Friday, November 18, 2011

Being back, somewhat


I have been checking out my previous blogs in the past few days, and noticed that even for not blogging over like 7 months or more I have had a lot of views on this blog! EVEN on posts from a long time ago. So I thought I should come back, since it seems like people have been missing my writings on Harry Potter things? Have you? Please let me know, it will help me decide if I want officially come back.

For now though I am back! I am going to be doing some of my old posts again! It will be kind of like before, but I am just going to talk about random things from the world of Harry Potter. (My first [my next post] is probably going to be about "Part Two" since I really never talked about it on this blog yet. So, yes I know I have a lot to talk about, since I really have been gone for a long time. I have missed a lot of things that have happened in the Harry Potter world. So make sure you keep checking back for posts.

I am not going to do it as often as I used too. I am going to do posts again though, so if you have missed me, and going to want me to do what I do again email me at or find my on my new twitter account, follow random writes, or like Potter's Army on Facebook! So, make sure to check back sometime soon for some random Harry Potter things!

Noah Mark Bitney

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I wonder how he felt. . . .

Hey readers! Sorry about last night, and the fact of no post! I was just busy reading, so it isn't like I was doing nothing Harry Potter last night. It is just I am so addicted to reading Order of the Phoenix, so I thought I would just do a couple today! Sorry, though because I did say I was going to do a Blog Post, but I never ended up doing one. I will be doing a couple today hopefully, but I just do not know for 100% sure. I have been down in page views in these past day, but I am thanking all of you who have remained loyal to Potter's Army! Thanks for continuing to read Potter's Army Blog Post's, and being loyal to the blog! :D Well, lets get to this Blog Post shall we?

Remus Lupin, one of the creators of the Marauder's Map. His nickname is, Moony, as his friends would have called him when they were all younger. What really do I want to talk about with him? Well I don't really want to talk about him directly (well not yet anyway). I want to talk about the fact that he lost all of his friends, but yet he was still alive (for a little while). Know what I mean though? I mean, I wonder how he felt about all of this. His friend, James Potter, had died, then they found out Peter Pettigrew was in fact on Voldemort's side, and then Sirius Black had died at the end of Order of the Phoenix. I wonder how he felt about all of this. Like he was the last one of his friends to yet be alive fighting against Lord Voldemort. Well, I wonder if he was at any point like going insane because he was the last one of his friends that was alive! Did he ever say anything in the Harry Potter books that might have lead us to think this? The only thing I could really think is that he, Lupin (like Sirius), thought Harry to be James, and wanted to go with him in Deathly Hallows. I know he also wanted to get away from Tonks because he felt guilty for marring her because he felt like he embarrassed or disgraced her. You get what I am trying to say? Can you think of anything else in the books that might lead him to be upset or anything? Email me at if you can please, then I will put it up on here for everyone to read. If I find anything of course I will put it up on here for all of you!

Well I hope you enjoyed that bad and short Blog Post! I know it wasn't very good, but I will do another one tonight, that is a whole lot longer and a whole lot better! Thanks again for all of the views you all have given me! :)


Sorry again :(

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hey hey hey readers! Thanks again for all the views you loyal fans of Potter's Army have given me. I know I say this a lot on here, but I mean it everytime I say it! It really makes me happy to see people have viewed the Blog I have created! Thank you, it just keeps me blogging for all of you! So, here is tonight's first post. I might do a Book Excerpt later (and I mean later) tonight, but like I say every night and don't end up doing it. So don't count on it, just check back in here to see if I have because I am not 100% sure if I will get a chance tonight. One more thing before we get to tonight's post. I would like to remind you all that you only have 3 more days to enter the first-ever Potter's Army Contest, click here to see how to win and what to win! Okay, so lets get to this Blog Post shall we?

We have all seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One, am I correct in saying this? Well if you have not, you need to get to the closest theater it is playing, and go see it right this very second! I am not even kidding, it is that AMAZING! Anyway well if you have, then you all have seen the above image from Part One right? Well, if you do not remember I am going to explain, if you do please let your minds fly freely for these next few lines (maybe) while I explain. (Recognize that line from a Harry Potter book). Well in Part One, we all know that there is a wedding. The above image is from the wedding scene, when we are transported to the scene. We see Harry, Ron, and Hermione at different places. At one point we see Hermione, dressed beautifully, and then we Ron looking at her! That exact scene is the above image! Okay, got it? Now, funny story while seeing Part One (one of the six times seeing it) someone in the theater yelled out during this scene, "JUST KISS HER!" I totally agree with this! I love love love the Hermione and Ron relationship, they are just the perfect couple don't you agree? There is another part in the movie where you just wanna yell it too. Remember when they are at Grimmauld Place, right before Dobby, Kreacher, and Mundungus show up. They are playing on the Piano (well Hermione is"trying" to teach Ron, who just fails at it miserably). Remember that scene (if not click here to see the scene), once I yelled out, "JUST KISS HER!" during that scene. People laughed at me, but it is so true. I knew they agreed with me. Do you? Email me at what you think about those two scene's. Now, lets talk about him (Ron) a little bit more though shall we? Ha, I think yes! Well what else can I talk about to stay on topic of this Blog Post? Well lets start with the fact that I am telling him to just kiss her already okay? Then Ron had to go and be dumb! I think you all know what I am talking about, don't you? The Ron and Harry fight scene (LOVE this scene by the way). Okay well, I mean we are practically yelling at Ron to tell him to just kiss Hermione already, but then yet he is being dumb and letting the girl he likes slip through his finger because he thinks she likes Harry! I mean, "JUST KISS HER ALREADY!!!" Know what I am saying? Ha, well I wanna know what you think? What are you saying to Ron during this movie? Email me please at what you think about all of this Ron and Hermione relationship stuff during Part One of Deathly Hallows. Also let me know if you think if Ron should just, "KISS HER ALREADY!"

