Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guess That Chapter, IS BACK!

Hey readers! I have decided to re-instate an old contest back into Potter's Army Again! For those readers of the blog who remember this blog being Harry Potter Cause this you will remember! I am going to say the rules and everything though just for my new readers and to refresh everyone's memories! Guess that Chapter is a contest for my readers to create their very own Blog Post for the Potter's Army blog! All you have to do is tell me the Chapter title and number, Harry Potter Book that the chapter is in, and the page number it starts on! What chapter though? Well see the picture above? That is the chapter that you have to try and find! The first person to email me at with the correct answer (and in the order I said above) will get an email back from me saying you have one, now create you very own unique Blog Post about anything Harry Potter and email it back to me, and I will post it online! :D

So above is the image I have given you! Good Luck to all!


HINT: LOOK AT THE LABELS of this blog!!

Oh and GTC stands for Guess That Chapter :)

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