Friday, January 28, 2011


Well hello readers. Sorry about last night. I had a lot on my mind, and I never got the chance to blog since I had homework yet to do. I will though continue my Harry Potter movie marathon, and I will do another post yet tonight for all of you loyal readers! One EXCITING NEWS I HAVE to tell you in this blog! So, as you might notice when you see this Blog Post is that the fact that this is going to be a very very long blog post because I have lots of things to talk about in this post! Things about the blog I have to talk about since we have reached something amazing for my Potter's Army Blog here. So lets get to it, but firstly the above image is a thank you gift from me.

Well after seven months of blogging, after 89 posts, and after a name change I have reached over 2,000 page views here on Potter's Army (used to be Harry Potter Cause). I just want to day that this is huge. I never ever would have expected this blog to reach over 2000 page views in that short amount of time. I never even expected it to amount to people actually reading it! I thank all of you who have read my blog from beginning to now! I also thank you all for spreading the word about this blog. I hope you all have enjoyed Potter's Army, and will continue to enjoy it as it transforms into Post-Potter Depression in July. I also though have to thank all of you who have come to read Potter's Army throughout the months. If it wasn't for all of you readers, Potter's Army would probably not exist today. I thank you all again and again for continuing to read this blog and view everything I offer to you on this site. I can still remember starting the very first blog post, THE HARRY POTTER CAUSE, back in July of 2010. I had gotten a lot of followers on my twitter account because I started the Harry Potter Cause, which was to show Twitter what us Harry Potter fans were made of because they had not let Deathly Hallows be a Trending Topic anymore (because it had been on the list for too long). So, then I began the blog, and I had gotten great feedback from it. Then, after maybe two or three months, Potter's Army was born. I decided to change the name because I wasn't so much focused on just showing Twitter what we were made of, I was more focused on creating a Blog where all of all of us Harry Potter fans were joined together to talk about anything Harry Potter all the time. Where any fan of Harry Potter could write about anything Harry Potter, and then I could put it up here on the blog for other Harry Potter fans to read. Which is why I emphasize at the end of each blog to send in your own stuff/feedback from the blogs you have just read, so we all can read what all of us Harry Potter fans are thinking. I also changed it because I wanted to show the world what us Harry Potter fans are made of. Apparently now though, I know this is true. Over 2000 page views here on Potter's Army in a short amount of time! I just want to thank you very very much for all of you continuing to read the blog. I hope you continue your loyalty to the blog. I love you all for continuing to read the blog which is why I want to give you all a thank you gift in showing you all what Potter's Army logo will look like in the month of February. That is what the above image is about as you might have guessed. It is a somewhat of a thank you gift. If there is something else I could do please tell me on my twitter page or email me at with comments or suggestions you have. I would love today to get an email from a random reader of the blog, with there very own Potter's Army Blog Post! That would make today even better. I have gotten over 2000 page views here on Potter's Army, and I have gotten my very first follower on blogger! THANK YOU TO MY FOLLOWER OUT THERE READING THIS! I was on here this morning didn't have over 2000 yet, and no followers. I log on right now and have over 2000, and one follower! THANK YOU!!!!

Well I hope you will continue to enjoy Potter's Army over the next months, and even into the years of when it becomes Post-Potter Depression! I thank you all again! You have all just made my day today. I will do maybe a couple more posts today so make sure you log back in today sometime to see those! Thanks again! :D



  1. can i share your blogs on my tumblr account? if it's alright with you.. :) thanks

  2. um yes that is fine! thank you for asking, but please site Potter's Army?