Well I hope you all enjoyed this Blog Post! Thanks again to all of you who are loyal to Potter's Army! Remember to email me with you contest entrees, answers to the above questions (which I am going to fix so you don't have to email them to me), comments, suggestions, a PicPost, or your very own Blog Post for Potter's Army because YOU, yes YOU are apart of the Blog! Thanks again.


A Kreacher's Tale

Hey readers, sorry about last night and not getting a Blog Post up! I fell asleep earlier than I thought I was going to while I was reading last night, so yeah sorry! I am back though this afternoon, I would have blogged sooner, but I had to go help out on the farm early this morning until like 1:30. Anyways, I am here and doing a Blog Post for all you loyal fans. Thanks for all the page views since last night, it means a lot to me. It really does, but now lets get to this Blog Post shall we?

Well see the image above? We all know who that is from seeing the Harry Potter Movies am I right? Kreacher the House-Elf. Guess right? Ha, well that could I possibly talk about him in this Blog Post? Well hm, I am going to ask/answer these questions: Do you like Kreacher? Do you feel sorry for Kreacher? What do you think happens to Kreacher after the Deathly Hallows book? I am going to of course answer those questions for myself, but I want you to answer them to, and then email them to me at please? One other question I am going to ask/answer is though: what do you think the relationship between Dobby and Kreacher was? Well I am going to start with that question actually. So what do I think the relationship between Dobby and Kreacher's was? Well I think they had a somewhat civil relationship, not a entirely friendly one, but they got along and did what they had to do to help Harry without fighting and such stuff! Get what I mean? Like Kreacher didn't try and be mean to Dobby, like he was to Hermione and the Weasley's in Order of the Phoenix. Do you all get what I am saying? Well second question to answer, Do I like Kreacher? Hm well I would probably say yes and no. Yes, because he was friendly to Harry, Ron, and Hermione in Deathly Hallows after the beginning part there. He did help them out a lot, by taking care of them, but then of course they left him on accident. He then though helped at the Battle of Hogwarts too. So, yes I like him, but there is a reason though that I still do not like him too much yet. Order of the Phoenix is the real reason to why I do not like him, and there is still a little hate against him, why? Well if it wasn't for him, Sirius would probably still be alive right now. Harry would not have had to deal with all that if it wasn't for what Kreacher did in OOTP. Now another question I had was, do I feel sorry for Kreacher? Hmmmmm, I am going to have to say yes! I feel bad for all House-Elf because they are like slaves, but yes I still feel sorry for Kreacher. He had no real friends or what ever you say. Like no one who really was actually nice to him (like Dobby had). He did though have Regulas, but Regulas ended up dying and Kreacher had to watch him die. His best friend, his real companion, and then he had to watch him die. It is really sad, I think I remember crying while reading that part in the book, but I am not 100% sure what I did though. Did you cry when we found out his true story? Now what do I think happened at the end of Deathly Hallows, what do I think happened with Kreacher's future? Hm, well I actually think he went of to live the rest of his life serving Harry. I don't think he live much longer, he was quite old, but I think he served Harry until the end of his time. I think Harry would have allowed it too, since they had really bonded in the early part of Deathly Hallows. Of course I am not sure what happened to him, that is just a guess, but that is what I would like to think had happened to him in the end.

Well thanks for reading to all of you. I hope you enjoyed this Blog Post as much as I enjoyed writing it for all of you to read. I know it might not be my best post, I don't think it is all to great. Remember though to email me at with answers to the above questions, questions you have for me, comments, suggestions, a PicPost, contest entry form, or your very own Potter's Army PicPost! Thanks again for reading Potter's Army, and remaining loyal to the blog!


I will be doing another post tonight, probably a Book Excerpt! So, make sure you tune back in tonight! :D Maybe two post though ;)