Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Going to Blog as a much as Possible

Well, well, well, as I said earlier this week I am going to Blog as much as i can. Well I just wanna say I am going to try and hold true to that by doing a post today!
Firstly though I want to say that I am extremely sorry for the lack of posts this month. I was hoping to get over 100 posts this month. Now I think that might be impossible. I am continuing to worry about losing readers here. I hope that I have not lost any so far. I hope you all continue to be loyal to the Potter's Army blog. I am going to blog a lot more! I know I have said this A LOT, BUT I MEAN IT! I love blogging for all of you readers, but I just don't always have the time to. I know sometimes i blog a lot for a little bit, but then I stop for a little while! Well I am trying to stop that from happening. Now, I just wanna say that I am extremely sorry! I am done saying that now though, and I have some news about the blog and my twitter account.

Firstly I wanna change the blog! Once I get my MacBook Pro, I might bring the blog to become not just a blog on here anymore. I wanna create a website for our Potter's Army (soon to be Post-Potter Depression). I will keep the blog up though until I get the sight to perfection (but first I need to get my laptop). Now with twitter, I am not going to tweet so much about the blog anymore and my tweets are going to be much more random; not so often. If you want to contact me from now on please email me at that is going to be the only way to contact me about anything for the blog as I won't be checking my twitter as often as I used to. Now another new feature I am going to create for the blog is a fanpage for you to fan on Facebook! That will not be up of course until I get my MacBook Pro, which should be sometime next month or by March-April! Then except lots of blog posts and reviews of things Harry Potter that I should have reviewed a long long time ago!

Well thank you for reading! Now I want to say before I close this informational blog, that do not expect lots of blog posts while I still have my iPad here. I will blog at the very least once a day when I get my MacBook Pro. One other thing I want to say is that you should expect a post tonight though so you know! So, thank you for reading this post! I hope you remain to be a fan and a reader of Potter's Army! I thank you for remaining loyal to the blog, and to the Harry Potter world!!!


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