Thursday, September 2, 2010

78 MORE DAYS!!! :D

The final Harry Potter book is finally coming to theaters. Well the first part of the book is coming very soon! November 19th, 2010, is only 78 more day's away. I mean really, it isn't that far away. I am starting to get very excited! I mean very very very excited!!!

Well as you can see above I am going to be talking about Deathly Hallows Part One. Well yes I am. Firstly I must tell you that you should not expect a Blog Post every single day, even if I do say on twitter that I am going to. Things around here change secondly for me. Like I still have to do some more homework tonight before I go to bed. I thought though I should do a blog post since I haven't done one in two days. I will try not to go more than three days without blogging. I am going to move my study hall in my school library so maybe I can type up a Blog Post on my iPad and publish it during that time each day. That would be great, so I know I got at least one blog post in each day. Well know for the Main Topic!

78 more days my readers. 78 more days until the beginning of the end of the greatest movie franchise in the world. It all began on a train station. when Joanne Rowling all of a sudden had an idea for a book, about a boy wizard. Well I must say that she had the greatest idea for a book in all of history. I think everyone reading this would quite agree. In 78 days the ending of the movie franchise will begin with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One. Part Two is farther away, it will be released on July 15th, 2011! Part One will be released on November 19th, 2010. 78 DAYS AWAY! Aren't you getting excited???? I know I am!!!! I am going to start reading the book series. On day 75 I am going to start at book five. Why book five? Well it is probably my favorite book after the Deathly Hallows of course. So I am going (100% sure that I will) start at book five, finish the series, then completely restart the series from book one. After that i will just read the books randomly until 2 weeks before Part One, then I will read Deathly Hallows one more time before the movie! Now what are you going to do to celebrate the closeness of the movie? Leave me a comment below or email me at

Okay I know this was a sucky blog! I will do a better one tomorrow! Pinky Swear! HA! Okay I am really sorry again! Bad Blog Post. I know short too, but trust me I will do a whole lot better one tomorrow! :) Also Guess That Chapter will continue tomorrow! Thanks for reading the blog.


Sorry again! I know bad post! :(

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