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REVIEW: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Ultimate Edition

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Well I know I said in yesterday post, "Growing Up with Dan, Rupert, and Emma" that I was going to do two yesterday, but I never got the chance to because I got distracted by the thing in the image above. The Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Ultimate Edition. I hope you all understand about me not being able to blog last night, I was doing something Harry Potter though that is what took me away from blogging. I felt bad so I thought I would do a Review post this morning (well I am starting to write it this morning in class). So I hope you enjoy it because I really enjoyed the Ultimate Edition. I hope I can captured the amazement of the Ultimate Edition.

Well I ordered on, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Ultimate Edition, on Monday (as you might have heard about on my twitter account that night). I got home yesterday after school, and was expecting it to be at my house, but when I got home no package was here? I came to the conclusion that it wouldn't come to later tonight, but what actually happened was very funny. My mom knows the UPS man that comes to our house very well. Well she was at work, and he came to drop something of at her work, so he just asked her there if he could drop of the package for home here. She said yes, BUT didn't tell me this happened. She was going to get a razz out of me first before she told me. Well, she got one. I was freaking out last night wondering if it was sent to the wrong person, but nope it was my mom was just teasing me! Ha, anyways now though about that Ultimate Edition. My very first words are, "Oh My God, this is what every Harry Potter should have! A fan of just the movies needs these." I own the Chamber of Secrets Ultimate Edition also, and I was very impressed with it. The Goblet of Fire one though blew my mind away. It just gives you so much information about how they made parts of the films of each film. Each movie of Harry Potter is going to be made into an Ultimate Edition, so each one does a part of making the films for each and every film. For example, Goblet of Fire, was based on the Sound and Music of the Harry Potter films. As you have noticed I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter soundtracks (expect another Blog Post soon on them ha). It just tells us, as Harry Potter fans, how important the background (instrumental) music in the Harry Potter films is important. That is of course something I already knew and noted but it just magnified everything I thought on how important they really are! They even had some of my top favorites in there which was really cool. (Which is telling me I need to do my Top 25 favorite Songs from the soundtracks.) Another really cool thing the Ultimate Edition brought to my attention was the fact that the Sound Effects are all re-created in the movie so you do actually here them. Like they took corn flour and put it in a bag, and when you step on it, it actually sounds like someone stepping on crunchy snow. Back to the Music of Harry Potter, John Williams, Patrick Doyle, and Nick Hooper did an amazing AMAZING job with everything they did. I was really interesting to hear how they made the music and how much dedication and time they had to put towards the music. I really enjoy the music from Harry Potter, it just really gets to me because as I listen to it I can picture the whole movie playing in my head! The amazing thing is that I know a whole lot of the music by heart. It is just a huge part of the film. When we think of the films we just think of the actors and directors being the major thing that makes these movies great but it really isn't. There is a whole lot more put into the films, a whole lot of detail and work made by a whole bunch of other people that helps these films be what they really are. I really think thats what these Ultimate Editions help us realize.

Now there was another really cool thing about the Ultimate Edition for Goblet of Fire, that I really liked. You really get to learn about the second task, and how that part of the film was created. You learn that Dan actually did mostly all of the filming for that part of the movie. He did actually talk under water. The detail they put into these movies is just incredible and the lengths they go to acquire it. One really interesting fact that I would like to point out is that Dan was underwater for a little bit over 41 hours in a matter of three weeks to film the second task for Goblet of Fire. I just thought that was really interesting, and a good job by Dan for having to act underwater.

Well I would definitely give this piece of Harry Potter object a 5 scars out of 5 scars. It is really good thing to have as a Harry Potter fan I believe. So if you have not yet bought any other the Harry Potter Ultimate Editions because you already have the films, I am telling you this, as a Harry Potter fan, to go out an buy them! They are so worth the price! I mean really it's Harry Potter!!!!

Well I hope you liked this REVIEW Blog Post! I really enjoyed writing it for you. I hope it encourages you to go out to you local store or go online and buy a Harry Potter Ultimate Edition because it is something to add to your collection of Harry Potter things upon you shelf or where ever you put your Harry Potter things. So yeah make sure you look for another post tonight though however! It, like I said earlier, will most likely be on something to do with the Harry Potter Soundtracks. I don't mean to keep bringing them up they just do themselves. They are amazing. Anyways, remember to email me at with any question, comments, or suggestions about Harry Potter or the Potter's Army blog. You can also email me with your very own Blog Post because you are apart of the cause, as a reader of the Potter's Army Blog. Well thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed today's review post!


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