Saturday, November 27, 2010

Deathly Hallows Part One! EPICNESS!!!

Well I am just going to guess in saying that you are all wondering what has been taking so long to get my latest blog post up! Am I right? Ha! Well firstly I wanna say I wanted to give people enough time to see it so I do not give away any spoilers when I publish this review of Deathly Hallows Part One online on the blog! I know there are still going to be people who have not seen it yet! So if you are reading this and have not seen Part One I highly suggest that you do not read this Blog Post in any case of spoilers! I do not want to ruin the movie for anyone who has had not enough time in their lives to go see this Bloody Epic Movie!

Well the first thing I must say, "David Yates you have redeemed yourself!" Why do I say that? Well firstly Order of the Phoenix was a horrible! Okay not horrible, but it was not good! Not good at all! The worst Harry Potter film in my eyes! He has though 100% redeemed himself for this movie! Part One of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by far (decided yesterday after seeing in IMAX) the best Harry Potter film to date taking over Goblet of Fire's place in my eyes! I do not know about you, but that is my personal opinion! Behind Goblet of course is Sorcerer's Stone! But anyway back to Part One! Yes it is my favorite movie so far, yesterday at the IMAX theater decided that! I have seen it three times so far and yesterday finally made up my mind. So yes what is your though though? Is it your favorite?? If not where does it rank on your favorite Harry Potter Movie scale??? I'm even considering putting it in my top 3 favorite movies of all time at number 3 though behind Avatar and Inception! Now let's talk about the movie itself though! This movie was very very very very VERY true to the books! Was it not? I though that this is the movie that was the movie that was closest EVER TO THE BOOK! One problem and the only problem I had with the entire movie was that lots and lots of the scenes (like the seven potters scene) seemed to be very very rushed and just some scenes seemed to not put a lot of time into the movie time. It was all happening way to fast! That was really the only thing about the movie that bugged me! Now I know I said I was mad about them changing the Hedwig's Death Scene but I actually liked this one better! It was soooooo emotional! Now usually I don't like them adding scenes in either but my (well on of my) favorite scenes in the movie was the one where Harry and Hermione are alone and then the song on the radio comes on and Harry dances with Hermione! I just really like that scenes! Harry and Hermione are just like Brother and Sister love! No more than that! ;) yeah I really liked that scene! Another I really really like was the one with Bellatrix and Hermione face off! It was just EPIC! I LOVED IT. Now I don't wanna say too much about the movie right now! Why? Well because I want it all too sink in! I will be posting more and more posts about Deathly Hallows as the time goes in! Let some of it sink in deep! Put some great thought into some scenes! ;) so look forward to those posts! Also my review for the Video game and Soundtrack you have yet to look forward too! WOW! Is all I can say for now! ;) ha! Maybe I will do a review for them tonight! ;) No promises!

Now I have some news regrading Potter's Army! Firstly I want to say thanks for sticking with me! ;) I love you all my readers! Now before I had said I was going to blog once a week! Well as you can see that didn't turn out so well! Now I am saying that I will blog whenever I can! So really I'm not tied to any promises this time! I will try not to have to long of periods in between posts. I will try as much as I can! The last thing I would like to mention is that the main theme of the blog page is Hedwig! In memory of an owl we all loved very dearly! :)

The last thing I would love to announce to you is why I might not be blogging here as much as I want to be! Now that Harry Potter Era is coming to an end as we all new it would one day I want to start this other blog for all of us fans who will go into what we call Post-Potter Depression :( (PPD for short) Look for the URL to this blog in the upcoming month! It's gonna be jam packed with a lot of things! S look forward to it! Potter's Army will still be here until Harry doesn't need his Army any more! :( (July 15th)

Well thank you for reading this Blog Post I hope you enjoyed it! I also hope you look forward to my further posts and will pass on the message about this blog! Thank you for all your support!


The countdown for Part One is complete! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two is only 230 days AWAY!!!!! :D

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

12 days left to wait. . .

