Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guess That Chapter!!!! :D

Hey readers. The picture above is a chapter image within the American Harry Potter Books. I want you to email me at with your answer (the answer must include this in the same order i give you: Book Title, Chapter Number, Chapter Title, Page Number, and also your Twitter username [if you have one.]) Then I will email the first person that emails me that has the answer correctly answered. When you win you get to write your very own Blog Post about anything Harry Potter for the Potter's Army Blog! Just pick a random thing from the Harry Potter World and write like 3 or more paragraphs about it! Email that to me after I tell you if you are the winner, and I will post it online for all my readers to read your very own post! I will do one of these every four days! So good luck to you. Above is the chapter picture! So go ahead and guess???!

Haha good luck to you all! :D Remember my email is make sure you email your answer to me please! Not to my Twitter! Thanks!


Remember to tune back in tonight for one of my regular posts! Will be up in about an hour! Maybe less I don't know for sure. Another thing to remember today is the last day to vote on the poll! So make sure you cast your vote! Remember too, to Live Love Laugh Harry Potter! :D

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