Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Potter Flashback: Half-Blood Prince delayed

Well as I said I was going to try and get a blog post out tonight for all of you my readers who have decided to stay with the blog! I thank you all very much and hope you continue to enjoy Potter's Army as it once was! I also hope you all will like the changes that are going to happen for this blog, and I hope you spread the word about this blog to any other Harry Potter fan you might know that would like this blog! So now let's get to today's real blog post about Harry Potter Stuff!!!

Well tonight I started to begin something new here on Potter's Army as a welcome back (again) kind of thing! I have decided to do like a flashback of Harry Potter events that have happened in the past since the true end to Harry Potter is coming soon! So today's flashback is going to be on the delay of the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film. Why did it happen? When did this happen? What caused it to be pushed back about eight months, and also was it worth the wait??? So the first question to be answered is why? Well Warner Brothers, and the creators of the Harry Potter films thought it was a good idea to not put such a big of a gap between the 6th film and the seventh! This is what I have heard of course so do not hold me true to any of this information! I also think why they did this I's for money reasons! They thought they would make more money by releasing it in the summer when more people (teenagers) have the opportunity to see the film. When was it supposed to be released? Well on November 21, 2008, it was supposed to be released then, but they decided to push it on to July 15th of 2009! Wow I can't believe it has been that long already. It is kind of really sad to think that all of this amazing stuff from the Harry Potter world has came and gone by so fast. :( Anyways, was it all worth the wait that they put us Harry Potter fans through? My opinion is that it was and it wasn't. It was a good Harry Potter film, but when it came out I couldn't say it was my favorite though! Goblet of Fire still had me attached to it's awesomeness. Ha, it was worth the wait because it prolonged the end even further, but I was just expecting more from the film. Don't get me wrong, I love the movie! It I's really good, but it's just I expected more from it! That is my opinion though! What do you think about Half-Blood Prince delay? Do you think it was worth the wait that we had to go through??? Email me at with what you thought about Half-Blood Prince and I will put it up on here if you'd like because you are apart of this blog too!

Well thank you for reading tonight's post! I hope you enjoyed it! I don't think it's one of my best ones but I tried to get one out to all of you fans tonight! I hope to get another one in before the weekend! So just make sure you keep checking back in for more posts! I will let you know on twitter though when I do update the blog! Make sure you also check it though for more info on Part Two stuff as it I's getting ever more closer to being here! So, thanks again though for reading!!! :D


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