Well well well. . . 12 DAYS LEFT FOR HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART ONE!!! 12 single days left! Are you getting excited? If you have been following me on twitter you could probably tell that I am way beyond excited for this movie! Now a lot has happened since my last blog post about Deathly Hallows Part One. As you might have seen in the entertainment section (which will be updated today sometime with new videos) that there has been 4 clips from Part One released! :D I posted them the second I found them on Youtube! I put the first two up right away! Now the latest two that were released are in the entertainment section right now. I wanna talk about these clips, but first I want to mention some new interviews with the cast that have been released and stuff too! Now I know I haven't put those on the site. Why? Well because they are mainly in a different language and stuff and only have like a couple seconds of new footage! One included a scene from the fight between Ron and Harry, and where Harry says, "Go then! GO!" God, I got goosebumps just typing those words! Another new scene was with Kreacher (sp?) and where he won;t tell the trio where the other locket is! Otherwise that is about it that the clips that were released on my site.

Now I want to talk about the clips released! So, lets talk about the very first one that was released on, what was it wens day or thursday night. This clip is the one where Ron follows Harry, who is trying to leave the Burrow to protect anyone else from getting hurt. I love this scene because it shows how much Ron does really care, and also how much Harry does too. Harry just doesn't want anyone else to die because of him. My guess is that this scene takes place just after they found out about Mad-Eye's death.! :'( The second scene that was released was the one where Mad-Eye makes the Seven Potters! This scene was actually very funny! Fred and George were excellent! I love those guys! Its gonna be so sad in Part Two :'( I also love how Harry says NO! He really does care. THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE EPIC!!!! Now the third scene that was released is the one from Malfoy Mano, when Harry, Ron, and Hermione are captured! I love DOBBY! GOD HES AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I just love how he is up there and then BANG he makes the Chandelier fall! He's a cutie! God but still this movie is gonna make me cry so much :( Do you think you are going to cry? I know I will! A LOT :'( HA OKAY, so back to the clips! Now the third clip that was released is a part where the trio are trying to find a place to hide! Remember that chapter? They are in the cafe and then they battle some death eaters! Good fighting scene! THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE EPIC AWESOME!!!! SO yeah there were all the scene that were released in the past couple of days.

Now there is one more thing I wanted to talk about in today's blog post! As you might have already known, I have reached my 4000th tweet on my twitter account! I realize that this might now be a big deal to some of you but it is to me! I mean i made over a 1000 tweets in just under 2 or 3 months. I have reached over 4000 tweets in just over a year! THAT IS A LOT!!! It is all thanks to all of you and to all of my followers on twitter! I wouldn't be doing this if i didn't know if you liked my blogs and my tweets! So I am giving a big thank you to all! I couldn't have reached this mark without you! :D Thanks for all of your support! I was going to do a celebration with my mark of reaching over 4000 tweets, but I am going to wait until I reach 5000! So thank you again. I love you all my amazing readers!

Oh okay I lied, there is one more thing i wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about the fact that Deathly Hallows is only 12 single days away! Now doesn't it seem like yesterday we were just opening our very first copies of the Deathly Hallows book and reading the end to the greatest book series of all time! Its sad to think that all of this is finally coming to and end! I know I am going to be one of those fans that is going to go into Post-Potter depression! It's just going to be sad when the credits pop up at the end of Part Two! I know I am going to cry when they pop up! It is going t be just so sad when they do! It's the end to a great phenomenon. A WORLD-WIDE PHENOMENA. It is only 12 days to the beginning of the end! 12 days! I have a great way to end the series though for next year! :) Will tell you about it later in the year though, this year of course! So yeah 12 more days though.

Well thank you for reading today's blog post! I hope you enjoyed reading it! I am going to start typing up that article for you all today though! The first Part of it will be online tonight for your enjoyment! Just remember though, the rights of the article go to EW or Entertainment Weekly! It's All thanks to them! So remember that! I am not trying to steal there work! Now any suggestions on anything, comments, complaints, or questions just email me at, and again thanks again for reading today's post. 12 days left.


