Friday, November 5, 2010

"Crikey, I'd like a dragon"

Today's Blog Post as you might be able to tell is about dragons??? NO, wrong! Today I am going to talk about some of the wonderful Magical Creatures in the Harry Potter world. First though I must report some AMAZING news! As you can see to the right there is a video that has some bad quality to it! WATCH IT THOUGH! It is a scene from Deathly Hallows Part One. To be exact it is a Malfoy Manor scene (SPOILER ALERT) when Harry, Ron, and Hermione get captured by the Snatchers. So yeah WATCH IT because it is amazing! Remember though Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One is only 14 days away! TWO WEEKS THAT IS!!!

Now to the Magical Creature's from Harry Potter! So lets start with my very favorite of them all the Dragon! I have no idea why I like the dragon more than any other creature, but this one just appeals to me greatly. My favorite one so far in the film franchise is the one from Goblet of Fire! Its just so beautiful looking! I am not even kidding, I just love the look of it. Plus the fact that it can breathe fire is just amazing! Nobert (Above) though is just adorable. I mean look at that cute little thing, I LOVE IT! I just wish they in the films would have evolved a little bit more than they did with him! It would have been pretty sweet, but I guess us Harry Potter fans can't get everything we want can we!

Now the next Magical Creature I would like to talk about is the House-Elf! Probably the most known house-elf in the Harry Potter series is Dobby am I correct? He is such a cute guy! Literally I am serious in saying that. I mean look at those big eyes! I don't wanna talk to much about Dobby right now though because I have another special Blog Post saved for him since he is one of those brave souls that (SPOILER ALERT FOR DEATHLY HALLOWS) died to help bring Lord Voldemort down. :( So yeah I have a special tribute Post for him later this month. Now probably the second one I would think of is, Winky! Now I know what you are thinking, "what about creature?" Well Winky came to mind first even though she really isn't that important. Now Winky, what do I think of her? GOD! What a baby! Ha, you have freedom, why would you complain? I would not like to have her for a House-Elf! I do not think I would want one though really. Kreacher, now he is a character! First we all think he is evil, but then we find out what he wen through and all of that stuff (That I do not wanna give away at this particular moment.) I think his heart changed in the last book greatly towards Harry. I am happy about that!

The next creature I have chosen to talk/remind you of is the Phoenix. This would probably have to be my second favorite Magical Creature! Why? Well it is just so beautiful and just a one great pet. It can cure and cut or thing on you with just a tear! I mean who wouldn't want that! Plus it can carry huge loads even though it isn't all that of a big bird! Also apparently it can take out Basilisk's eyes! Now we know this is Dumbledore's pet! The last time we see it is in Half-Blood Prince, when it sings it song and leaves forever because it's master is forever gone :(

Now there were some Magical Creatures from the world of Harry Potter! I didn't do a lot of them, and nowhere near all of them! Though I am Planning on splitting this kind of blog like into five different Part's. SO make sure you look back later at Potter's Army for more Magical Creature Blog Posts.

Well thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this blog post my amazing readers! Now I have a task for you! @reply to mew on twitter in the next week with you favorite magical creature (if I have not said it in this blog post) so then I know which ones to talk about next! You can also email me at with your submissions! Also Guess That Chapter is still open so someone can still guess! Email me with comments suggestions and questions! Thanks to you all again! :D


Tonight instead of a Book Excerpt I am going to type up the article in the latest EW magazine about Deathly Hallows! So you all can read it if you want to! Rights go to Entertainment Weekly though! Remember that! I hope you will enjoy it! It is rather good! Long blog post then tonight! Thanks again for reading! :D

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