Friday, December 31, 2010

Jim Broadbent is Horace Slughorn

Well Happy New Years Eve, and in some people's case HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2010 is almost (and is) done and gone! Lots of Harry Potter things have happened in these past months of 2010! First theme park for Harry Potter has opened up, Deathly Hallows Part One was released, Filming is over, and Warner Brothers bought the studio where the Harry Potter films were made!!! That is not what I am here to talk about today for though! That will be tomorrow. Today I am here to talk about Jim Broadbent, and not 2010 being over. I will indeed though talk all about the key major Harry Potter events that happened in 2010 tomorrow, since tomorrow will be 2011 in my country! So now lets get to today's blog post.

Jim Broadbent is a actor in many films, but why he is here on Potter's Army is because in the Harry Potter films he plays Horace Slughorn! Horace Slughorn appears in the Harry Potter world in the 6th book, the Half-Blood Prince! We learn he is a retired Hogwarts Professor, and is hiding in Muggle homes on the run from Death Eaters. Professor Dumbledore recruits him back into teaching to take a memory from him that Dumbledore and Harry need to discover the truth about Horcruxes! We also know that he is the Potions Master at Hogwarts School, NOT the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Now Jim Broadbent is brought into the films of course in the 6th movie, that was released on July 15th, 2009! When I first discovered he was going to be the actor that would play Professor Slughorn, I was a little concerned he wasn't going to fit the part because he didn't fit the description Jo had described him in the book. I WAS TOTALLY WRONG! Jim does an amazing amazing job playing Professor Slughorn! He just fits the part. He was funny, dimwitted at times, and he is a really really good actor! I really liked the Aragog scene with Hagrid and Harry! I really liked it though when it was just him and Harry talking about Harry's mom, and then transforms into the Horcruxes. That scene in the movie was just really emotional I thought. I loved the little added story they put in there about the flower pedal and the fish bowl. It just added an emotional grab to Horace's and Lilly's relationship! It was a really good scene! Another thing I really liked about Jim's performance in the Harry Potter film is that he made is character likable! When reading the book, I didn't know weather to like him or hate him, but after seeing the movie I have based my thoughts and I like his character if you get what I am trying to say. ;) Ha, so what do you think about Jim Broadbent's performance as Horace? What were your favorite parts with him in Half-Blood Prince? Also do you like the character Horace Slughorn or not (if you know what I mean)?

Well I hope you liked today's Blog Post! I will not be doing another one for today because I have an intense New Years Eve/New Years party tonight to be doing! Ping Pong, Video games, and Pirates movies! Look for a post tomorrow though! It will be about 2010. Everything that happened in that year having to do with Harry Potter. Any question, comments, or you have a Blog Post you'd like on Potter's Army just email me at with them attached. I love you get all of your feedback! So thank you for reading today's post though, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you!!!!


196 days left until Part Two!!!!! :D

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

What is it about Harry Potter posters???

Well as I said I was going to do a Blog Post tonight before tomorrow the last day of 2010! I might do a post tomorrow, but I might be to busy to get one in. I am not 100% sure though. I might get one in! Now though to tonight's blog post.

As you can see it is going to be about the Harry Potter movie posters! Now Chamber of Secrets has almost nothing to do with it! I just choose a random movie from Harry Potter and put it as tonights Blog Post Pic! So let's indeed talk about the wondrous Harry Potter Film posters. Firstly I would love to state which ones I own! As Christmas was just here I did in fact get one movie poster for Christmas! I got the one from Prisoner of Azkaban, with Harry in the front and Professor Lupin lurking near the back of the picture! Another Harry Potter poster I have is the Sorcerer's Stone poster that is on the DVD and Blu-Ray cover. I have one from Goblet of Fire with Harry and the Hungarian Horntail and Mad-Eye Moody in the backgroundish! The last one I have is a Deathly Hallows Part One. This one is with the trio running through the woods. I have all of those posters in the 27 by 41 (i think?) size! They are of course all framed and the actual poster itself hasn't been touched by me! Not that it probably makes no difference. As you noticed though, I do not have no yet for: Chamber of Secrets, Order of the Phoenix, and Half-Blood Prince! I do in fact have two smaller ones for the Half-Blood Prince movie but I need yet to get it in the 27 by 41 size! Now actually one of my Harry Potter posters in very very VERY unique. How so? Well on my Sorcerer's Stone poster, the back has the same exact poster, BUT the lettering is backwards! Weird huh???? Ha! Well that one is very very special to me. Now I ask you: do you have any Harry Potter posters? If so, which movies? Also, do you have any unique ones like mine? Now what is the real purpose of talking about these posters for right?