Guess That Chapter is still up for a winner! GUESS??

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Friday, November 5, 2010

"Crikey, I'd like a dragon"

Today's Blog Post as you might be able to tell is about dragons??? NO, wrong! Today I am going to talk about some of the wonderful Magical Creatures in the Harry Potter world. First though I must report some AMAZING news! As you can see to the right there is a video that has some bad quality to it! WATCH IT THOUGH! It is a scene from Deathly Hallows Part One. To be exact it is a Malfoy Manor scene (SPOILER ALERT) when Harry, Ron, and Hermione get captured by the Snatchers. So yeah WATCH IT because it is amazing! Remember though Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One is only 14 days away! TWO WEEKS THAT IS!!!

Now to the Magical Creature's from Harry Potter! So lets start with my very favorite of them all the Dragon! I have no idea why I like the dragon more than any other creature, but this one just appeals to me greatly. My favorite one so far in the film franchise is the one from Goblet of Fire! Its just so beautiful looking! I am not even kidding, I just love the look of it. Plus the fact that it can breathe fire is just amazing! Nobert (Above) though is just adorable. I mean look at that cute little thing, I LOVE IT! I just wish they in the films would have evolved a little bit more than they did with him! It would have been pretty sweet, but I guess us Harry Potter fans can't get everything we want can we!

Now the next Magical Creature I would like to talk about is the House-Elf! Probably the most known house-elf in the Harry Potter series is Dobby am I correct? He is such a cute guy! Literally I am serious in saying that. I mean look at those big eyes! I don't wanna talk to much about Dobby right now though because I have another special Blog Post saved for him since he is one of those brave souls that (SPOILER ALERT FOR DEATHLY HALLOWS) died to help bring Lord Voldemort down. :( So yeah I have a special tribute Post for him later this month. Now probably the second one I would think of is, Winky! Now I know what you are thinking, "what about creature?" Well Winky came to mind first even though she really isn't that important. Now Winky, what do I think of her? GOD! What a baby! Ha, you have freedom, why would you complain? I would not like to have her for a House-Elf! I do not think I would want one though really. Kreacher, now he is a character! First we all think he is evil, but then we find out what he wen through and all of that stuff (That I do not wanna give away at this particular moment.) I think his heart changed in the last book greatly towards Harry. I am happy about that!

The next creature I have chosen to talk/remind you of is the Phoenix. This would probably have to be my second favorite Magical Creature! Why? Well it is just so beautiful and just a one great pet. It can cure and cut or thing on you with just a tear! I mean who wouldn't want that! Plus it can carry huge loads even though it isn't all that of a big bird! Also apparently it can take out Basilisk's eyes! Now we know this is Dumbledore's pet! The last time we see it is in Half-Blood Prince, when it sings it song and leaves forever because it's master is forever gone :(

Now there were some Magical Creatures from the world of Harry Potter! I didn't do a lot of them, and nowhere near all of them! Though I am Planning on splitting this kind of blog like into five different Part's. SO make sure you look back later at Potter's Army for more Magical Creature Blog Posts.

Well thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this blog post my amazing readers! Now I have a task for you! @reply to mew on twitter in the next week with you favorite magical creature (if I have not said it in this blog post) so then I know which ones to talk about next! You can also email me at with your submissions! Also Guess That Chapter is still open so someone can still guess! Email me with comments suggestions and questions! Thanks to you all again! :D


Tonight instead of a Book Excerpt I am going to type up the article in the latest EW magazine about Deathly Hallows! So you all can read it if you want to! Rights go to Entertainment Weekly though! Remember that! I hope you will enjoy it! It is rather good! Long blog post then tonight! Thanks again for reading! :D

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guess That Chapter, IS BACK!

