Friday, January 28, 2011

Why is he so evil?

Well hello readers. I'd like to say thanks one more time, even though if you have read today's earlier blog, you would have already gotten my thanks. Now, I would like to talk about the blog itself before I get into today's first post. Firstly, I want to say that the transformation in to February's Potter's Army theme is going to be in affect starting tonight. The full transformation will not be complete until Sunday, January 30th. Features will be starting to be added tonight at around 7 or 8 o'clock. So make sure you check them out tonight, even though you already will be as of the fact that I will be doing another post later tonight. The other thing I wanted to mention, is that Potter's Army has reached over 2,000 followers as you might have already figured out from my previous post, 'THANK YOU!!!! :D', but I wanted to say thank you again. It really means a lot to me that I have already had over 2,000 page views in seven short months. Now lets get to this blog post shall we?

Now Lord Voldemort. We all know who he is right? I hope you all do because without him in the Harry Potter series, there would be no Harry Potter series! If it wasn't for him Harry's parents would not have been killed on that one Halloween night. The question I asked myself is why? Why is he so evil? We did he become the greatest villain of all time? I am going to answer those question based on what I think, BUT I would like to also hear what you think? Why do you think Lord Voldemort became evil? Why was he the way he was? Now why did he? Well I think it all has to with the fact that his MUGGLE father left his mother to die when he found out about her being a witch. There are other key factors I think also. I think that his grandfather and uncle were in fact muggle hater's also. So, I think that he became the way he was because of the fact that he was born with that in his genes. Even though his mother didn't hate muggle's at all doesn't mean that gene can't be passed onto him in the later years. I know I shouldn't be getting all technical with this, but this is what I think amplified his hatred of muggles. I think that, that was Jo's intention was for all of us to think that he was just that way. Now don't get me wrong I still think that he is truly evil though. I mean he was down right evil, but there has to be a reason for it, and I think that, that was the reasoning behind Voldemort's EVIL! What do you think though? Do you think I am correct in saying it was based on those things? What is your thoughts? Email me at with your thoughts, and I will post them up here on Potter's Army if you'll let me.

Well I hope you enjoyed this kind of shorter blog post. I tried to hurry up and get it done before the end of my study hall! It might not be some of my best work, but I promise tonight's will be a true Potter's Army post. I probably could have gotten more in depth to why he is evil, but I hope you enjoyed it all the same though. So make sure you tune back into here tonight for the new features, and for the blog post yet to come. Remember to email me at with comments, questions, suggestions, or your very own blog post because you are apart of the blog here.



Thanks again for reading and getting me to over 2000 page views in seven months!!!! :D

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