Friday, February 4, 2011

Did anyone even know?

Hey readers! Thanks for all the views from my last posts! Been getting a lot, and it just makes me happy to see that people are viewing my posts! Thank you, so I thought I should do one tonight for all of you before tomorrow. Thought you might like this one. I had a stroke of genius with tonight's Blog Post! I am really hoping that you will all enjoy it, but before I get to tonight's post I thought I should let you all know what is going on tomorrow and when to expect a Blog Post! Well I have Forensics (also known as 4N6) tomorrow, and I will be at a college performing with my group. So, I am of course going to bring my laptop, and in between performances I thought I would work on a post for all of you! It might take awhile, but I am guessing I can finish one sometime tomorrow while doing our performances. Otherwise I will of course blog tomorrow night, I will even blog tomorrow night either way. Just thought I would let you know about whats going on tomorrow, you might not care as long as you get a blog post, but I just thought I should let you know. If you feel like I have wasted your time in just reading all of that, well to bad and I am sorry. ;) So, now lets get to this Blog Post tonight shall we?

So have any idea what I am going to talk about in this Post? Kind of a mystery isn't it? Hmm. . . . well what can we tell from the above image about what it could possibly be about? Well we know it is something about Ronald. We also know that it is from the 3rd film, yes the film! Hmmm. . . . what is it going to be about? Well I'll just tell you I guess shall I? See the little mouse Ron is holding in his hand in the image above? Yes, I am talking about Scabbers! That is tonight's topic! Now what about him? Well what is the title of this Blog Post? Did anyone even know, hm well what does that mean right? Well I am wondering if anyone even could have guessed from just reading the first two books in the series, Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets, that Ron's Rat, Scabber's, was in fact Peter Pettigrew. Peter Pettigrew who turned over James and Lily Potter's location to Lord Voldemort! Did anyone even have a hunch that the rat was actually a person. Well I cannot really say what I though by reading the books, because I saw some of the Harry Potter films and then became a fan! I wish I was an actually from the beginning fan, but I cannot say I am! I was a late Harry Potter fan! A Harry Potter fan though none the less. Now all I can say is about knowing about this topic from the films. I would like you thought, if you were a Harry Potter fan from the very beginning to email me please at and please tell me if you were completely shocked when you realized Scabbers was in fact a Human. Now all I can speak about is my experience from being a fan of the movies from the beginning. I never started reading the books until like 2005 which is upsetting I know, but I am saving this conversation for another post later! So, did I know that Scabbers was a human? Did I notice any clues that could have jumped out in the first two films? NOPE TO BOTH OF THOSE QUESTIONS. I had no clue, I didn't notice anything that could have made someone guess that the rat was in fact a human being. It just shocked the heck out of me when I found out about that. I think that though is one of the many reasons why everyone (well almost everyone) loves the series because there are twists in the story that you could have never guessed would have happened. Like something that happens in Order of the Phoenix that we all hate, but once again saving it for another Blog Post. So, yeah then when I went back to the books and read them in order, I do not think that there is any clues that could have let anyone guess that Scabbers was a human. So, I believe no one, but the great Joanne Rowling knew about the true identity of Scabbers.

Well I am hoping you all enjoyed tonight's blog post here on Potter's Army, and I am hoping that you will continue to enjoy them as I continue to write more and more everyday. Remember to email me at with the answer to the above questions, comments, any questions you might have (Potter's Army related or Harry Potter anything?), suggestions for the blog, your own PicPost, or even your very own Blog Post! Thanks again for remaining loyal to Potter's Army!


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