Sunday, January 30, 2011

A double PicPost from DiAnNe Meliton

Hey Readers!!!! Here is a Double PicPost.Remember the picpost's, well Dianne Meliton is going to be doing pic post every once and awhile for us here at Potter's Army! PicPost you can do to! Send me a picture from the Harry Potter world, and just say why you like it or why you don't or your reaction to it or whatever, and I will put it online here! Just email it to me at! Well, I hope you enjoy this one! :)

Dobby a house-elf and a HERO ( right?! :D ) he did a lot of heroic deeds. [1. giving Harry Potter gillyweed so that he can breathe underwater, 2. Stripped Narcissa of her wand 3. Saved Griphook, Hermione, Ron & Harry from certain death..then died. :'( ] and if i am not mistaken, Dobby's last words were "Harry Potter" and it was also the first words he said when he first met Harry Potter. :) and i find Dobby cute whenever he speaks.

My friend and I cried when he died, and some laughed at us. But Dobby has been part of our lives.

There you go! Hope you enjoyed it! :D :D Make sure you tune back in today to see the final February theme, and of course more Blog Posts!


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