Friday, October 29, 2010

TV Spots, Trailers, Posters, and much more!

Well it has been like a month since the very first Deathly Hallows Part One Trailer has been released! After the release of that trailer the Part One marketing has become HUGE! There are like two mini-trailers that are very closely related to that of e original (to see on see to the right and look for Scream Awards one.) Another huge marketing tactic they, Warner Brothers, have used is, TV Spots as we all know by now! Well just like 3 hours ago WB released two more! To see one of the new released two click on very top video on the right! In total there have been 10 (I think) TV spots. I have no idea why but TV spots always get to me! They come out of nowhere I think is why. I am just sitting at home and all of a sudden a trailer for a Harry Potter movie will come on and I am like to my family, "Shut Up!" These new ones were excellent they show just enough footage. If you have not seen them yet, well then you are missing out because they (well some of them) have released completely new stuff! It is just so great! Now one thing I always have to get when a Harry Potter movie comes out is a poster! I already have my very first Deathly Hallows Part One poster in my room! I am missing posters from, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, and Order of the Phoenix. Otherwise I have a movie poster for every Harry Potter Movie to date! How many, and which Harry Potter movies do you have posters for??? Now the only poster that they have released for Part One are those character ones, which just he heads of some of the characters. I find them a little bit creepy! My favourite one though (and the one I own) is the one with the trio running! This one just appealed to my eyes the second I laid eyes on it! Now another thing to talk about is the tickets. The tickets for the movie are now on sale at but I do not like to purchase tickets online! I love to make sure I have the ticket. So I have been calling my local theatre once a week to see if they have them available. So far no luck! I am going to call next week though, and they said they should have them by then! Do you have your tickets yet or no?

Well thanks for reading my fellow readers! Hope you enjoyed this kind of short blog post. I will try and do better over time! :D Remember to check back daily here though for new entertainment things, and possible blog posts! Remember though, I only promise one a week at the least! Most likely more than that but no promises! Leave answers to questions that I asked at also leave questions to me or comments at my email too! Any suggestions for entertainment things? Let me know at my email too. Thanks again! :D


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