Friday, October 29, 2010

Thing's I forgot to mention

Hi, again! I know I just did a blog post, but I forgot to mention a couple of things that you might be wondering what they are! Firstly I have decided to start tagging my Blog Posts, and i wanted you to know what some of the tags standed for. HP stands for of course Harry Potter. DH, I am guessing you know but it stands for Deathly Hallows. CD stands for Countdown. 21 will be a different number each day and it stands for the days left until Part One and it will change to be the days until Part Two after Part One is released. Book2 means it has come from one of the Harry Potter books, but the number stands for which book. Movie7 is the same as the one before this one except it is for the movie. Now if I add a new tag I will tell you what it means in the P.S. section of the blog when i first start using it. If you do ever have and questions on any tag just email me at

Now the other thing I had forgotten to mention was the the twitter account HParmy is now not being used by me! So to be apart of the cause, just follow my hpfan7 account. Also just the email is back to my regular one at

So i just thought i would let you know about those minor fixes before anyone got confused! Well thanks for reading. A regular, back to normal Blog Post will be Online tonight! :D

Thanks again,

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