slytherin pillow and blanket, two collector mugs I had butterbeer in, a Quidditch shirt with Potter’s name and number on it, some pins and a necklace. The hours of waiting in line for rides, shops, and food was completely worth it. I hope all the Harry Potter fans will get to visit this place.

Some tips I came across:

Please do not be surprised at some kind of lines; over Christmas break it was still an hour and a half to enter the park.

Butterbeer tastes better cold, not frozen. A souvenir mug is $10 and a little plastic cup is $7.50?

Ollivander’s only chooses one person out of twenty to be chosen by a wand.

After you ride the Forbidden Journey once, and walked through Hogwarts you can re enter through Filches shop and go through the single rider line to save load of time.

In the girls bathroom you can hear Moaning Myrtle :P

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2010: a look back of major Harry Potter Events

Well well well HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! It's 2011! This year is going to be the end of the wonderful Harry Potter films on the big screen! July 15th, 2011, is the set date for the end of the Harry Potter film franchise. It's a whole 195 days away. 2011 is bringing the end of it all, but us Harry Potter fans will stick together forever. So we still have a lot to look forward to for this year! Part Two is the most anticipated film of this year, 2011. Now let's get to a look back of what all happened in 2010 in the Harry Potter world!

Well the first thing I am going to talk about that happened in 2010 is probably one of the most obvious, the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One on November 19th, 2010. We as Harry Potter fans have been waiting for the release of this movie since we finished reading the book. I think most of us Harry Potter fans agree that Part One was probably one of the greatest Harry Potter Movies so far, but I am not going to be the judge of that! Everybody has there own opinion. With the release of this movie we also got the video game based on the movie, and also an exceptionally great soundtrack by a new composer for the films, Alexandre Desplat. My opinion was that, that soundtrack was the best out of any of the ones so far! I feel the same way about the video game for Part One. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows really did dominated me! Everything to do with it is the best of the Harry Potter things before it. It might be just be because it is the end of it, but I don't know for sure. So yes that is one huge event of 2010 in the Harry Potter world. (The release of the video game and soundtrack were released within the week Part One movie was released!)

Now, secondly a huge major event that happened in 2010 was the release of a very unique Harry Potter Video game. Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4, was released on June 29th, 2010. This was the third set release date for this game (which is awesome). It was delayed twice throughout this year, but it finally came to us on June 29th. I must just say this about that game, that it is a lot of fun and could play it for hours and hours on end! It is a great game for any Harry Potter fan. Explore the Harry Potter world in a whole new way. This game is available for console, computer, and iPhone or iPad! If you have not yet gotten this game I highly recommend you go out to your local store and buy it, or go to the app store on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch now and buy it! It is an awesome game.

The third major thing that happened in 2010 was the opening of the very first Harry Potter theme park! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened up for the first time to the public on June 18th, 2010. I have unfortunately not been able to go to the them park yet so I don't have much to say on this gripping subject. All I can say is that I've heard it is amazing for any Harry Potter fan, and it will blow your mind away! If you have been to the park, please please PLEASE email me at with your experience of it and what you thought about it so I can let everyone else who reads this blog know! I plan on going to the theme park soonish though. Sometime maybe this year! So yes this was a HUGE event in 2010 for the Harry Potter world.

The last major event of 2010 for the Harry Potter world would have to be the end of Harry Potter filming EVER! This has got to be just about as sad as the end of the book series. I was upset when I found out they were all done filming! It just puts a kind of final weight on the end. The end of a great worldwide phenomenon is coming, but it's not really the end if you know what I mean! We still have to books to read over and over again! We have the movies that we can stay up all day and night watching them in order over and over again, and us Harry Potter fans that are truly loyal will always for as long as we live be Harry Potter fans. Filming may be over but we as Harry Potter fans will always be here for Harry Potter, we will always love this series!!!

Well those were really the major events of 2010 in the Harry Potter world! There may be little events out there! They are just as important, but I just didn't mention them! Harry Potter, everything Harry Potter is important to me! Well I hope you liked this Blog Post about 2010. 2010 is over, and in comes a new year, 2011! We Harry Potter fans have a lot yet to look forward to yet! Part Two (which includes another soundtrack that Alexandre Desplat will have to top, and another video game), rest of the Ultimate Editions, and the completion of the Lego Harry Potter video games! So don't go into Post-Potter Depression (PPD) quite yet, there is still lots of Harry Potter to look out for yet, including the encyclopedia by Jo! So thank you for reading this blog post, and I hope you enjoyed it!!!!


I will do another post tonight maybe, so tune in tonight to see. Remember to email me with any questions, comments, or suggestion for the blog at and also send me a blog post of your own because your apart of this Blog to remember? Thanks ;)

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