Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"I Like This Ball!"

Well we are back on the subject of Quidditch. The wizarding world sport. Now the main topic of this blog is just a certain ball from the awesome game of Quidditch. As you can see the ball in question is the Golden Snitch. Why is this the topic for the night you might ask? Well there really is never a reason for these random blog posts. I just think about five minutes before i blog about what i am going to blog about, and then i find a picture for it! HA, so yes the Golden Snitch. The Golden Snitch is very fast, very hard to see during game play, and if caught it ends the match, (in fact only way to end the match is if the snitch is caught.) Now when the snitch is caught it ends the game, but gives the catchers team an extra 150 points. Now i heard that people think that this is to many points for catching it and blah blah blah. That kind of annoys me because they are insulting Jo's work. That is her world she created, and we all love it! So don't got insulting it. If thats the way she wrote it, thats the way it is! I love the books, and it doesn't matter to me! Jo wrote the books the way she wanted them, so don't be complaining about one part of it. Well i bet we all know how Harry catches his first snitch during his first match. He catches it with his mouth. HA, i love this part in the book. It is so funny for some reason i just find it very amusing. Now another thing i would like to talk about the snitch is the thing we learn from Hermione in Deathly Hallows. (SPOILER ALERT!) In Deathly Hallows we learn that snitches have flesh memories. Which means they remember the touch of the first person to touch them. Snitches aren't touched by anyone. Not even the maker who wheres gloves to protect him from touching it. The reason being so is for tying games. Okay, but here is what i don't get. I think they screwed up for the first movie. Why? Well don't you remember when Oliver Wood was showing Harry the parts and positions of the Quidditch team? When he showed Harry the Snitch he touched it? They screwed up! Harry is supposed to be the first one to touch it! Wood wasn't supposed to touch it. What are they going to do for the movies? Well oh well now, I love the fact that is was Hermione who knew this because Harry and Ron thought her knowledge of Quidditch was little to none. I also like the fact that the snitch can be used for a hiding place. I mean where does Jo come up with all of this stuff. I would like to know though how Professor Dumbledore mad the snitch open when Harry said, "I am about to die!" I mean that would have been cool to find out that. I don't know why i just would have liked to know. If you know please let me know via email. Maybe it was in the book, but i don't remember reading that part if it is in there. Now i forgot to mention that the Quidditch player who's job is to get the Snitch is called a Seeker. I am guessing that Jo chose the term Seeker because they have to Seek for the Snitch, but that is just a guess do not go by me. Well this was a longer blog post than usual! Not very long but longer. Well to answer questions, or if you have any question or comments email me at or tweet me on

Before I go though I would like to say that Harry Potter Rules!!!! I would also like to thank you for reading this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoy writing these blogs for you. The whole point of this blog is to share my love of Harry Potter to the other lovers of the wondrous world of Harry Potter! So thanks again! :D


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