Tuesday, February 8, 2011

April 15th, 2011, IT'S COMING!!!

Hey loyal readers. Thanks again for continuing to remain loyal here to Potter's Army, and I am so sorry about the lack of Posts last night. I got busy again and didn't have the time to do a couple of Blog Posts. I am hoping to at least get another one in today after this post, maybe two if possible! I just wanna say sorry here for not being as loyal as I have been to the blog, it is just having a hard time here, but I am trying to get at least one post out a day, like I said I would! I do keep updating the features in the right-side bar though. So, again sorry about lack of the posts last night, but I am here now to talk about something so lets get to it shall we?

Well Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One has been in theaters for 80 days. I have seen it six times in theaters (once was in IMAX). How many times have you seen it? I have officially announced that this film is my favorite in the Harry Potter franchise to date. We have yet to wait for Part Two, but to date Part One is my favorite by far! I wanted to talk a little bit about Part One since it has been awhile, but I along want to talk about Part Two too. So, what about Part One can I talk about? Well Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One has made $946,361,214 to date (which you of course can see in the side bar)! It is the 10th top grossing film of all time, and it is the second highest grossing Harry Potter film, behind Sorcerer's Stone. Most people I have talked to say it is the greatest Harry Potter film so far, which I have just said! It is the beginning of the end to a worldwide phenomenon. It is coming on DVD soon too! April 15th, 2011, is the date it will be released on DVD in the U.S. Lots and lots of deleted scenes their were apparently. Scenes from when the Dursely's leave are included, I think it was 45 minutes of deleted scenes, but I am not 100% sure on that! I will get back to all of you on that. In the Blu-Ray Combo pack there is a EXCLUSIVE SCENE FROM PART TWO!!! So, I say make sure you get that. It is an opening scene. I wonder if it is the whole opening scene or just a part of the opening scene. There is no EXCLUSIVE scene though on the Single DVD, just the deleted scenes will be on the DVD. So yeah as you have noticed I have a Countdown for the release of the Part One DVD. I am planning on getting a HUGE HDTV before the release of Part One on DVD for my room, along with a Blu-Ray player so I can enjoy this movie to the MAX! I will of course be going to go get the Blu-Ray Combo Pack at the midnight release at my local Walmart! Haha, what are your plans though for Part One on DVD and Blu-Ray? What are you gonna do? You have any special plans for it? Email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com with your plans if you'd like. Might give me a better idea too! :D Now for just a little bit of talk about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two. Okay, well there isn't to much to talk about it quite yet, but I just want to tell you about some guesses I have actually for this month. I think a Part Two Trailer (teaser or TV Spot length) is going to be released this month. I mean Part One had a trailer release like six months before it was released, and it was released with Part Two footage too. We also are getting trailers for movies like Transformer: Dark of the Moon, and that comes out around the same time Harry is going to be coming out. So, I expect a trailer to be released sometime soon. Don't you think so too though? Email me if you think so too. I have another thing to talk about Part Two with, but I am actually going to save that for another post. Might be one for today, might not be. It will be soon though. Part Two is only 156 days away yet, and its getting closer every second. Are you getting excited, scared, nervous, or sad?

Well thanks for reading. I am hoping that you have enjoyed this post! I will for sure be doing another post today sometime. Remember to email me at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com with the answers to above questions, your own questions you have for me, suggestions, comments, a PicPost, or your very own Blog Post for Potter's Army because YOU are apart of the blog too! Thanks again for reading Potter's Army, and remaining to be loyal to it!


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