Friday, November 18, 2011

Being back, somewhat


I have been checking out my previous blogs in the past few days, and noticed that even for not blogging over like 7 months or more I have had a lot of views on this blog! EVEN on posts from a long time ago. So I thought I should come back, since it seems like people have been missing my writings on Harry Potter things? Have you? Please let me know, it will help me decide if I want officially come back.

For now though I am back! I am going to be doing some of my old posts again! It will be kind of like before, but I am just going to talk about random things from the world of Harry Potter. (My first [my next post] is probably going to be about "Part Two" since I really never talked about it on this blog yet. So, yes I know I have a lot to talk about, since I really have been gone for a long time. I have missed a lot of things that have happened in the Harry Potter world. So make sure you keep checking back for posts.

I am not going to do it as often as I used too. I am going to do posts again though, so if you have missed me, and going to want me to do what I do again email me at or find my on my new twitter account, follow random writes, or like Potter's Army on Facebook! So, make sure to check back sometime soon for some random Harry Potter things!

Noah Mark Bitney