Hey readers! I have decided to re-instate an old contest back into Potter's Army Again! For those readers of the blog who remember this blog being Harry Potter Cause this you will remember! I am going to say the rules and everything though just for my new readers and to refresh everyone's memories! Guess that Chapter is a contest for my readers to create their very own Blog Post for the Potter's Army blog! All you have to do is tell me the Chapter title and number, Harry Potter Book that the chapter is in, and the page number it starts on! What chapter though? Well see the picture above? That is the chapter that you have to try and find! The first person to email me at with the correct answer (and in the order I said above) will get an email back from me saying you have one, now create you very own unique Blog Post about anything Harry Potter and email it back to me, and I will post it online! :D

So above is the image I have given you! Good Luck to all!


HINT: LOOK AT THE LABELS of this blog!!

Oh and GTC stands for Guess That Chapter :)

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Going to the Midnight Release???

Well as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One is approaching excitement in me is exploding. So today's blog I thought I would talk all about my plans for the Midnight Release of Part One. Like what I am going to do on the 18th, and when I am going to start to wait in line and everything. Now I would love to hear your plans for Part One of Deathly Hallows Midnight Release, well if you are going to the midnight release of it? Email me please at and let me know your plans for this moment in Harry Potter's Epic History!

Now on the 18th of November, two weeks from today, I am going to be leaving school at around 11:20 to go out to eat to some restaurant in my local area. I am of course going with some friends! Four to be exact, and I am Harry, my other guy friend is going to be Ron, one of the girls is going to be Hermione, and the other girl is going to be Ginny. So, we are going to be the couples, even though we are JUST friends. Get it? Ha so yeah we are going to get to the movie theater around 12:00 in the afternoon to 12:30. Then the wait is officially going to begin. We will be waiting at the theater for about 12 hours for this movie no joke! My parents have okay'd it with me to skip out on school early to go wait in line. I have had this plan since Half-Blood Prince was released (because during HBP, we go sucky seats so i wanted to change that this time.) I also want to be there that early to show what a dedicated Harry Potter fan I am! Now I have had this plan for the longest of time as you can very well see, but today I was told by my three friends that they do not want to wait in line that long. Kind of makes me mad, but I said this to them, "Well I have had this planned for over a year, so if you do not want to wait well then I will just drive down by myself and wait!" I will too! I am seriously going to wait in line for like 12 hours for this movie! I want the greatest seats for this movie (Middle, Middle FYI) and I am true Harry Potter fan. I want to show my excitement for this movie! So yeah that is my plan! I think I might bring some sort of chair or something! I know I am going to bring a backpack to bring my iPad along to maybe blog while waiting if the theater has Wifi! That would be awesome if I could too! :D I am also going to bring my iPad to watch some of the Harry Potter movies while waiting in line for the movie. I am also going to bring "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" the book to read while waiting to! My only concern right now is diner food! What am I going to do for that? Just get movie theater popcorn or what? I don't know what to do here! So I am asking you to help me with this problem? Email me at with any suggestions on what I could do for Dinner while waiting in line for Part One!

Now I know this movie is going to be great! I have my tickets for Part One at midnight. Do you have your yet? My sister and I are going to see the movie though on the opening day! So I am going to end up seeing this movie twice in one day with is going to be EPIC!!!! How many times do you plan on seeing Part One in theaters?

Well thanks for reading! Remember to email me at with answers, comments, suggestions, or any questions you might have! AND yes I have decided to start Guess that Chapter back up so make sure you tune in later tonight to see what Chapter to guess! Thanks again.



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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Well lots of things have been happening since I last blogged! DEATHLY HALLOWS is mainly it! It is only 16 days away!!! I cannot believe it! I can remember like two months ago when it was only 100 days away, and now it is down to 16 FREAKING DAYS! IS THAT NOT AMAZING!!!!! ARE YOU GETTING EXCITED???? I AMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Well yes the first thing I want to talk about is the tickets going on sale at local theaters now! I am guessing that though, since my local theaters has them on sale for the midnight release! Have you pre-ordered your tickets yet (via online or at your theaters)???? I am got my tickets today for me and all of my friends that are coming along with me on this epic night on November 18th. I LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE MUCH LONGER! IT IS GOING TO BE JUST SO EPIC!