Well I think they have some kind of meaning to them really! They get us all hyped up for the movies! Like when I just sit in my room all alone i'll look around, and in the end of course I see my self looking at one (of many) of the Harry Potter Posters I have. As I am staring at it I just think about what is all in that particular movie and it all just forms in my head, and then THEN I want to go put that movie in my DVD player or start watching it on my iPad! These Harry Potter posters just really grab the attention of me and make you wanna watch the movie! Another thing I really love about Harry Potter posters is that kind of when you look at them they really tell the story of the movie right in that one photo! I give huge credit to the creators of the posters, and I thank them for grabbing the amazement of Harry Potter in one single photo shot! They are really amazing posters!!!

So yeah this was kind of a mini blogish post! I hope you liked it! Not one of my best probably, but I am still trying to get back in the flow of blogging and all! I hope you enjoyed it anyways! OH, I also forgot to mention that actually today I found a smaller Harry Potter poster, but this one is for the Lego Harry Potter video game! Really, REALLY cool poster though even though it is just the cover enlarged! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Email me with your answers to my questions! I love to get feedback! I really do! It inspires me to keep blogging for Potter's Army. So email me at with comments, answers, and suggestions. ALSO I would like you as a reader of Potter's Army to write your very own Blog Post for the Blog! ABOUT ANYTHING HARRY POTTER! Email me your post! Now, thanks for reading again, and I hope you enjoyed today's Welcome Back posts!


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Apologies and Part Two

Well firstly all I would like to say right now is that I am extremely EXTREMELY SORRY, that I haven't blogged in forever. I am here to say now (and again) that I am going to try and blog as much as I can! In the past few days I have been thinking about coming back as you could have seen on twitter. I then asked all of my followers if they missed me and I got quite a few people saying they missed my posts on Potter's Army here. That has inspired me to do more blog post and way more often! So yes I am extremely sorry about the past few months! I am back though, and I know some of you might not believe me because I have said this numerous times, but I am vowing my life here to this blog because I love the Harry Potter world and I have no idea what I would do without it! So, all in all I am back to do a lot more posts in this new year as a part of my New Years Resolution (which also includes to read more and complete the 501 Must-See Movies book [will explain that on twitter later]).

Second thing I would love to talk about in this coming back blog post is Part Two and a little bit about Part One still. So let's start with the little bit of Part One. Part One has been in Tuesdays for well over a month now, and has made $862,792,000 dollars in it's worldwide box office. Prisoner of Azkaban is the only one below it in case of Harry Potter movies, and it is the 22nd top grossing film of all time! I am planning on seeing it one more time before it is done in theaters. What about you? Do you plan on seeing it one last time or are you going to wait for the DVD and Blu-Ray? Now there is a rumor about the release date of the DVD and Blu-Ray for Part One! March 2011 is the general area, but the 18th for some reason is an expected date???? Maybe, maybe not! It hasn't been confirmed yet so don't hold tue to that date. Now for some Part Two talk. Part Two comes out July 15th, 2011, as we all know by now! Fandango has released that it is the most anticipated movie of 2011. There also has been some talk of a teaser trailer for Part One being released on January 24th, 2011! If so, I will have it on the site ASAP! So I'm guessing you all know what the theme of Potter's Army here will be in January don't you? Ha, and now another thing about Part Two is that if you look to the right in the entertainment section you see the countdown! Well Part Two is only 197 days away! You getting excited yet? Gonna re-read the series before Part Two?

