Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ralph as the Dark Lord

Hey readers! Was up? Haha just kidding about that, but anyways! At Forensics anyway, working on this post in between rounds! So, here it goes, and I am hoping that you will enjoy it!

Okay so this is something new to Potter's Army where I am going to talk about actors, and how they play the part the are paid to play! Well as you might have noticed in the above image I am going to talk about Ralph Fiennes playing the part of Lord Voldemort! Well well well . . . . I think that he is the absolute PERFECT LORD VOLDEMORT!!!! I do not think I could imagine anyone who could play the part way way better than him. He plays the part just absolutely phenomenally! Ralph is just the perfect Dark Lord! Why? Well I will tell you, but firstly I would like to tell you to please answer the question to (well if you agree with me, in saying that Ralph play Lord Voldemort greatly). Email me at if you do, and why you like Ralph Fiennes as in infamous Lord Voldemort. Well now why do I like Ralph as Voldemort, and why do I think he does a AMAZING job as him? Firstly all I can say is to watch Goblet of Fire, did you see him in that movie? AMAZING! The way he walks around is just exactly how I would and did imagine him when reading the book. His voice is just great, it has that perfect sound to it! I love it. HOW HE LOOKS!!!! EXACTLY HOW I HAD IMAGINED IT, except one tiny feature which I actually understand! His eyes aren't red in the movies like they are supposed to be. They had a reasoning behind that though, why they couldn't or didn't make his eyes red. Well apparently it would look weird or something on the big screen so they make them a different color! I think that was the reasoning behind that, but I am not 100% sure why they did it! It was something along those lines. Which I think I can understand, don't you? The Harry Potter eye thing though bugs the freak out of me! Anyways though, yes he look just like Voldemort is supposed to look like, but of course that isn't all Ralph's fault. The makeup team from Harry Potter I must thank for that because if it wasn't for him he wouldn't look anything like that. I also though have to thank the special effects team because if it wasn't for them Ralph's nose wouldn't look anything like it does on the screen. That is actually all CGI work there. Then in Order of the Phoenix, he does another outstanding performance in the battle with Dumbledore. Also I like him in the scene where he like possesses Harry. He is really good in that scene, especially when he says, "Your a fool Harry Potter, and you will lose everything!" I just absolutely love it! Then, though, in Half-Blood Prince we do not have his presence at all in fact, but then of course we do in Deathly Hallows Part One. WOW! The veins on his forehead seem to be more dense and a lot darker, which makes him look evil even more and outstandingly disgusting which I love for his part! I really think he could and should get a Oscar or something for his performance in Part One, I am not even kidding! He does such a great job in this film. You feel just how evil he really is in this film, and I just love it, it gives you the goosebumps I believe. I just wanna go see the movie again now because I can't describe it and do justice to his part in the film. GO SEE IT! He does a great great job in the movie. Ralph Fiennes is the Dark Lord I believe, and I cannot wait to see what he brings to us for the final film in the Harry Potter franchise.

Well I am hoping you kind of enjoyed this blog post! I know not one on my many greatest, but a Blog Post none the less! Thanks for all the page views yesterday by the way! It is just amazing to see how many people visit my site in a day! I love you all for remaining to be loyal to the blog, and hopefully helping spread the word about the blog to any Harry Potter fans out there. Remember to email me at with your answers to the questions in the above post, your very own questions for me, comments, suggestions for the blog, your own blog post (because you are apart of the blog), and your own PicPost. Thanks again for reading, and I am hoping you continue to enjoy Potter's Army!


I might do another post tonight not 100% sure yet, most likely yes though! Thanks once again! :D

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