Saturday, January 29, 2011

Goosebumps Scene: POA Dementor Scene

Well hey readers. I know that this is a late blog post, but I got busy working on the one feature for Potter's Army that people wanted the most. I was asked frequently when was Potter's Army going to be on Facebook. Well I didn't want to start a fan page for Potter's Army on Facebook until I had a computer! Which I know have. So I decided to begin that tonight, so if you have a Facebook Profile, make sure you 'Like' Potter's Army on Facebook now! That is one of the new main features of Potter's Army! :D Along with sharing the Potter's Army blog around your social networking sites, Twitter and Facebook! An easy way to spread the word about the blog around the worldwide web. So please help me in spreading the word about Potter's Army out there. Two more thing's I want to mention quick before I get to the Blog Post is that I have gotten my first real comment in the comments box below each blog! Thank you to you out there who commented! I also got an email with someones picture (above) and a description on why they like this image. This email got my brain working for tonight's post though too. So thank you to you out there if you are reading this. Last thing quick to say is if you want to use my Blog's for any reason please ask me first, as they are my material, I will always say yes if you promise to site your source (link it to me website here) and help spread the word about this blog! Now lets get to this blog post shall we.

I am introducing a new segment again here on Potter's Army. It is called Goosebumps Scene (as you can see in the title), and it means that I am going to talk about scenes in the books or movies of Harry Potter that give us goosebumps when we read or watch them. So now,I got an email tonight as I was working on Potter's Army's Facebook Page. The email was from one of the readers here at Potter's Army. I was all excited because I love getting email's, and feedback from you my readers. Well this person had sent me an image (the above image,) and why she liked this particular image (this person's favorite image). This person had said, "I really love Harry Potter whenever he is casting his patronus (he's cute with his patronus). For me, it is one of the most awaited part in every movie." I want to agree with this particular person with the fact that, "I really love Harry Potter whenever he is casting his patronus." I really do love those scenes in the book and the movie of course. Why do I love these scenes? Well they just give me goosebumps. Like in the above image, in the movie, I love when Daniel yells,"EXPECTO PATRONUM!!!!!" It is just a big scene in the movie. It gives me a whole bunch of goosebumps every time I watch that part in the movie. Then, in the Order of the Phoenix movie I get goosebumps at the beginning when Harry is trying to fight of the Dementors him and Dudley. In Deathly Hallows Part One, well it isn't even fair to say that just that part gave me the chills. The entire movie gave me chills, and still does even though I have seen it six times. Ha, so I can't really even say that part gives me the goosebumps because I have them throughout that entire movie. There is a scene in Order of the Phoenix though that I forgot with the patronuses in them. Dumbledore's Army scene, when Harry is teaching the class how to do patronuses. That scene is also a very good scene too. It gave me goosebumps I think when I first saw it (or maybe a couple times after seeing i, but not anymore). That scene does have a strong feel to it still though. It makes you feel very happy, but then of course Umbridge has to go and ruin everything like usual. Well then, the music they add too these scenes in the movie just, if that music wasn't in there I don't think the scene would have the same chilling affect that it does now. Do you agree though? Do you like the Patronus scenes? Do you think that the music of Harry Potter would have an affect on a scene like that? Email me what you think at and even tell me which out of those scenes I mentioned is your favorite patronus scene. You can also leave a comment in the comments section below.

Well I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I know I am giving more info on the Potter's Army stuff, but that will be done by next week, and we will get back to lengthy blog post's again about Harry Potter stuff! :D Just want to say thanks though for reading today, tonight, and into the future! New features for the bog will be coming all weekend, and the new look for the blog will be updated on Sunday! But thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the actual blog post! :D Email me with comments, suggestions, or any questions you have! Thanks again for reading.


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  1. i agree with you "I love when Daniel yells,"EXPECTO PATRONUM!!!!!" . he got the voice! haha