Saturday, February 12, 2011

Read a Potter Book

Hey readers, thanks for all the views last night! Sorry about not getting another Blog Post out there for all of you last night. I was just way to tired to do another one, so I thought I would do one this morning since it has actually been awhile since I have done a post this early in the morning. Before I get to this Blog Post though I wanted to remind you that Potter's Army is having a contest to win a unique Harry Potter Picture (on tag board but a picture none the less). Just click here, to see how to win and what you win. So lets get to this post shall we?

Well hm, it has been actually a long time since I have read a Harry Potter book, what about you? Has it been awhile? I think for me it has been about maybe a little less than a year if not more than a year! :( I know sad right? On Thursday though, when I did that No electronic thing, I was thinking of a way to relax and just escape everything that has been going on in my life. Well, I came to the conclusion that reading Harry Potter would do that! That it could take me places that not even my wildest dreams could take me. It can take me into the mind of a completely different world, a completely different person's world. I remember why I loved the Potter series so much, was because it did that to me when a time in my life I didn't see what life was worth living for. Harry Potter saved me, and that is why I love the series so much. It took me to a place where I could never imagine in my own head. Joanne Rowling brought me to the wizarding world of Harry Potter. I thank her greatly for it. I remembered all of that on Thursday, so I decide to walk in my room after work on Thursday and the first Harry Potter book I saw, that would be the book I was going to read that night. It was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (OOTP). So at 6:45 that night, I opened the book, and began to read my second favorite Harry Potter book, which I hadn't read in over a year. I was completely blown out of my chair again by beginning to read it (I haven't gotten very far). So I thought, I should do a Blog Post on this for Potter's Army. Now what I am saying is, to all Harry Potter fans out there, if it had been awhile since you have read any of the Harry Potter book (over 3-5 months), I am telling you now to read a Potter Book! I am about only 72 pages in (I fell asleep at 7:00 that night) Order of the Phoenix, but once I am done I am going to just skip around the series and read them all again. I have realized how much I really do love these books, and how much I really miss reading them. If your friends at school or your parents (like mine) say, "your reading them again?" Just ignore them. They are the books, we Harry Potter fans, love dearly and will always love. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING could stop me from reading these books. I love them so much, they saved me. So Read a Potter Book every fan of Harry Potter book, you know what, I said earlier if it has been awhile read a Potter Book? Well, even if you just re-read the series last night (well finished the re-read) go and pick them up again, because they are just that good aren't they? I need an escape again now, so what you think I am going to go do? Read. . . . read. . . . . and read to escape this world. If you follow me on twitter you'll know what that is all about. So, remember though to pick up a Harry Potter book and read it, but especially if you need to escape the world you are in and jump into a new world.

Well I am hoping that you all enjoyed this Post! Thanks again for all the views you all have given me, it just lightens my day to see that people do actually read this Blog Posts, and people from around the world! :D Remember to email me at with questions, comments, suggestions, a PicPost, Contest entrance, and your very own Potter's Army Blog Post, because YOU are apart of the blog!


I will be doing another Blog Post later, but for now I need to go read some Harry Potter again! :)

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