Sunday, September 26, 2010

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This is the Blog Post from the second edition of Guess That Chapter from the beginning of September! Remember? Well here it's is:

Magic Creature
ASHWINDER (Minister of Magic Classification XXX*)
The Ashwinders are born when you leave a magic fire burn (like the one made by flu pouder) without control for too long. They are light green skinny snakes with bright red eyes; they emerge from unwatched embers and they glide to dark places leaving a trail of ashes.
The Ashwinder only lives for one hour. In that time it looks for a dark place to put its eggs and then it disintegrates in dust. The eggs are a bright yellow and they irradiate an intense heat. They turn the house on fire in a few minutes, unless they’re found and frozen with the right charm.
Any wizard that realizes that one or more Ashwinders are loose around the house, should follow them immediately and locate the nest of everyone of them. Once frozen, the eggs got a lot of properties, they are very valuable as ingredients in love potions and as remedy for fever accesses.
The Ashwinders are all over the world.

*XXX- Any competent wizard can handle it.

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