Thursday, September 30, 2010

@lsangeadov's 4th Guess That Chapter Blog Post!

(Also known as “The King of Snakes”) Ministry of Magic Classification: XXXXX
The first Basilisk reported was raised by Herpo “The Crazy”, a Greek dark wizard that spoke parseltounge. After a lot of experiments, Herpo found out that from a chicken egg hatched by a toad it came out a giant snake gifted with extremely dangerous powers.
The Basilikc is a bright green snake that can reach more than 49.2 feet long. The male has a scarlet feather on the top of his head. It has extremely poisonous fangs, but his most murderous weapon it’s his glance. Anyone that looks directly to its big yellow eyes will die instantly.
If the amount of food is sufficient (the basilisk feeds from all mammals, birds and reptiles) it can live a lot of years. It is known that the Basilisk raised by Herpo “the Crazy” was over nine hundred years.
The Basilisk breed its illegal since Middle Age, but the practice can be hidden easily by taking the egg from the toad’s bottom when the Ministry arrives. Nevertheless, since no one can handle them except the parseltounge speaking, the basilisks turn out to be as dangerous to the dark wizards as to anyone else. There aren’t reports of sights in Great Britain for four centuries now.

Hoped you liked it, and as we know for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, it’s a lie, there have been sights in this century.

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