Thursday, November 4, 2010

Going to the Midnight Release???

Well as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One is approaching excitement in me is exploding. So today's blog I thought I would talk all about my plans for the Midnight Release of Part One. Like what I am going to do on the 18th, and when I am going to start to wait in line and everything. Now I would love to hear your plans for Part One of Deathly Hallows Midnight Release, well if you are going to the midnight release of it? Email me please at and let me know your plans for this moment in Harry Potter's Epic History!

Now on the 18th of November, two weeks from today, I am going to be leaving school at around 11:20 to go out to eat to some restaurant in my local area. I am of course going with some friends! Four to be exact, and I am Harry, my other guy friend is going to be Ron, one of the girls is going to be Hermione, and the other girl is going to be Ginny. So, we are going to be the couples, even though we are JUST friends. Get it? Ha so yeah we are going to get to the movie theater around 12:00 in the afternoon to 12:30. Then the wait is officially going to begin. We will be waiting at the theater for about 12 hours for this movie no joke! My parents have okay'd it with me to skip out on school early to go wait in line. I have had this plan since Half-Blood Prince was released (because during HBP, we go sucky seats so i wanted to change that this time.) I also want to be there that early to show what a dedicated Harry Potter fan I am! Now I have had this plan for the longest of time as you can very well see, but today I was told by my three friends that they do not want to wait in line that long. Kind of makes me mad, but I said this to them, "Well I have had this planned for over a year, so if you do not want to wait well then I will just drive down by myself and wait!" I will too! I am seriously going to wait in line for like 12 hours for this movie! I want the greatest seats for this movie (Middle, Middle FYI) and I am true Harry Potter fan. I want to show my excitement for this movie! So yeah that is my plan! I think I might bring some sort of chair or something! I know I am going to bring a backpack to bring my iPad along to maybe blog while waiting if the theater has Wifi! That would be awesome if I could too! :D I am also going to bring my iPad to watch some of the Harry Potter movies while waiting in line for the movie. I am also going to bring "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" the book to read while waiting to! My only concern right now is diner food! What am I going to do for that? Just get movie theater popcorn or what? I don't know what to do here! So I am asking you to help me with this problem? Email me at with any suggestions on what I could do for Dinner while waiting in line for Part One!

Now I know this movie is going to be great! I have my tickets for Part One at midnight. Do you have your yet? My sister and I are going to see the movie though on the opening day! So I am going to end up seeing this movie twice in one day with is going to be EPIC!!!! How many times do you plan on seeing Part One in theaters?

Well thanks for reading! Remember to email me at with answers, comments, suggestions, or any questions you might have! AND yes I have decided to start Guess that Chapter back up so make sure you tune in later tonight to see what Chapter to guess! Thanks again.



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