Sunday, February 13, 2011


Hey hey hey readers! Thanks again for all the views you loyal fans of Potter's Army have given me. I know I say this a lot on here, but I mean it everytime I say it! It really makes me happy to see people have viewed the Blog I have created! Thank you, it just keeps me blogging for all of you! So, here is tonight's first post. I might do a Book Excerpt later (and I mean later) tonight, but like I say every night and don't end up doing it. So don't count on it, just check back in here to see if I have because I am not 100% sure if I will get a chance tonight. One more thing before we get to tonight's post. I would like to remind you all that you only have 3 more days to enter the first-ever Potter's Army Contest, click here to see how to win and what to win! Okay, so lets get to this Blog Post shall we?

We have all seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One, am I correct in saying this? Well if you have not, you need to get to the closest theater it is playing, and go see it right this very second! I am not even kidding, it is that AMAZING! Anyway well if you have, then you all have seen the above image from Part One right? Well, if you do not remember I am going to explain, if you do please let your minds fly freely for these next few lines (maybe) while I explain. (Recognize that line from a Harry Potter book). Well in Part One, we all know that there is a wedding. The above image is from the wedding scene, when we are transported to the scene. We see Harry, Ron, and Hermione at different places. At one point we see Hermione, dressed beautifully, and then we Ron looking at her! That exact scene is the above image! Okay, got it? Now, funny story while seeing Part One (one of the six times seeing it) someone in the theater yelled out during this scene, "JUST KISS HER!" I totally agree with this! I love love love the Hermione and Ron relationship, they are just the perfect couple don't you agree? There is another part in the movie where you just wanna yell it too. Remember when they are at Grimmauld Place, right before Dobby, Kreacher, and Mundungus show up. They are playing on the Piano (well Hermione is"trying" to teach Ron, who just fails at it miserably). Remember that scene (if not click here to see the scene), once I yelled out, "JUST KISS HER!" during that scene. People laughed at me, but it is so true. I knew they agreed with me. Do you? Email me at what you think about those two scene's. Now, lets talk about him (Ron) a little bit more though shall we? Ha, I think yes! Well what else can I talk about to stay on topic of this Blog Post? Well lets start with the fact that I am telling him to just kiss her already okay? Then Ron had to go and be dumb! I think you all know what I am talking about, don't you? The Ron and Harry fight scene (LOVE this scene by the way). Okay well, I mean we are practically yelling at Ron to tell him to just kiss Hermione already, but then yet he is being dumb and letting the girl he likes slip through his finger because he thinks she likes Harry! I mean, "JUST KISS HER ALREADY!!!" Know what I am saying? Ha, well I wanna know what you think? What are you saying to Ron during this movie? Email me please at what you think about all of this Ron and Hermione relationship stuff during Part One of Deathly Hallows. Also let me know if you think if Ron should just, "KISS HER ALREADY!"

Well I hope you all enjoyed this Blog Post! Thanks again to all of you who are loyal to Potter's Army! Remember to email me with you contest entrees, answers to the above questions (which I am going to fix so you don't have to email them to me), comments, suggestions, a PicPost, or your very own Blog Post for Potter's Army because YOU, yes YOU are apart of the Blog! Thanks again.


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