Thursday, January 6, 2011

Guess That Chapter IS BACK!!!

Hey readers,

If you have been a fan of Potter's Army here, you should remember that Potter's Army wasn't always Potter's Army, it used to be Harry Potter Cause. In Harry Potter Cause there was a section of the Blog that was called Guess That Chapter! If you have heard of it and know what it means and what you do please excuse me for a few lines as I have to describe it for the readers who have not heard or do not know what to do!

Well Guess That Chapter is a contest here on Potter's Army where you have to guess the chapter of the image that is above (it comes from the american version of the books). I want you to email me at with the Book Name, Chapter Number, Chapter Name, the page number in which the Chapter of the above image is in, and your twitter username! So you just take the above image and try and find and tell me where the chapter is basically in the Harry Potter series! Any questions about what to do just email me at Now how do you win? Email me first with the correct answer and in the correct order!!! I want you to email me please though! I will only email you back I promise if you win! Otherwise no other email by me will be sent out! What do you win? A shoutout on twitter, and for you to write the next blog post on twitter about anything you'd like (someday in future actual prizes)!!!!

So now good luck to everyone! I wish you all the best of luck! I will let you know who is the winner ASAP (as soon as possible, in case you didn't know)! Thanks for reading everyone. I hope you enjoy the contest!!!!!!


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