Thursday, December 30, 2010

What is it about Harry Potter posters???

Well as I said I was going to do a Blog Post tonight before tomorrow the last day of 2010! I might do a post tomorrow, but I might be to busy to get one in. I am not 100% sure though. I might get one in! Now though to tonight's blog post.

As you can see it is going to be about the Harry Potter movie posters! Now Chamber of Secrets has almost nothing to do with it! I just choose a random movie from Harry Potter and put it as tonights Blog Post Pic! So let's indeed talk about the wondrous Harry Potter Film posters. Firstly I would love to state which ones I own! As Christmas was just here I did in fact get one movie poster for Christmas! I got the one from Prisoner of Azkaban, with Harry in the front and Professor Lupin lurking near the back of the picture! Another Harry Potter poster I have is the Sorcerer's Stone poster that is on the DVD and Blu-Ray cover. I have one from Goblet of Fire with Harry and the Hungarian Horntail and Mad-Eye Moody in the backgroundish! The last one I have is a Deathly Hallows Part One. This one is with the trio running through the woods. I have all of those posters in the 27 by 41 (i think?) size! They are of course all framed and the actual poster itself hasn't been touched by me! Not that it probably makes no difference. As you noticed though, I do not have no yet for: Chamber of Secrets, Order of the Phoenix, and Half-Blood Prince! I do in fact have two smaller ones for the Half-Blood Prince movie but I need yet to get it in the 27 by 41 size! Now actually one of my Harry Potter posters in very very VERY unique. How so? Well on my Sorcerer's Stone poster, the back has the same exact poster, BUT the lettering is backwards! Weird huh???? Ha! Well that one is very very special to me. Now I ask you: do you have any Harry Potter posters? If so, which movies? Also, do you have any unique ones like mine? Now what is the real purpose of talking about these posters for right?

Well I think they have some kind of meaning to them really! They get us all hyped up for the movies! Like when I just sit in my room all alone i'll look around, and in the end of course I see my self looking at one (of many) of the Harry Potter Posters I have. As I am staring at it I just think about what is all in that particular movie and it all just forms in my head, and then THEN I want to go put that movie in my DVD player or start watching it on my iPad! These Harry Potter posters just really grab the attention of me and make you wanna watch the movie! Another thing I really love about Harry Potter posters is that kind of when you look at them they really tell the story of the movie right in that one photo! I give huge credit to the creators of the posters, and I thank them for grabbing the amazement of Harry Potter in one single photo shot! They are really amazing posters!!!

So yeah this was kind of a mini blogish post! I hope you liked it! Not one of my best probably, but I am still trying to get back in the flow of blogging and all! I hope you enjoyed it anyways! OH, I also forgot to mention that actually today I found a smaller Harry Potter poster, but this one is for the Lego Harry Potter video game! Really, REALLY cool poster though even though it is just the cover enlarged! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Email me with your answers to my questions! I love to get feedback! I really do! It inspires me to keep blogging for Potter's Army. So email me at with comments, answers, and suggestions. ALSO I would like you as a reader of Potter's Army to write your very own Blog Post for the Blog! ABOUT ANYTHING HARRY POTTER! Email me your post! Now, thanks for reading again, and I hope you enjoyed today's Welcome Back posts!


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