Friday, September 3, 2010

Guess That Chapter? (Part 3)

Well for today's only Blog Post, I am just going to start up another "Harry Potter Cause's Guess That Chapter!" The picture above is the chapter image within the American Harry Potter Books. I want you to rail me at with your answer (the answer must include this in the same order i give you: Book Title, Chapter Number, Chapter Title, Page Number, and also your Twitter username [if you have one.]) Then i will email the first person that has the answer correctly answered. So go ahead, and GUESS THAT CHAPTER!!!

Now just to let you know quickly that I will try and blog tomorrow. Sorry about tonight, just got done watching Order of the Phoenix and I am really tired for some reason! Thanks for reading, and trying out the Guess that chapter!!!! :D Thanks again.


New Quote of the Day is up (look to the right!) Also new poll will be up sometime tomorrow so you know! :) Thanks again! :D

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