Saturday, January 29, 2011

Book Two, Chapter Four

Hey Readers!!! :D I have decided to do a Book Excerpt blog post for tonight's first blog post since I have been gone all day! I will also continue to transform the blog design into Feb's theme for Potter's Army. Expect one more blog post though to tonight! It will be up a lot later though, so make sure you tune into here tonight or early tomorrow! Now, remember that I do not own any of this. J.K Rowling, Scholastic Inc, and all of Jo's publisher's own all the rights to this! I am just putting a short excerpt from the books that we love online here for your reading pleasure! So, I hope you enjoy this particular excerpt that I have chosen for you, for this post.



CHAPTER FOUR (starts on page 47)


Mrs. Weasley woke them all early the following morning Wednesday. After a quick half a dozen bacon snadwiches each, they pulled on their coats and Mrs. Weasley took a flowerpot off the kitchen mantelpiece and peered inside.
"We're running low, Arthur," she sighed. "We'll have to buy some more today. . . . Ah well, guests first! After you, Harry dear!"
And she offered him the flowerpot.
Harry stared at them all watching him.
"W-what am I supposed to do?"he stammered.
"He's never traveled by Floo Powder," said Ron suddenly. "Sorry, Harry, I forgot."
"Never?"said Mr. Weasley. "But how did you get to Diagon Alley to buy your school things last year?"
"I went on the Underground-"
"Really?" said Mr. Weasely eagerly. "Were there escapators? How exactly-"
"Not now, Arthur," said Mrs. Weasley."Floo Powder is a lot quicker, dear, but goodness me, if you've never used it before-"
"He'll be all right, Mum," said Fred. "Harry watch us first."
He took a pinch of glittering powder out of the flowerpot, stepped up to the fire, and threw the powder into the flames.
With a roar, the fire turned emerald green and rose higher than Fred, who stepped right into it, shouted, "Diagon Alley!" and vanished.
"You must speak clearl, dear," Mrs. Weasley told Harry as George dipped his hand into the flowerpot. "And be sure to get out at the right grate. . . ."
"The right what?" said Harry nervously as the fire roared and whipped George out of sight, too.
"Well, there are an awful lot of wizard fires to choose from, you know, but as long as you've spoken clearly-"
"He'll be fine, Molly, don't fuss," said Mr. Weasley, helping himself to Floo Powder, too.
"But, dear, if he got lost, how would we ever explain to his aunt and uncle?"
"They wouldn't mind," Harry reassured her. "Dudley would think it was a brilliant joke if I got lost up a chimney, don't worry about that-"
"Well. . . all right . . . you go after Arthur," said Mrs. Weasley. "Now, when you get into the fire, say where you're going-"
"And keep your elbows tucked in," advised Ron.
"And your eyes shut," said Mrs. Weasley. "The soot-"
"Don't fidget," said Ron. "Or you might well fall out of the wrong fireplace-"
"But don't panic and get out too early; wait until you see Fred and George."
Trying hard to bear all this in mind, Harry took a pinch of Floo Powder and walked to the edge of the fire. He took a deep breath, scattered the powder into the flames, and stepped forward; the fire felt like a warm brezze;he opened his mouth and immediately swallowed a lot of hot ash.
"D-Dia-gon Alley," he coughed.

Well I hope you enjoyed today's (really tonight's) book excerpt here on Potter's Army! I thank you for all the views while I was working today. Much appreciated! Make sure you tune back in later though because there is a couple of new features yet to be added tonight and another blog post! Thank again though for reading! :D


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