Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why Dean Thomas?

Well hello readers, as you can notice Potter's Army has it's new look for February up and running. All the new features are up and running, and it has a completely new look. I will explain the new features and design looks on February 1st, which is this Tuesday. Why did I start the new blog design early? Well just because then I do not have to worry about adding them over the week, so I decided to start them and finish them this weekend so I could explain them to you when the next month comes. One question your going to be asking is though, why green to blue? Well you will have to wait until Tuesday to find out why all the links are green, and when you hover your cursor over them they are blue. Anyone who guesses why, will win a prize!!! Email me at if you think you know why. One more thing before I get to tonight's first post is that I wanna tell you what the main theme (which I am guessing you could guess) is for this coming month. Well obviously it is, The Harry Potter Books! Why the books this month? Well make sure you tune back in Tuesday for sure. Now off to tonight's first of two posts.

Dean Thomas is in the above image right? Yes, that is him. Why is Dean Thomas the subject of tonight's post? Well I was thinking of something to blog about earlier today, and a Harry Potter Marathon I had with a friend came to my mind! Dean Thomas was a major part of this fateful night over a year ago! A friend and me had a Harry Potter Marathon on the weekend Half-Blood Prince came on DVD. We stayed up all night watching each Harry Potter movie in order (we started at 8 o'clock at night, and didn't get done until around 12o'clock the next day). Well I asked my friend at the beginning of Sorcerer's Stone, who his favorite character was. He answered Dean Thomas. He still to this day is obsessed with Dean. I do not know why, and I do not understand why? (Sorry if your favorite character is Dean, but I just do not understand why it would be? He really isn't all that important?) So we decided to have a tally to see how many times he was in the entire movie series (he must have forgotten halfway through the fifth movie because he never said anything about it after then, he must have gotten tired). I do not remember how many he had tallied down, but it was more than I ever expected! When we went to the Deathly Hallows Part One midnight release he signed my shirt that I got random people to sign, as Dean Thomas (we became character's of the Harry Potter world for that night). I just do not understand why his favorite character is him? Do you understand maybe why? Please email me at if you do, or even if your favorite character is Dean. I would like to understand why someone, a fan of the Harry Potter series, would have their favorite character be him? I don't mean to be a mean person in saying that your stupid in having him as your favorite character. I just do not understand why someone that, that is not very important in the books or the movies would be your favorite character in the Harry Potter series? I mean I would count him as an extra in the film, not a very important person, he is just a friend of Harry'. Yeah that is important, but he wouldn't/shouldn't be a favorite character you would think? Please email me at to help me understand why Dean Thomas could possibly be a favorite character in the Harry Potter series.

Well I hope you enjoyed that post! It was more of like a help me post, but a blog post none the less! I really hope you enjoyed it and along with enjoying Potter's Army's new features and look! Please give me feedback on the new look. Do you like it? Do you want it to go back to the old look? Do you want something different? Email me please and let me know exactly what you think, also with questions you might have! You can also email me with your very own Blog Post remember, because YOU are apart of the blog! Thanks for reading though, and thanks for being loyal to the Potter's Army Blog


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