Monday, February 7, 2011

An Owl of a relationship

Hey readers! Sorry about the fact of no post yesterday! I tried and tired to get a post out yesterday, but I did not have the time (work and had to go shopping), but I my day just kept getting worse and worse too! I will though make it up for all of you today though. I will have another two posts tonight though. One to be a Book Excerpt, and another about something else. Well now another thing before I get to today's first Blog Post I just really wanna say that I am sorry, I had said I was going to do a post everyday of the week, and I didn't get one out lat night! Thank you though to all of you for being ever so loyal to Potter's Army, and I am hoping that you will continue to enjoy my posts. Now shall we get to this Blog Post?

Well on Saturday at my Forensics Meet that I had I got a tweet on Twitter from someone (if you are reading this, Thanks for the brilliant idea), with a brilliant idea for a post. I just loved this idea. The above image is/was supposed to be Ron's Owl, Pigwidgeon. They had never showed 'Pig' in the movies, but I did find a picture of what the Owl was supposed to be. That was not the exact idea this person gave me though. The idea they gave me was the relationship between 'Pig' and Hedwig. I also came up with the idea of what happened to 'Pig?' So, firstly I want to talk about the relationship between the two Owl's and their relationship. Well, they had a very tough kind of relationship. 'Pig' seemed to want to have some kind of relationship, but Hedwig did not approve of 'Pig.' For example in on of the Harry Potter books (not really sure what one it was :0), Harry is mailing a letter to two different people, and uses both Pig and Hedwig to send the letter and 'Pig' gets all excited about mailing the letter and having something to do, but Hedwig does it in a orderly fashion to show 'Pig' how a real Owl does it. (I actually think that was in Order of the Phoenix, not 100% sure though. Someone wan to find it for me? Email me at please with the correct book that was in.) Then, though after Order of the Phoenix I think we lose mention of 'Pig.' I do not recall 'Pig' being mentioned in the books after Order of the Phoenix do you? Email me if you hear a word of 'Pig' in "Half-Blood Prince" or "Deathly Hallows," because I do not remember Jo mentioning the existence of 'Pig' in the rest of the series after Order of the Phoenix. We all though know what happened to Hedwig :(, BUT WAIT!!! Was 'Pig' mentioned in "Deathly Hallows?" Remember in Deathly Hallows when Mrs. Weasley tells Harry to put Hedwig with 'Pig?' Does she say that? I will have to check that later on, and I will make sure I let you all know if she does, or someone email me at if she does please. If she does, why don't Harry, Ron, and Hermione take him with them on their trip? Email me please on what you think about that? I think it might be because it could have given their position away maybe? Email me though what you think about that please. Well, anyways Hedwig and 'Pig' didn't really have to much of a relationship, but the relationship they had wasn't a very friendly one.

Well thanks for reading everyone! I am really hoping you enjoyed this post, and I am sorry again about the fact of no post yesterday! I am hoping to make it up for all of you today! Thanks for reading though again. Remember though to email me at with the answers to the questions above, comments, suggestions for Potter's Army, questions you might have, your own Potter's Army Blog Post, or a PicPost. Thanks again for reading this Blog Post, and remaining to be loyal to Potter's Army.


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