Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Growing Up with Dan, Rupert, and Emma

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As you can see in today's post I am going to talk about how we have literally grown  with the actors of the Harry Potter trio, Dan, Rupert, and Emma of course. I think this is the first time I have done a post about them, and not there character! Before I get to the Blog Post for today, I would just like to mention why I couldn't blog yesterday for you my readers. Well my iPad is basically all I can say! I use my iPad to change the Quote of the Day section on the blog, and to put a new poll up when the current one expires! Which I just think happened with the current one now! Anyways I also use my iPad to do Blog Post everyday and to Tweet! Everything else, the design of the blog, is done on a computer I can get to because I need Adobe Flash. So, now what does this have to do with not blogging yesterday? Well I screen locked my iPad yesterday in school, and then it didn't turn back on when I went to it! So yeah that's basically what happened, but it is fixed now, and I am going to do two blog post's today for you my readers since you didn't get one today. Now let's get to today's first post!!!

Well Dan, Rupert, and Emma (last names, Radcliff, Grint, and Watson) became the Harry Potter trio from the very beginning of the film franchise of Harry Potter. Dan, of course as Harry Potter. Rupert, as we all know is Ronald Weasley. Then we all know Emma plays the part as Hermione Granger. All three of them have done a great part in playing their part in the Harry Potter movies. At first I have to admit, I didn't see Dan as Harry, but he has grow and grow on me and now I can see no other person playing Harry but Dan. What I really want to talk about them is the fact is that we have actually grown with Dan, Rupert, and Emma. What I mean in saying this is that their childhood is Harry Potter. They no other childhood than playing their parts in Harry Potter, and being on stage (and in acting) for their entire childhood. All there childhood consisted of was basically acting the parts they played, being and becoming a family with everyone who made the film possible, and being famous. We have grown with them. Each movie they got a little older. We went through their childhood with them, as they got older and older with each movie. We've come to see them become the great and amazing actors, and actresses that they are today! We have yet to see their final performance of them being the Harry Potter Trio. Part Two as we all know is coming out in theaters on July 15th, 2011. As soon as this hits theaters, it will probably be the last time we are going to see Dan, Rupert, and Emma together again on the big screen. Even a movie in general. They grew up with us over the big screen. What must have been hard for them was to leave it all now. They are officially done and complete with filming for the Harry Potter Film Franchise. It is almost over. All they have left is to do is publicity for Part Two since Part One is complete. If I was them, knowing they are too though, I would be extremely sad about all of this. I know for sure Dan was though, because he hosted a TV awards thing (not 100% sure what) but on there he was and looked very upset all night because that was the night/day they had completely finish filming (excluding the short scene they had to do in December). Dan, Rupert, and Emma grew up on the big screen with all of us fans that enjoyed every performance that they did. 

Well I hope you enjoyed the first blog post that I am doing for today! Remember I am going to be doing another one later tonight while i"m watching Goblet of Fire Ultimate Edition that arrived TODAY!!!!! I was expecting this particular post to be on sooner, but I was too busy doing other stuff for school and forensics! I got the chance though to finish this in study hall now! I hope you enjoyed it though as much as I enjoyed writing it for you. Remember now to email me at with comments, questions, suggestion, or your VERY OWN BLOG POST! Remember you can do that, that is the whole point of this blog, "Where your apart of the cause!" Well thanks for reading my wonderful readers.


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