Saturday, September 4, 2010

TWEET 3000!!!

Well, well, well as you can see on my tweets to the left, i have reached my 3000th tweet! 3000 tweets in just over a year. I remember staring my twitter account about a year ago. Then I stopped tweeting when school started last year. Though over the summer when I got my Apple iPad, I started tweeting again. Then, I started the Harry Potter Cause when twitter started blocking Deathly Hallows from being a Trending Topic. Now though the cause just exists to show the world what a unknown Harry Potter fan can do, and also to just talk about random Harry Potter topics. We all know that, but tonight's blog I am here to talk about Harry Potter in general. Why? Well because my twitter username is Hpfan7, and i choose that name for my username because then i know i could talk about anything Harry Potter. Why the 7? Well because it is my favorite Harry Potter book, and also number 7 because it is my favorite number. Hp stands for Harry Potter of course not HP computers. So i knew people would follow me if they were a Harry Potter fan, and liked to here about anything Harry Potter. I didn't have very many followers until like two months ago of course, until the Harry Potter Cause was started, and then the blog did help. I am not sure how many readers I have. I know though from the last poll that I at least have 2 readers. I hope I have more though, please let me know!

Since the beginning of the Cause though I have tweeted a lot! I mean A LOT! I bet though some of you could agree with that. On most of my tweets i have put this into the tweets: #harrypottercause. Why? Well because I hope that one day it will become a trending topic to show that even a unknown Harry Potter fan can make a difference. So far I have made some what of a difference. The Cause of course has not yet succeeded in making a Harry Potter topic a Trending Topic, but I hope with the help of my followers and my readers that we can show the world what us Harry Potter fans are made of! Now just one question to you my readers! Do you think that 3000 tweets is a lot?

Well now i must give a couple special thanks to my readers of the Harry Potter Cause. Thanks you for reading this blog and letting me know what you think! You know to reach me by my email address at for comments and feedback. My other thanks goes to my followers on my So thanks for the follow! I hope that you help the #harrypottercause. I also hope that you are spreading the word about this blog. SO THANK YOU AGAIN! Without you I wouldn't have reached 3000 tweets because I wouldn't have had any reason to tweet, and to write this blog. So THANKS!


On twitter make sure you follow @HP7days to see how many more days until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One! :D

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