Friday, October 29, 2010

Back but. . . .

Hi! As you might know by following my twitter account, Hpfan7, you might have released that the reason I haven't been blogging lately is because I have been way to busy and everything with school. I miss doing this blog posts though. So, I have come up with the idea of not always promising blog posts, like 3 a day. I am promising at the very least one a week. Most likely it is going to be a lot more than that, but this is my absolute promise. Once a week.

So now lets talk about new things I have added to the Potter's Army Blog. I have made a entertainment section to the right as you can see. Two of the newish TV spots have been added to the side! I have also put like 3 or 4 posters to the side. A poll is also there to vote on at least once a week a new poll will be up and online! There will be new stuff added within the week. The Video's will also be changed once a week! When the newest trailer is released for Part One it will be online within the day of it's release! The entertainment section on the right side is all dedicated at the moment to Deathly Hallows Part One since the movie is only 21 days away! The theme of this section could change over time. For now though the theme is going to be Part One. Why? Well as the movie is coming up!!!!! YAY! haha! It will change over time though! :D

Well I am hoping that you are going to like Potter's Army as I continue to publish new posts at least once a week! I hope you will like the new entertainment section to the side! New things will be added soon for newer things to look and do on the site! :D

Thanks for reading and thanks for staying with me if you have started with me from the beginning! :D



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