Now next I would like to talk about some of the newer TV spots that have been released! As you can see to the right there was a certain TV spot that I and I am trusting myself in saying that not many people have seen! It is newer! It shows part mainly from the Seven Potters scene, and Harry, Ron, and Hermione's journeys! It also does show other scene that we have already scene. Exactly one new scene that is included in this foreign TV spot (yes it is said in the English language, but the subtitles and text within the trailer are in some other language) is Mad-Eye Moody counting down for there departure from Privet Drive. Another new scene is Harry asking Hermione if she is still mad at him! She says, "I'm always mad at him!" so yeah all in all it is a very good TV spot, I think personally one of my favorites so far released! What are your favorites so far??? Email me at to see if you can get a post on here about it! :D

Now do you plan on purchasing the soundtrack and/or video game for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One???? I am getting really excited for the soundtrack. As you might already know (from previous blog posts in the past) I am a huge fan of the soundtracks from the Harry Potter movies. I have no idea why I just do! The background music, as I like to call it, is very catchy and just amazing. I plan on buying it on November 16th, the day it comes out! Do you? Are you a fan of the soundtracks??? Now the video game! Usually I am a somewhat of a fan of the games, but for this one I am going to have to buy! This game is going to be a whole lot different than the other ones. Why? Well because no more Hogwarts. No more rules! We are going to be traveling all over the wizarding world, it's going to be a life or death situation! Now I have an xbox 360! So I am planning on purchasing the game for that console! Xbox 360 creators though, are coming out with this new thing you might have heard about called the Kinet (spelling?)! Now have you seen the demo for the game with the actors of Fred and George playing the game with the Xbox 360 kinet??? THE GAME LOOKS LIKE IT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME WITH THAT THING! So yeah I plan on buying that thing for the Xbox 360 with the game so I can have like almost real life game play! It is going to be soooooo cool! Now what kind of console do you own? What do you plan to buy this game for? Well, if you plan on buying the game!

Now you might have heard on my twitter account that I am rereading all of the Harry Potter books again before Part One is in theaters! Well I wouldn't be saying this if it was not true! Ha! So yeah I am rereading the series, AGAIN! Though I think I am just going to start at Goblet of Fire! Why? Well because I do not have the time to read all of the books before Part One! :( I wish I did, but as you all know I would and am busy busy! So I am saying this because i would like you as my readers to join me in reading the Harry Potter books before the epic Part One of Deathly Hallows! :D I love the first three don't get me wrong by the way, it is just not enough time to fit those three in there! I plan on rereading the series though after Part One is released worldwide! So are you going to join me? Email me at if you are! I would love to find out! I like to hear stuff back from my followers! Remember you are a big importance in this blog too!

Now another thing I quick wanted to talk about is the blog! Do you like the little entertainment section to the side?? Email me at for suggestions on things I can add to it, take off of it, or even get rid of it in general! I would love to get some feedback on this part of the blog! Now I am going to try and blog more than once a week but there still is no promises for it!

Well thank you for reading today's blog post! I hope you enjoyed it! I actually put a lot of effort into it! I want you all as my wonderful and amazing readers to enjoy every minute of reading these blog posts! Now I am thinking of doing another one tomorrow night! I am not 100% sure yet if I am! I have an idea about what to right about, but I just didn't wanna drag this post on! So yeah maybe tomorrow night! I am also thinking of re-starting the Guess That Chapter Blog Posts again! So make sure you look out for one of those maybe coming soon. Now remember to email me at because this blog is just me blogging! "it's where your apart of the cause" too! Remember that! So any comments, suggestions (about anything), or even questions about something Harry Potter, just email me! I will email back! Promise! Well thanks again! I love you my readers! :D


16 DAYS UNTIL HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART ONE!!!! Look in the entertainment section daily for newest trailers, TV Spots, info, and Posters!

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