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Deathly Hallows Part One Soundtrack Review

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Well I as I said I was going to try an blog as much as I can! Tonight really isn't a great night for me to do it, but I really felt in the mood to Blog tonight instead of work on my homework which I will end up doing later! Well anyway as I said in my previous blog I was going to be doing a lot of Deathly Hallows Reviews in the next couple of blog posts. Today's is the Review for Official Soundtrack of the Deathly Hallows Part One Soundtrack! As you all know by know if you are one of my older readers who have been reading these blogs for awhile now, know I love the Soundtracks for the movies. I do because when I listen to them I can see the movie in my head and I just love it! I have no idea why that makes me love it, but it just does! I am not the only one who does though am i right? They are just so gosh darn catchy. I own each and everyone on my iPod right now. So, anyways, lets get to the review of this album.

Well firstly, this ablum is composed and conducted by the incredible Alexandre Desplat! I was a little sccared for a completely new Composer for one of (now both) last Harry Potter films, but I must say that in fact he has done an excellent job! This album is full of emotion and just it fits right into the movie! I love this album! My favorite album used to be Prisoner of Azkaban's movie soundtrack (composed and conducted by John Williams) but Alexandre has beaten it! Not by a huge shot, but he has done just a truely incredible job. I was SUPER glad that they choose him for the conductor for this film. I am also EXTREMELY glad that he is coming back to do the soundtrack for Deathly Hallows Part Two! I can literally picture every single scene in the movie in my head when I listen to this album (which I am doing right now.) Ever since this soundtrack came out I haven't been able to put my iPod down. All I listen to though is this album! So yes a very very good soundtrack to an excellent Harry Potter movie! The end of Harry Potter, they are really doing a great job with the end must I say!

So know my second part of the review my favorite songs, and my absolute favorite song on for all of the Harry Potter Soundtracks (on this album!) So the list of my top 10 favorite song on this album are: Oblivate, Farewell to Dobby, Sky Battle, Ministry of Magic, Ron Leaves, Godric's Hollow Graveyard, The Will, Captured and Tourtred, Lovegood, and Fireplaces Escape (not in any specific order.) So yes, if you have this album, or are planning on getting it after hearing some of the songs on this site, you know what I am talking about. If you have listened to this album I would like to hear you favorite songs please? Email me at with a list of you top 10 favorites. Now, for my ALL TIME FAVORITE HARRY POTTER SONG!!! It is on this album, and of course it is listed in one of my top 10! The song I am talking about is Godric's Hollow Graveyard! Suprising? Well of course I have a reasoning behind it. Why then? Well listening to it, and seeing the movie of course just makes it such an emotional song to me like I get goosebumps everytime . I really love this song. The song it replaced as my favorite was A Window to the Past in the Prisoner of Azkaban soundtrack. If you have not yet listened to it I highly reccomend listening to it. Not just that song though I reccomend listening to all of the Soundtracks to Harry Potter!

Well I hope you all have enjoyed this Review Post for the Soundtrack of Part One! I hope to blog again sometime this week for the review of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One: The Videogame! Also since I did my review for the Part One soundtrack I am planning on making a list of my top 25 songs from the Harry Potter Soundtracks! So look forward to that in this Month! Also remember this month PPD is going to be active sometime! Well thanks again for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope i encouraged you to listen to the Harry Potter Soundtracks.


The end of 2010 is near! :D Gonna do a special celebration! So make sure you look forward to that too! Just saying.

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