Sunday, September 26, 2010

All The Info On Potter's Army

Well this is it! The complete list and description of each if found below. Firstly though I must say this! Why has Harry Potter Cause been changed to Potter's Army? Also why is it now Potter's Army??? Well for starters it is 't Harry Potter Cause anymore because the Cause succeeded in it's mission to get Deathly Hallows or something Harry Potter on the top of the of the Trending Topic list on Twitter! So then I decided to make the blog a group thing, and got the idea of Potter's Army! I think it is a good name! Don't you??? Well now this blog isn't only going to be updated by me Hpfan7. It is going to be updated by all of you who recruit in Potter's Army which you can do by following @HParmy on twitter now! :D So now below is all the new thing and a list of all the things that Potter's Army will include in this blog!

1. Potter's Army, Recruit yourself in the Cause! Follow @HParmy on
2. Potter's Army will be everything the Harry Potter Cause was and more!!!
3. Potter's Army, Daily Updates about random things from the wondrous
World of Harry Potter.
4. It will also include contests.
5. Chances to win ways to write for the Potter's Army Blog, and have loads
Of people to read what you wrote about something Harry Potter.
6. Potter's Army will include lengthy book excerpts included within the blog! Once a
Week (credited of course to the publisher and the incredible Joanne Rowling!)
7. Weekly Polls
8. Daily Quotes (hopefully)
9. Potter's Army to include Movie Talk. In which you pick the movie, I blog during
the movie, the entire movie, all about the movie! You can include yourself too
By doing the same thing i am doing and Just send yours to with your Twitter username. this happens every other
Friday! (most likely)
10. Potter's Army to include Pic Post. You pick a picture send it to me at with your twitter username and a blog post about it!
I'll pick someone who is Recruited in the army only!
11. You write! Every other day I will pick a random recruiter, and ask then if they
Wish to write for the blog. You have 24 hours to respond or I will ask another
Recruiter. I will let you know where to send them then! :)
12. Guess that Chapter will live on!!! Don't remember what it is? Look at my
Previous posts for the one named, Guess that Chapter! It's a lot of fun. I will
Remind you the rules each time it comes up though, once a week! (that
happens with every contest though in Potter's Army Blog Posts!)
13. More and more things come throughout time! I Will think of other ideas along
The way. I will let you know about them!

So do all of these things sound like an awesome time and blog! Well I hope so! Remember now if you ever want to contact me with questions or comments! Or even complaints just email me at my new email! Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the new Potter's Army!!! :D


Tonight I will ask for the first Pic Post!!! So maybe tune in tonight for the first one! :D Also why Potter's Army? Well it's a fight against Lord Voldemort! We working against him! Haha! :D

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