Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Aren't you a tad worried?

Hey readers! Wow, thank you for all the page views last night. When I woke up this morning, and checked page views on my iPad I saw that I had 51 page views! All I wanna say is thank you, thank you, and thank you! Today/Tonight is so far the most successful day on Potter's Army. Thanks, I could not believe it when I logged on this morning, it had to sink in first! It is just amazing how many views I got. It has made me extremely happy! Now I am rewarding you all with this Blog Post! See the above image, have you seen it yet? I am guessing no, but there could be a couple of you out there who have seen it. I am guessing not though. Anyways does the image look kind of familiar. It is a NEW IMAGE FROM PART TWO!!!!! I am guessing it is either from the Gringotts scene, or otherwise it is from the it is in the Room of Requirement. I am not 100% sure what scene this could be though, but all I know is that it is an Image from Part Two (and which I think not very many people have seen[not 100% sure about all of you though]). Well I thought I would use it as the head picture for this Blog Post since I am going to be talking about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two in this post. So, I am hoping that you all will enjoy this Blog Post. I just wanna say thanks again for all the views I have gotten from all of you! ;)

Well if you do not have not yet read last night's Blog Post, A Disappointment, well you kind of will need to, to understand today's (this) post! In last nights post, I talked about how the Harry Potter film, Order of the Phoenix, was a huge HUGE disappointment, compared to the book. Now, I wanna just talk about this fact that we have not yet seen Deathly Hallows Part Two yet, and we are appraising it as, "it's going to be the best Harry Potter film EVER!" or something like, "it's going to be so EPIC!!" We have not seen it though, so how do we know how good this movie is going to be? Am I right? How in the world can we make that assumption when we do not know for 100% sure that it is all that great? I am not trying to insult the Harry Potter film franchise in anyway or anything, but I am just stating the fact that we cannot assume that it is going to be the greatest Harry Potter film of all time! Why am I saying all of this? Well just like in my last posts, I don't wanna get my hopes up again and then have them fall after seeing the film. I don't want it to disappoint me! Of course I am still going to say its going to be so epic and all of that when trailers and things come out for Part One, but I am not going to be "too" excited because I don't want to be disappointed again like I was with Order of the Phoenix. Aren't you just a bit worried that it will not live up to all of our expectations? Like we all think it is going to be this epic battle scenes and a great finale for the Harry Potter films, but what if isn't what we expect? I don't wanna burst anyone's bubble or excitement about this film. Don't get me wrong I am SUPER SUPER EXCITED FOR PART TWO! It's just I am not going to have high expectations at the moment for the film, so I am not disappointed with the end to the Harry Potter films in July. You all get what I mean by saying all of this? I just don't want to be disappointed with the ending to the Harry Potter franchise. I know that Part One lived way beyond my expectations, and that's why I am expecting Part Two to be ever more amazing, its just I wish I wasn't feeling this way so I do not have to be worried about being disappointed if we do get disappointed. I am believing though that David Heyman will not let us down, he is a good Producer and cares about the films, but it is just that he has already let us down once already, but I think he knows that too and is stepping up a bit with the final film that has yet to be released! So yes I do have expectations for Part Two (even though I know I shouldn't), but all I am is a tad bit worried.

Well I am hoping you all have enjoyed this blog post! I hope I didn't upset anyone in anyway, it is just what I think. Email me at if you feel the same way or even if you feel a bit differently about this topic. Remember to email with your own questions you have for me, suggestions for the blog, comments about this post, your PicPost, or even a Blog Post for Potter's Army of your own because remember you are apart of the blog too! Thanks again for reading, and I hope you choose to remain loyal to Potter's Army!


Thanks again for all the page views last night. I will be doing a couple more posts tonight I believe! So make sure you tune back in here tonight :)

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