Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Change of Mind

Now, can you guess who is in the picture above? Well I am going to tell you anyway. It is Alan Rickman! Who is he? Well he is the actor for the incredible Mr. Severus Snape. I bet you all know who he is now. Well if you have never seen the actor for Snape before this comes to you as a shock. Right? Because of his blondish hair, but it is Snape. Now you are probably wondering why I choose this as the topic for today. I choose Alan as our topic today because I have had a Change of Mind. What I mean by that is two years ago I said I didn't like the actor Alan Rickman to play the part of Snape. I have seriously changed my mind though.

Two Years ago I was on's Mugglespace talking to another Harry Potter fan. We had gotten on the subject of who we liked as our favorite actors for each character's part, and who we didn't like who played there part. I remember saying that I never liked Alan Rickman as the actor for Snape. I said this because I didn't see him as Snape. I have read the books like a lot of more times since then, and I have also watched the movies a lot of more times since then. Last night though, I watched Order of the Phoenix with my family. As I was watching I was thinking of a Blog Post Idea. Then all of a sudden we got to the part where Snape teaches Harry about Occlumency, and I was like, "Wow, how could I hate this actor for this part?" I had been thinking about that a lot lately (especially since Half-Blood Prince Movie,) and so last night I changed my mind completely on how I felt about Alan Rickman.

Now why do I like his acting for the part of Professor Snape? Well just his voice fits the part perfectly. I mean by this that he has this dark toned voice. The way he walks around, is just like it is described in the book. Also he is a really good actor because when he gets mad at Harry or something, it seems just so real. Just like it is actually happening, you know what I mean? Like he, Alan, is really actually mad! Do you get what I am trying to say here?

I have changed my mind on the actor for the series I hate the most. Alan Rickman does an excellent job portraying Professor Snape. I still do not like Bonny Wright as Ginny, but that is for another Blog Post later. Now what do you think of the actor Alan Rickman as Snape? Do you like him? Do you think he does a good job acting? Please email me at with your replies. Also which actor do you not like who plays there part? Thanks for reading my fellow readers. I will do another Blog Post tonight possibly. Thanks Again!


76 more days until Deathly Hallows Part One! :D

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