Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Harry Potter eBooks?

Well hey readers! I am hoping that you have been enjoying Potter's Army! Here is a Blog Post for all of you for tonight! This is going to be the only other one I am going to do for the night by the way! Just getting tired, and I have lots of other things yet to do! So, I am hoping you all enjoy this post, and as you might have already known from my twitter account but this post I am about to do is based loosely on another post I have done way in the past! So, I am hoping that you all will enjoy this post!

Well as you can probably tell from a lot of previous posts that I do in fact own a iPad! Yes, I LOVE IT!!!! I use it to read a lot a lot of books (but I use Laptop here for the blog)! I use my iPad to read a lot. Now as I said in this previous post about this same topic, I was hoping that when I bought iPad that I could read and carry all the Harry Potter books around with me, everywhere I bring my iPad, but NOPE! J.K. Rowling, the amazing creator of the Harry Potter Book Series, does not want the books to go eBook quite yet. Maybe never in fact! Well in my mind I think she would because it would be truly amazing to be able to carry all the books, music, and Harry Potter movies around with me everywhere on one simple amazing device! I can of course buy the audio book instead of the actual book, but it would be cool to read along with the book, would it now? The other cool thing would be in fact that you know if you need to search about something Harry Potter you could just access it all on the one device. They should actually make that device! One single device that has all the Harry Potter things like: Images, Audio Books, eBooks of each book, Movies, all of the movie soundtracks, and all of the mobile games that the Harry Potter games have had to offer. Doesn't that sound like a cool idea for a Harry Potter product??? Hmmmm. . . . . . I actually really like that! It is the perfect gift for any Harry Potter fan don't you agree? Email me at if you like the idea, or have anything that we could add to this device please? I would really love to have the Harry Potter Books go eBook though! It would be really amazing, I would have all the Harry Potter books with me everywhere I go! Don't you think that would be amazing? Yes, not everyone loves to have eBook format. Not everyone like eReading. People like reading the actual book. I do too, in fact the latest books I have been reading have been actual books (buying "The Autobiography of Mark Twain tonight) , unlike reading on my iPad, but it would be nice to have the books around with me everywhere. Like if you went on a long trip and wanted to bring them all along to read, you wouldn't have to pack all of the books and waste a whole bag on them all! You could put them all on the amazing thin device! Like an iPad or a Kindle? What do you use to eRead if you do? Email me please and let me know? So, yeah what do you think if the Harry Potter Books go eBook, would you buy them all again? I know I would.

Well I am hoping you enjoyed this Blog Post! I know not one of my greatest here on Potter's Army, but I am hoping you enjoyed it! Remember to email me at with answers to above questions, your own questions for me, suggestions, comments, a PicPost,or your very own Potter's Army Blog Post! Well thanks again for being loyal to Potter's Army here, and I am hoping that you will continue to enjoy future posts.



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