Well thank you for reading this post if you did! Again I am terribly sorry about the fact that I haven't blogged in forever! I am making a vow to blog a lot more than I have in the past few months. Another thing just to let you know that I will be doing another blog post today, one of my normal ones! I am also thinking of bringing back the Daily Excerpts! Does that sound good? Now please I love to hear feedback from my readers! I really really do! So please either follow me here on blogger, email me at, or tweet to me on twitter (my username is Hpfan7). Another thing I would highly appreciate is if you could spread thhe word about this blog to other fellow Potter Fans! Potter's Army is about us Harry Potter fans, and we must stick together because the end is near! So I hope you enjoyed tis blog post. Look for another one or two sometime today. Thank you agin for sticking with Potter's Army!!!


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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Deathly Hallows Part One Soundtrack Review

Hello Readers, ;)
Well I as I said I was going to try an blog as much as I can! Tonight really isn't a great night for me to do it, but I really felt in the mood to Blog tonight instead of work on my homework which I will end up doing later! Well anyway as I said in my previous blog I was going to be doing a lot of Deathly Hallows Reviews in the next couple of blog posts. Today's is the Review for Official Soundtrack of the Deathly Hallows Part One Soundtrack! As you all know by know if you are one of my older readers who have been reading these blogs for awhile now, know I love the Soundtracks for the movies. I do because when I listen to them I can see the movie in my head and I just love it! I have no idea why that makes me love it, but it just does! I am not the only one who does though am i right? They are just so gosh darn catchy. I own each and everyone on my iPod right now. So, anyways, lets get to the review of this album.

Well firstly, this ablum is composed and conducted by the incredible Alexandre Desplat! I was a little sccared for a completely new Composer for one of (now both) last Harry Potter films, but I must say that in fact he has done an excellent job! This album is full of emotion and just it fits right into the movie! I love this album! My favorite album used to be Prisoner of Azkaban's movie soundtrack (composed and conducted by John Williams) but Alexandre has beaten it! Not by a huge shot, but he has done just a truely incredible job. I was SUPER glad that they choose him for the conductor for this film. I am also EXTREMELY glad that he is coming back to do the soundtrack for Deathly Hallows Part Two! I can literally picture every single scene in the movie in my head when I listen to this album (which I am doing right now.) Ever since this soundtrack came out I haven't been able to put my iPod down. All I listen to though is this album! So yes a very very good soundtrack to an excellent Harry Potter movie! The end of Harry Potter, they are really doing a great job with the end must I say!

So know my second part of the review my favorite songs, and my absolute favorite song on for all of the Harry Potter Soundtracks (on this album!) So the list of my top 10 favorite song on this album are: Oblivate, Farewell to Dobby, Sky Battle, Ministry of Magic, Ron Leaves, Godric's Hollow Graveyard, The Will, Captured and Tourtred, Lovegood, and Fireplaces Escape (not in any specific order.) So yes, if you have this album, or are planning on getting it after hearing some of the songs on this site, you know what I am talking about. If you have listened to this album I would like to hear you favorite songs please? Email me at with a list of you top 10 favorites. Now, for my ALL TIME FAVORITE HARRY POTTER SONG!!! It is on this album, and of course it is listed in one of my top 10! The song I am talking about is Godric's Hollow Graveyard! Suprising? Well of course I have a reasoning behind it. Why then? Well listening to it, and seeing the movie of course just makes it such an emotional song to me like I get goosebumps everytime . I really love this song. The song it replaced as my favorite was A Window to the Past in the Prisoner of Azkaban soundtrack. If you have not yet listened to it I highly reccomend listening to it. Not just that song though I reccomend listening to all of the Soundtracks to Harry Potter!

Well I hope you all have enjoyed this Review Post for the Soundtrack of Part One! I hope to blog again sometime this week for the review of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One: The Videogame! Also since I did my review for the Part One soundtrack I am planning on making a list of my top 25 songs from the Harry Potter Soundtracks! So look forward to that in this Month! Also remember this month PPD is going to be active sometime! Well thanks again for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope i encouraged you to listen to the Harry Potter Soundtracks.


The end of 2010 is near! :D Gonna do a special celebration! So make sure you look forward to that too! Just saying.