Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Well as you know i am typing this blog from my iPad, which all my blogs come from. This blog post though is even more special, wanna know why? Well i am going to tell you anyway! This blog post comes from my new Apple Wireless Keyboard. Yep everything just got a whole lot better for this blog! I can tip better and faster now that i have this keyboard! Sorry, just had to tell you that. Now to the blog post! Well as you can see the main topic for this blog is the wonderful Professor Umbridge. Well we all know that she isn't so wonderful. In my opinion she is the character I absolutely hate the most. Why? Well she really isn't a Death Eater, but she sure does act like one. I really hate her. Reason number one, well for the fact that she doesn't believe Harry when he says that Lord Voldemort is back. Number two because of her quill she uses to punish the students with. I mean come on, that is really sick to use something like that on a student of yours. She also is truly a bit**! Sorry for the language, but she truly is. How she doesn't like half-breeds. Then in Deathly Hallows she goes along with the Muggle-Born Registration Registration thing. SHE IS THE HEAD OF IT FOR GOSH SAKES! How can you go along with something as disgusting as that! Now the actress of Professor Umbridge did an excellent job! Her name is Imelda Staunton. At first i didn't think she was going to do a very good job because she looks like nothing the book described Umbridge as. Then I saw the movie, and just let me say i was astounded with her performance. SHe played the part so well. I was really really happy with her for the part of Professor Umbridge. Why? Well because she made you hate her even more. So a good job to her. I am glad that she is coming back to play her part in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One! Well thanks for reading this blog about the Harry Potter Character i hate the most! Now i would like you to email me at with your blog post of the character you hate the most. Then i will pick the one i like most at the end of the day, and i will publish it online for a blog post for the Harry Potter Cause! You can also just tell me the character you hate most on Well thanks for reading everyone.


93 more days until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One. :)

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