Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why? Just why?

Okay I know I said I wasn't going to do any other Deathly Hallows posts for awhile, but I can't help it! I think it was yesterday that Warner Brothers had released the information on (SPOILER ALERT!) Hedwig's death scene in the movie compared to the book. They said: "On Hedwig's Departure: The image depicting Harry letting Hedwig fly away included the following description from WB: 'Everyone mounts up and leaves Privet Drive. Harry says goodbye to Hedwig.' So this does confirm that Harry lets Hedwig go prior to his departure. Some people are saying a leaked copy of the script reveals that Hedwig flies back to save Harry during the Seven Potter fights, and THEN she gets killed as she protects Harry." So great they are already screwing up the movie with a very important death, that has to happen the way Jo wrote it. This is exactly what I was afraid of for these movies. I was afraid that they were going to do this? I mean is it really that hard to come up with an idea for it when you already have it written for 3 years now? I mean really you don't need to write a script. You've got the book sitting there waiting for you to make the movie page by page. That's just my opinion though! Oh well, I guess I will have to deal with it! :( Ha! Now you know how they said that their is a leaked script out there? Well I am usually the one wanting to read scripts, but I don't want this movie spoiled for me more than it already is, like the leakage of the spilt! What do you think of the change of Hedwig's Death? Do you like the change or would you rather have her die like she's supposed to? Because she is supposed to be killed, not risking her life for Harry's! I would have a lot to say on the subject of the movies, and on how they screw up the movies. I'm not going to say those things though because they are my personal opinion's, and I don't want to make anyone mad. I know that the movies have to change some things,but look at Order of the Phoenix movie. THAT WAS RIDICULOUS!!! Also they have to parts to the Deathly Hallows movies! I mean they can't fit everything in two, two and a half hour long movies? Well thanks for reading to all. Email me with answers or comments at noahmarkbitney@gmail.com or tweet me up on Twitter! Thanks again! :D


94 more days everybody! Till Part One!

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